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  1. Hi Ed, I actually purchased this boat last August, but I think Mark forgot to take it down. Dave
  2. We've launched our 26 footer out of Fair Haven state park yesterday and today with no problem. Now the fishing on the other hand hasn't been so good. Very clear water, but it's better than sitting at home.
  3. Check out Fine Tuned Welding.Russell makes a variety of rod tree styles and is very reasonable compared to Traxstech.Traxstech is very good, but expensive and they are unable to keep up with orders right now. You might not get their product for weeks. Russell will respond promptly to your inquiry and get you set up. Very easy to talk to.
  4. Just picked up my boat from Bill this week. If your looking for a reliable and trustworthy marine tech, Bill is thorough and charges a fair rate for his labor. I'm very pleased with his work and look forward using his services in the future
  5. Hi Bill, just wondered how busy you are. I need some help with a 2008 9.9 Yamaha kicker motor that is not discharging water. Thanks , Dave
  6. Ok, that explains it. I'm a contractor for the postal service and they are still catching up from Christmas. Sorry I missed your previous message. I won't bother you about it anymore. Dave
  7. Hi again Edward, I was just wondering who ( UPS,USPS or FEDEX) I should be looking for? Have not received anything yet. Thanks, Dave
  8. Hi Edward, I assume you got my Paypal payment Saturday night, but I noticed the classifieds still had the trees listed "for sale". Is everything alright ? Thanks, Dave
  9. Ok , i can do Paypal. My name is Dave Moore and my address is 399 Brookmans Corners Rd. Fort Plain, NY 13339..
  10. My wife just left Middlefield Ohio a couple of hours ago on her way home. She would have driven right by Erie . I bought a boat at the end of last summer that has Traxstech track, but Traxstechs rod trees are quite pricey. I'm sure they would be nice ,but these might work just as good. I like that I can rotate them . I will get back to you soon. Did you say $375 includes shipping? How would you like payment ?
  11. Sorry for all the questions. Are you in New York state ? I'm on the road right now and will be out of service for a while, but I will get back to you. Thanks Dave
  12. Are they homemade or are they a particular brand ?
  13. Will these fit in Traxstech ? Thanks, Dave
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