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  1. With your budget I would try and find a furuno fcv585 or fcv620 on close out somewhere.. for the money they can"t be beat.
  2. fixed it up so hopefully you get the point. like the blind draw brackets but i wouldn't put a number of boats on it, (limits your field and could leave teams out that want in)
  3. I don't think he would have too refund 5 anglers in your sinariro, why not just pair up 4 of them and give the last draw a bye round. if there is a odd number of players.
  4. well said, if your unsure of what class too fish use the open class and try and win one or two , we used it for that purpose and it seemed too work.for a stepping stone .for us then we moved up.
  5. well this statement couldn't be more far from the truth. open class is only 3 fish and can be fished from any port as long as your into the weigh in line on time. or was when I was fishing them! and I'm probable the captain he's saying I thought I was cool or jackpotted, Not true! Fact is I had a really old boat with single engine and was saving for 3 years for new boat so I was tight with money and eye's on the bigger picture and at the end of the day we pretty much broke even and won a little product. and covered expense and learned a few things along the way.so with that said back on topic I would suggest if its your first go at it pre fish the day before and try and put a plan together for tournament day. 3 fish and cheap to try out.
  6. Ya call me for a faster reply. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. maybe someone with a old boat that blew an engine or someone that cant afford to buy a boat but has alittle know how . NEW PRICE $200 make money.
  8. ok here is the deal ! have this nice 21ft tompson boat everythings there and she runs boat is late 70s with mercruser v8 we need this boat gone off the trailer to get another boat out of the water so the first person wiith a trailer and $500 can take it also has a subtroll down temp unit and some electric down riggers and rod holders and a first mate auto pilot, no time too waste 5856150229 and yes paper work too.
  9. new thing we tried this year on copper knots was hot glue stick ! melt it on with lighter , re-heat the knot and the stuff sucks right into the knot and protects and holds it like the super glue and shrink tubing.
  10. I have some older high end raymarine units from 2005 on my boat and the the little brother of the Furuno 587 out back and if i had too replace them id have a Furuno 587 install. Even the wicked tuna guys use them. good luck.
  11. Scotty they got me checking there pics out and i have too try and zoom in on the back ground too look for a land point but nothing but open sea and not a lure in site. God probable don't even know what or where. Maybe he will book with one of them and let the united crew know.
  12. most of the guys tweeting on the instant reports are awesome , but lately noticed it turning into a picture contest advertisement board. It would be shame if it turned into a list of phone #s with pics and takes the united name out of this great site.
  13. Just go get 10lb of tannerite and make it go away.
  14. Is it ok for the guys coming in from other ports to fish there way there friday ? Probley the only way I can do it let us know.
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