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  1. that gap in treatment and high water really hit this lake hard. You know back when Seneca had fish and we didn't
  2. My buddies were catching well on sawbellies and I was getting drinks 35-40 down on bass minnows till that beast decided to eat cheap bait. That shut em up. Oh yeah this gut to same bait and depth
  3. must be the camera it was still green
  4. 30.5" 10.9# great fight and finally broke that 10# barrier
  5. There are a few silvers around
  6. Saw 30 or so spawning in fall creek a month or so ago not a good sign
  7. Caught many perch over ten oz along with big smallies huge bullhead a brown and my first Cayuga cat with no net. Didn't place in the derby but had a blast. My hands hurt but if you're not bleeding you're not perchin.
  8. Great derby. Didn't place but caught many over ten oz smallies bullhead and my first Cayuga cat
  9. 10$ 25-26 heaviest five register at barneys r.I.p. and gimme some competition.
  10. I think I saw that fish caught a tfalls a month ago
  11. Hmm open water and big salmon. Could be. Sent from my BNTV600 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Its actually my buddies house because he had a good scale, but I told him to take the windsock off and put on the feeder. I told him the rod idea from a post on here a few years back, and so far its squirrel proof. Sent from my BNTV600 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. The bigun was out of the water more than in Sent from my BNTV600 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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