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  1. I added a fuel separator to mine.....inexpensive and works fine
  2. in the spring im ordering a new one if ya want to wait be selling my 2001 hyde high side 16'
  3. on facebook….look up steve bowman he selling his hyde
  4. okuma 55 on a okuma copper rod.....brand new 400' 175.00 meet in Pulaski/mexico area 315 771 1638 if interested
  5. should allow sign up at capts meeting if you are having one although you will likely sell a bunch of beer at it
  6. Fish should be staging in shallow by then....plus some In the river.... possibly some coho around....browns should be back in a little closer by then too depending on lake temps Sent from my Z971 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. shot in the dark but check the ground wire
  8. if your the bad habit boat I see around mexico bay.....your welcome to hook my new one up on yours to see if its better
  9. i assume you know this but there is a high/low power button on those.....top left button if memory serves right
  10. east side of the stack 140-150 fow was good to us yesterday....12 bites....spoons.....meat.....flasher/fly were all working....had 55 degrees down 70....took fish from 60 to 110 down
  11. text me a picture please 315 771 1638 thanks
  12. Depends on your down speed unit too......compared to my sub troll the fish hawks read faster by almost .5 tenths Sent from my Z971 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. 1.8 to 2.2 is what I always run....spoon on probe rigger meat on deeper rigger flasher/fly on dipsies spoon on 300 wire meat on 400 wire spoon on 10 color if I have someone with me I add more wire rods
  14. have not caught one with any bling but have gotten 5 flashers and flies out of dead/floating fish over the years
  15. lighthouse down at mouth of salmon river pine grove state launch mexico point state launch stony creek state launch....20 miles north on rt 3
  16. ill take it either shipped or meet ya in Oswego next time your up in NY
  17. was by there last week....would need waders to launch...…...stony creek was in much better shape
  18. Looking for browns set up right outside the pond.....looking for kings likely want to run over to the stack.....watch out for logs an such as stated above.....lot of east wind lately so temps are all over Sent from my Z971 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. I would try a different retriever or just stop using them and lift the boom seeing as you have that option with scotty's
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