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  1. dug out the lake boat 9 fer 9 in 2 passes in front of catfish...20-25 fow dipsy with frog spoon was best rigger with pickle seed was almost as good buster///grim reaper////black/silver stick bait also did fish most were cookie cutters but thats good for future trophies 2 were over 5 lbs.....all were released to play again
  2. im still fishing the lake but after it gets cold ill be on the river every weekend if interested ill take you down in my driftboat....im not a guide if you dont find a set up you can use one of mine text at 315 771 1638 if interested in going sometime
  3. woodys tackle in port ontario has 9' ugly stix
  4. all good shape swivel bases ext booms local pick up in pulaski area only text 315 771 1638 if interested
  5. both are complete neither one works.....likely the mother boards are bad use for parts or send in for rebuild local pick up in pulaski area......text 315 771 1638 if interested 150.00
  6. 3 head units 3 probes misc wiring 2 antennas couple mounting brackets few paddle wheels for probes local pick up in pulaski area 200.00 takes it all text at 315 771 1638
  7. if the new style that screw into the rigger i have 2 located over near pulaski 315 771 1638...text if interested
  8. cancel that ordered a new driftwood
  9. must be aluminum registered good trailer text at 315 771 1638
  10. we always have a chute rod of 300 or 400 copper or 10 color core depending where fish are keep boat straight while letting them out occasionally a fish will tangle up with it but its rare
  11. yes could be that different..due to multiple factors i leave battery in til its dead my best speed on my subtroll is 1.9.....but im sure many will disagree
  12. bought 3 new stx 2 years ago.....2 are dead in garage....spools wont turn even by hand....i now have big jons on the boat
  13. still looking.....where located....i got some but not crazy about shipping....im near pulaski NY
  14. reach out to L&M on here he used to do a lot of work on the cannons....maybe he has sumthin laying around
  15. should be a peice of metal ...like a bolt head...on the rigger spool...you can see it when spool is empty should have enough bare wire for a few wraps on the spool and be sure they cross the metal piece
  16. when you installed the coated cable are you sure you have enough bare wire to ground it to rigger ? if so redo clincher end sounds like grounding issue
  17. i got 1 if in pulaski// oswego area for quick pick up
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