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  1. I have 2 of the old high style with blocks located near pulaski if you want them come get em 1 don't swivel good but likely will if messed with a bit
  2. As of today...5/23 the public launch is closed...so yea I guess it's a little higher than normal Sent from my Z971 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. on a 2 setting at 2 mph with braid mine hit bottom at 16 fow with 100' of line out on the counter mine are walker mini dipsies not luhr jensen
  4. Rubber coated.....guessing 12lbs....want em come an get em.....I'll never use em Sent from my Z971 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I have a mid 90;s 15hp mariner with controls not run in couple years located over near pulaski 500.00
  6. I'll get pic after work Sent from my Z971 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. got a pair in the boat I bought but you gotta come to pulaski to get em
  8. just a thought.....if your not marking DR balls may wanna check transducer make sure it didn't get moved
  9. Support your local shops or the next time you need line or swivels they won't be there Sent from my Z971 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. 2001 high side oars.....anchor.....cover.....trailer 5000.00 located near pulaski text for pics if seriously interested tire kickers don't waste our time 315 771 1638
  11. 1 2 or3 colors of leadcore….depending how deep you wanna get....then 30-50 feet of your line choice for leader
  12. I start at 60 and 80 then adjust to what they want
  13. good job... I ran up to the dunes and trolled back to Selkirk....got 8 fer 9 pickle seed on a one color was the stud NBK on 2 color did a couple purple clown on rigger down 8 did a couple most fish came in 15 fow biggest came in 25 fow just south of big river
  14. ive got a cpr shadow drifter...hard coated red velvet with gold accents....325 shipped or a new orange shadow drifter...used once....600 shipped text @ 315 771 1638 if interested
  15. think I got a set in the barn text me later this afternoon an ill try to get ya a picture after work 315-771-1638
  16. took them off the boat I just bought swivel bases and all wiring all worked when hooked to battery never used them so cant say how well they work text if ya need a pic....315 771 1638 located near pulaski 400.00
  17. ive got 2 colvilles 1 trinity...2 tone blue...used twice 1 older shadow drifter....redvelvet...hard coated 300.00 ea plus shipping text 315 771 1638 for pics if interested
  18. I have a colville 5" trinity.....fished twice....2 tone blue 5" shadow drifter....used a lot but still great condition....red velvet w/gold trim 300 for either plus shipping if needed.....located near pulaski text for pics if interested....315-771-1638
  19. don't perch fish but last I knew Jefferson county had no limit that's why the guys that sell them go there
  20. pick your days weather wise and your boat will be fine Johnson shoal and cherry island will hold fish the first few weeks of season all depends on the winter and spring how soon they move deeper ice guys really hammering the population the last few years
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