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  1. Cheers

    Ice ice baby!

    That area didn't look to good on Sunday
  2. Cheers


    How do these tourneys work? Is there an observer? I'm assuming these fish are released, just curious
  3. I tell ya there's a month of some possible good nights to come right in front, just have to keep an eye on the blow boats. The fish are there but 75 degrees isn't going to cut it!
  4. Cheers

    He wasn't 50lbs he was Fkn 53!

    Fish oooon!! Fish on!!
  5. Cheers

    Sandy Creek

    You can run one off a rigger too when the wires and long lines are working. I've caught fish with the lure running 30 feet below the deepest cannon ball, very stealth. Smaller sizes work great if fish are down 25- 30 feet
  6. Cheers

    Little Help?

    Moose I bought a mako last year great auger for the price! You probably don't need that much auger if your chasing panfish and can get away with what KS suggested. Lots of drill conversion kits available.
  7. First off I was driving the vessel but I do not own the vessel! I saw you coming and figured you'd turn. When you didn't ,believe it or not I slowed down. Everyone who combat trolls has had to juice the throttle every now and then. It wasn't that big of a deal but I'm sorry your upset . As for the people on board or captain giving you lip it's beyond my control . I haven't been that close to someone in a long time it happens . Refer to Matt's rules for Combat Trolling
  8. No problem! Flatline j plugs too if you don't have boards. Normally we troll 2.4 for that kind if fishing with good success. Today they wanted it fast and on turns
  9. Top 5 feet with plugs was the key today about 60 to 75 back on riggers and with in line planners about 60 back ,attach board and let it out just outside your boat . Little faster than we like to troll 2.8 SOG
  10. There's a smaller boat trolling in the river and one big one in the lake , looks muddy. Mud is out to 30 , 40 feet
  11. Trophy,You can can still get big fish of the day even if it doesn't make the board
  12. Cheers

    Out of Genny

    Looks bumpy out there, how deep are you