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  1. Ok, I thought I had it all figured out...I like the sound of 19 strand wire and the fact I don’t have to put new tips on the rods...question, what kind of “knot?” Does one use for that? Ok, on to the Downriggers...I went to Amazon shopping 40# PowerPro and SpyderWire...there were a lot of folks saying break strength was far less than advertised...anyone have any thoughts on those complaints? Thanks Again!
  2. Did you sell them??? If not I'd like to buy them. Ken 440-666-4844
  3. Ok, another question...when you set up a wire plan, do you change the tips on your rods or just use regular troll/diver rods?
  4. Thanks everyone for your thoughts...your answers have led me to ask a few more questions...I hope you have time to respond. I wondered about the copper...I've never used wire...apparently the 30# Bloodline 7 strand is the preferred wire for dipseys...is that true about the thicker braid being better than a thinner one true re: Fleas?...50# Power Pro? I recall the last time I was up 30# Fireline was often favored by the Fleas. What knot do you use to tie the fluorocarbon to the wire? I think methods have changed a lot and I like to think I'm never too old to learn a new (to me) trick!
  5. I'm going to reline my trolling reels this spring...what's your advice as to line for Downriggers and for Dipsey Divers. I've been using 30# Mono for the Riggers and 30# Fireline on the Dipseys but am thinking I may need to update my thinking. What to you all recommend for both scenarios? Thanks in advance for any advice for brands and weights!
  6. ksc4488

    Best spoon box????

    I agree ERABBIT but on my 18 foot Starcraft, the box still takes up too much floor space...I still have the earliest version of the special mate (large floor space taker and awful if you flip it!) so this year I'm going to try the Amish Spoon Packs.
  7. ksc4488

    Best spoon box????

    I bought some of those spoon boxes with the slits in the foam...I thought they took up too much floor space and frankly weren't adequate for the quantity of spoons I have.
  8. ksc4488

    Best spoon box????

    Nice job! Thanks for the instructions!
  9. ksc4488

    Best spoon box????

  10. ksc4488

    Looking for Manufacturer of Spoon Bag

    Found them...Many thanks Paul!
  11. I bought this spoon bag at the Salmon School this past winter and don't know who makes it or where to buy another.... Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  12. ksc4488

    Early Lake reports

    Love It!
  13. ksc4488

    Lost my boy yesterday

    I'm not a hunter but I do understand the loss...I am sorry you lost your Parker...I've lost a couple that will never be far from my heart, or my mind....
  14. I should have thought of the LOC dates...duh...I've planned trips based on the Fall Tournament previously. Thanks All!
  15. I am a teacher in Ohio, off June 1st to mid-August. I usually try to get up in late August for a few days of Salmon fishing but next year they're starting school a couple of weeks earlier. Last year I couldn't get up until Labor day and got nailed by cruddy weather. With that in mind, what are your opinions as to the best (weather and fishing) time for me to make my annual trip to the Wilson/Olcott area? Thanks in advance!