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    bowhunting fishing for browns an fly fishing
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  1. stealth423

    Dead Steelhead at Burt Dam

    i have watch these guys snagging big browns an steelhead at berts dam the people who run fishermans park close thier eyes to it we need more encon around not more rules for the honest fishman
  2. stealth423


    thank you lucky 13
  3. has anybody heard that the limit on browns is to be one fish per day instead of three for 2019
  4. stealth423

    muddy waters

    Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. stealth423

    webster ny

    webster ny hi guys looking for some help finding a public fishing pier in Webster ny was there years ago and did well there when the weather was bad just forgot were it was, I guess that comes with age lol
  6. stealth423

    muddy waters

    thanks for your help ed
  7. stealth423

    muddy waters

    muddy waters hi guys was wondering what color spoons to throw for brown trout in lake Ontario when the water is muddy thanks for your help
  8. stealth423

    snow and ice

    snow and ice hi guys was wondering how much snow and shore ice is in the Oswego area
  9. stealth423


    kayaking for browns last weekend, ended up with bonus laker in 10ft of water great day of fishing
  10. mexico slow yesterday water temp 39 find warm water , found warm water towards Oswego did well
  11. going tomorrow will let you no how we did
  12. nice fish what size rod an line wt do you use to troll with
  13. nice job how deep was brown
  14. stealth423

    Howdy all

    can you help what kind of fishing rod an line wt should I use to troll for browns in my kayak on lake Ontario also what stick baits an crank baits would you choose. thanks for your help, ed
  15. stealth423

    kayak for browns

    hi guys want to troll with my kayak for browns. what size pole an line should I use, an any kind of stick baits or crankbaits you would choose. thanks for your help, ed