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  1. Just purchased small boat and looking to try the bay. Where do you launch and fish in the bay. Thank you
  2. We fished Friday-Sunday. Friday afternoon trip 3 cohos just east of Wilson 30-40ft of water. Saturday we ran to the can and caught 6 lakers and 7 cohos but no kings. Sunday we went to the can again and caught 1 laker (22lbs6oz) good enough for 4th place in the LOC.
  3. Tim, Yes the beefy bag only lasted one season. One of the main straps wore out in the middle of the strap and most of the seams are coming out. I will contact Amish out fitters. Steve
  4. My 48 inch beefy bag only lasted one season. Is there any bags that are better? Thanks Steve
  5. I have a Baha Cruiser 286 Sportfish with an uninsulated infloor fishbox. How should I insulate it? It is removable and has a drain that is connected to a macerator pump.
  6. My probe rigger reads about 10-12 ft shorter then the actual depth. Does anybody else have this problem? I discovered this when I was trying to scrape some kings off the bottom.
  7. Twinkie green is a chartreuse revelator with crush glow/pearl glow trailed by a green pearl atommik.
  8. Fished the bar on 4/18. No kings but lots of large lakers from the bar east to a couple miles past 4 mile. 80-85 ft of water was best. Lakers came 35-80 ft down and green was the color of the day. We went 12/16. We had 4 between 13-18 lbs. They are fun to catch in the cold water. Sunday was a blow-off day.
  9. Thank you everyone. I will work the shallows for browns and cohos and if they are not biting I will slide out to deeper water for the lakers. I will post a report next week.
  10. Heading to Wilson for my first trip of the year. Wondering if I should fish for brownies and cohos around Wilson or head to the bar. They are catching salmon out of Port Dalhouisie. Any info. would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. Does anyone know where I can buy the five of Diamonds insert that you put on the belly of the spoon? Thank you
  12. Thank you Chromeslayer. I was the gentlemen you were talking to on Friday at the Slippery Sinker. Thank you for the info. on the Innovator SD with the B fly. Took a 26 lb and 20 lb king on that combo on saturday.
  13. Thank you for your responses. Do you know where I may be able to purchase some?
  14. Which one of atommik colors is fried bacon?
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