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  1. Are you selling both boards with keels for $40? Thanks, Dave
  2. Caught two salmon full of eggs today. We kept the eggs but don't use them ourselves. Wondered if someone buys them for steelhead fishing in the Fall? Hate to waste them unless there is already an abundance of it available. Maybe I should pick up steelhead river fishing and use them.
  3. I have considered that. My trailer is a bunk trailer, but the cross member is very close to the keel and the damage is right on the bottom of it.
  4. I followed right between my previous gps tracks just to make sure I was in the clear. The only thing I did different was come to the left side of the docks. I usually launch and take the boat out on the right side, I did get a little screwy in around the dock area because of the wind. Maybe I was off more than I thought.
  5. Launched out of Mexico Point on July 4th and fished for about 5 hours and came in. The wind was blowing pretty good making it a little harder than usual to get the boat up to the docks. Someone saw me struggling and offered to help catch and guide the boat to the dock so I ended up pointing the bow at the dock and he caught it. All seemed well, got the boat on the trailer pretty easy and parked it to secure it. Just before leaving, I happened to look at the front portion of my keel and it looked jagged. Gulped and took a closer look and sure enough about 12-14 inches of gell coat was completely scraped off right down to the fiberglass. I never felt a thing and the damage was right in the front. I'm just wondering if anyone else has hit or scrapped rocks or something else near the docks this year. I know the water is lower than usual but I've launched there twice before this Spring with no problem. Just trying to narrow down where the damage occurred so I don't do it again. It's kind of expensive and really kills your long awaited fishing trip(s) for a few weeks. Any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure I want to launch there again until I have a better idea of what I hit.
  6. Hi Ed, I actually purchased this boat last August, but I think Mark forgot to take it down. Dave
  7. We've launched our 26 footer out of Fair Haven state park yesterday and today with no problem. Now the fishing on the other hand hasn't been so good. Very clear water, but it's better than sitting at home.
  8. Check out Fine Tuned Welding.Russell makes a variety of rod tree styles and is very reasonable compared to Traxstech.Traxstech is very good, but expensive and they are unable to keep up with orders right now. You might not get their product for weeks. Russell will respond promptly to your inquiry and get you set up. Very easy to talk to.
  9. Just picked up my boat from Bill this week. If your looking for a reliable and trustworthy marine tech, Bill is thorough and charges a fair rate for his labor. I'm very pleased with his work and look forward using his services in the future
  10. Hi Bill, just wondered how busy you are. I need some help with a 2008 9.9 Yamaha kicker motor that is not discharging water. Thanks , Dave
  11. Ok, that explains it. I'm a contractor for the postal service and they are still catching up from Christmas. Sorry I missed your previous message. I won't bother you about it anymore. Dave
  12. Hi again Edward, I was just wondering who ( UPS,USPS or FEDEX) I should be looking for? Have not received anything yet. Thanks, Dave
  13. Hi Edward, I assume you got my Paypal payment Saturday night, but I noticed the classifieds still had the trees listed "for sale". Is everything alright ? Thanks, Dave
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