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  1. victor16

    4 mile creek state park

    We are going to stay in #3 yurt. Should be arriving Thursday night. Stop by and say high Vic Rowcliffe
  2. victor16

    sodus 4.13

    Way to go ! vic
  3. I second the bogs grip technique. We used for the first time last fall on staging salmon and worked great
  4. If tmcaul doesn’t take them, I will. Vic R
  5. I will take them . How do I want me to send payment ? Vic
  6. victor16

    2018 LOTSA Salmon School

    I believe $85 which includes your membership to LOTSA
  7. victor16

    Oak 9/17

    We did well on kings in 70 to 80 ft of water today, west of harbor. J- plugs and flasher in flies. Divers out 150 and 175.
  8. victor16

    10 Color down the center

    One thing u can do to avoid rigger bites getting tangled with the leadcore down the center is to add a pike ball to leadcore. The pike ball will take the leadcore further back from the boat to avoid tangles. I learned this tip from Tim Bromund at LOTSA. Maybe he can chime in with better details
  9. victor16

    Copper repair question

    Thank you
  10. Copper repair question I have a small section of copper that has become frayed. I can't remember how to repair. Do I cut out the small frayed section and reattach with Albright knot? Suggestions appreciated thanks
  11. Yes. State launch is open, launched this morning
  12. victor16

    NYS Launch at Pt. Breeze is High and Dry

    Left a message. They are only open Monday through Friday. Thanks for the post Vic
  13. That fish looks bigger than 23 lbs. great photo and congratulations! vic
  14. victor16

    2017 NASCAR Fantasy Sign Up

    I'm in as well. always a lot of fun Vic