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  1. lots of undersized gills. A few bass. Doesn't fish like it did years ago.
  2. Just my 2 cents.... This lake is getting burned up on this forum. Not even close to a 1000 acre lake and there 16-18,000 members on this site. Parking lot can hold 15-20 trailers (that may be a stretch.) Just like the no naming small streams policy on the tributary page, these smaller lakes shouldn't be called out if you guys are truly thinking of the fish's best interest. Name small lakes in private messages.
  3. Anyone get any landlocks out of this lake anymore? Did the state suspend the stocking?
  4. Must be they were biting Saturday. My friend who was fishing smallmouth bass caught a nice 56" up there on Saturday as well. he was on Chaumont bay.
  5. Never seen a pickerel in my life there.
  6. If your watching guys fishing then why not go out and try?
  7. your tip-ups are set up for perch right ?
  8. Had a friend ice fish yesterday in front of the college. My guess would be 2 more weeks until enough open water to navigate by boat.
  9. Yes the ice is thick enough on the main lake but what is deteriorating VERY fast is the shore ice. With the steep walls of the Finger lakes the runoff from melt water goes straight into them. BE careful along shorelines I have heard they are going fast in some areas.
  10. I think you may be referring to the "Perchmasters" tourney that was for Seneca, Keuka, and Canandaigua waters. There used to be a website but I can't find it either. I wonder if it disbanded ???
  11. Ted's in Lakeville has been carrying sucker chubs
  12. Solid fish !
  13. Tip -up. If it is a signaling device and left unattended you can run a max of (5) just like tip-ups or tip-downs. Need a name an address on them as well.
  14. Figured some of you toothy hunters on this forum might appreciate this. Was fortunate enough to be in the FLA Keys last week and do a bit of fishing. Mainly fished the flats with fly rod and light spin gear chasing barracuda, sharks, etc. ( the predators that the locals don't seem to bother with.) Caught handfuls of smaller guys, but this one was picture worthy. My wife was also able to get a couple action shots. The one pic of him airborne was after he made a blistering 100 yd. run.... .
  15. Amazing looking rainbow !