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  1. Fellow Fishers, I will be fishing 20-22 f.o.w. for yellow perch, mostly drifting and trolling and was wondering what your best rig is for that depth? Thanks
  2. Fellow Fishers, Finially have the time to try for spring perch on Kueka. Can anyone please tell me if the ice is gone and if it's time for the perch. Will be traveling from Michigan so I would like to do more than take a ride. Is the Avon Perch "Jumbos Open" still on? Any help is deeply appreciated . Also, is the campground in Branchport open? Thanks
  3. Fellow Fishers, would like to make a trip to Kueka Lake and was wondering if the ice is gone and if it's perch time yet? Traveling from Michigan so any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks
  4. Fellow Fishers, I have never fished early season perch on Kueka and was wondering if the ice is gone on the Penn Yan side and when to start fishing? We are traveling from Michigan. Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks
  5. It has been changed to the Avon Anglers, it will be held I think around the 1st or 2nd. Saturday in April. It was on Keuka last year.
  6. It has been changed to the Avon Anglers, it will be held I think around the 1st or 2nd. Saturday in April. It was on Keuka last year.
  7. Fellow Fishers, I haven't seen any information on the yearly perch tournament on Kueka lake for a few years now. Now that I am retired we can make the trip from Michigan. Not much of a computer person so any help in finding info is deeply appreciated. Thanks
  8. Fellow Fishers, I am looking to repower my 18' deep-v Lowe with a 70-80 hp. 4 stroke motor a few years old. I currently have a 2000 90 hp Johnson 2-stroke that will be for sale when a motor is found. I live in Michigan but visit daughter and family in the Elmira area. Thanks
  9. Moldman

    Leeches 4 Perch?

    We have caught several jumbo perch here in Michigan using leeches and was wondering if any of you use them for Kueka Lake perch and are they legal to use on the lakes there?
  10. Fellow Fishers, Can you please tell me what your favorite perch set-up is? Rod length and action, line type-braid or mono and size, and hooks, spreaders? Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks
  11. Moldman

    Lake Erie Perch

    Any charter boat reccomendations in the area for a day? Thanks
  12. Fellow Fishers, Might be up to Penn Yan this coming week from Michigan staying at daughters summer home near Penn Yan. Missed the early perch due to health issues and would like to catch a couple of meals while there. We will be lake trout fishing near the college. Any help in general areas, depth and baits for the perch would be deeply appreciated. Thanks
  13. Is the Avon Perch Tournament on Kueka still April 5th and is the ice gone around the northern part of the lake? Want to make the trip but Kueka is 525 miles away.
  14. looking for 90 hp 4 stroke merc, have 1999 90 hp johnson in excellent condition including props and controls with cables for 17'6" boat. no hurry just had surgery on left hand and wrist, have cast. thanks
  15. Would like to schedule a weeks vacation fishing for perch on Kueka Lake in October, what would be the best time to try for those yellow bellies? Thanks
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