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  1. If you need to get deeper and do not want to have multiple set ups, take a look at Torpedo weights. There are multiple sizes which should allow you to fish anywhere in the water column. We have a 200 ft weighted steel rod and use the shark and snapper weights to get down in that 60-100 ft range. I use the Seagate reel and enjoy being able to clear that line out of the way faster when another rods fires Vic
  2. Go with trolling bags. Check out the beefy bags at the Amish Outfitter. Try to avoid drift socks as the trolling will tear them up. Vic
  3. That time of year , you should have staging salmon around the ports and an off shore fishery for juveniles Vic
  4. We fished Sunday from 75-85 depths and marked lots of bait and fish. East wind was blowing pretty good so we stayed in close but heard 250 range and 400 ft was good as well. I would say by early July that 80-150 ft area will be good as well as your off shore steelhead bite. You should be prepared for the arrival of the fleas. As for lures I have caught fish each trip on the UV Stingray gator spoon and green glow flasher with ultra green glow Atomik fly good luck vic
  5. I will take lot 5. I will also pm u for PayPal address vic
  6. Fished last weekend at the Oak. Fleas are bad. Check wire divers every 30 minutes to avoid build up. On rigger lines I put about 125 ft of 50 lb test with 10 ft of 20 lb fluorocarbon leader to avoid fleas. We fished between 120 -160 ft of water. 150 seemed best, although by next weekend everything can change. Always check 70-90 ft range. Good luck vic
  7. I have launch at the state launch last couple of weekends. Has something changed recently? They built up the ramp very nicely vic
  8. Any updates on the Oak Orchard launch on west side? Still closed? Thanks Vic
  9. Agree. Big Fin, Hammer, and Stud. I would also add Green Crinkle and T-41 ultra green glo
  10. We fished yesterday and it was slow for us. We fish 80-120 ft. I will blame the slow fishing on the east wind, Moss, and the fleas. The fleas were terrible. When u do travel up make sure u are prepared for them.
  11. We are going to stay in #3 yurt. Should be arriving Thursday night. Stop by and say high Vic Rowcliffe
  12. I second the bogs grip technique. We used for the first time last fall on staging salmon and worked great
  13. If tmcaul doesn’t take them, I will. Vic R
  14. I will take them . How do I want me to send payment ? Vic
  15. I believe $85 which includes your membership to LOTSA
  16. We did well on kings in 70 to 80 ft of water today, west of harbor. J- plugs and flasher in flies. Divers out 150 and 175.
  17. One thing u can do to avoid rigger bites getting tangled with the leadcore down the center is to add a pike ball to leadcore. The pike ball will take the leadcore further back from the boat to avoid tangles. I learned this tip from Tim Bromund at LOTSA. Maybe he can chime in with better details
  18. Copper repair question I have a small section of copper that has become frayed. I can't remember how to repair. Do I cut out the small frayed section and reattach with Albright knot? Suggestions appreciated thanks
  19. Left a message. They are only open Monday through Friday. Thanks for the post Vic
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