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  1. Sorry for sounding dumb but Im a little confused. It looks as though you posted as only 2 divisions and I thought there were 4, (Salmon) ( Rainbow/Steelhead) (Brown) (Lake Trout). I see you have OL, B1, B2 on the end of each, are these abbreviations I dont understand?
  2. Jump on there and help get some salmon tournaments going
  3. I dont know if anyone on here is on bountyfishing.com or not,but I could use youre help. One of the few species they dont have tournaments for is Salmon. If a few of you are members or want to be members on there please join and send a message if you would compete to, http://www.bountyfishing.com/thread/salmon-2 and as you know we have some of the best Captains and fishermen around and could slap the crap out of most other states, oh and make a few bucks doing it . I do believe you Captains can compete as long as youre out fishing for youreself. It is a worldwide site and placeing has huge bragging rights, also out of state anglers will know youre here and could bring you more business. If youre interested go to bountyfishing.com and become a member. Im on there, upstatebass. Let me know if you become a member I like to watch the success of our local guys/gals.
  4. Thanks to you guys, Hank is definitly the guy for these problems. Talked to him yesterday an going to see him this week. While im thanking people, I wanna thank the guy on, Blood Run, for not hesitateing to tow me and my family back to the dock, and wouldnt take anything for doing it. Thanks to the other boats, sorry I didnt get the names, that came from no where when I hit the radio for assisitance. The kids were haveing panic attacks until boats were comeing from different directions within 5 minutes of makeing the call. Times like that is when you realize some people do give a care about others . Thanks to all of you
  5. I am new to this and dont know who Hannk is. Could you point me in the right direction?
  6. Well looks as though my season is over!!!! Took the kids out tubeing Saturday evening and blew the outdrive!!!!!!! !!!!! I have never disassembled one befor to fix it, and the estimates I got are rediculous, so I gues I gotta save a little fortune and buy a whole unit . Anyone got a Mercruiser alpha1 they wanna sell dirt cheap, and by dirt cheap I mean REALLY cheap lol. Lesson here is dont go tubeing till youre done fishing for the season .
  7. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7/11 Time on Water:7 am-11:30 Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 26 Total Boated:17 Species Breakdown:kings, steel Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: 2.2 Boat Depth: 250 Lure Depth: 40/60 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Went out with my buddy Eric, hits were almost immediate and about every 15 mintes there after, 2 best of the day were a 27 lb king and a 13 lb steelhead. next closest was a 17 lb king and rest were mixed in weight. Awesome day of fishing!!!!
  8. Great advise guys, made some adjustments and fish on!!! If I knew how to post pics on here I would show you. Thanks alot guys
  9. At risk of sounding dumb, what is a skipper king? I hear it alot and wondered.
  10. Thanks to all of you, I do have a radio on board and will set that channel in. I try to get out a couple times a week depending on weather and wifes mood, haha. Got caught out there on 6 footers, twice, dont wanna do that again, not till my Luhrs is done with rebuilding and on water . I wrote youre vessel names down and when Im out there I will try to hail you. Thanks a ton.
  11. Sounds awesome but I have no clue where mexico bay is. I launch my 17 ft tird at sandy creek. How far are you?
  12. I will for sure find out how it helps, hopeing to get back out by end of week if thunderstorms change there mind and go somewhere else I will let you know if Im getting better results. Again thank you very much. Any advise: wrong or right is still knowledge and useable in some way. I will take any given.
  13. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Is that speed (2-2 1/4) all lures or spoons/ I do run my spoons at that speed and been running flies and plugs 3-5. Also, flasher and dodgers I have gotten told different ways to run them, is running them solo off the weight effective, or someone feeding me bs? Sorry to so sound so dumb,I have been trolling for a couple years, but haveing the equipment is only half the requirement to be successful!! i definatly stopped running and buying every lure someone on here says is a killer!! My purple nurple has always been my luck .. Thanks again, and if any of you ever need assistance, I will scrub youre boat, clean youre gear, wax youre truck, lol, I dont care I will do it for a chance to tag along and learn something.
  14. Could anyone tell me good average speeds for spoons/flies/plugs? I do use a sutroll unit and trolling the speeds they say on the lure packages isnt produceing. I switch differant colors and sizes and usually lucky to come in with one fish. Thanks to any help.
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