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  1. Old Man and I thought we were going to move the boat to Lake O early this season but health reasons are keeping us at bay. I bought a ton of stuff for fishing up there and custom painted a bunch of DFC Cowbell Blades for trolling. Since we won’t be going, I’m looking to sell it all. 99% of everything here is brand new. I’m looking to sell it all as a lot for $325. I’ll pay shipping. Some items are missing hardware, however, I will make sure everything has the appropriate hardware attached. Or if you prefer, I will put it in a bag and you can assemble yourself. At this time, I’m not looking to part anything out. If there is no interest in the full lot after some time, then I will be open to parting out items. Thanks for looking, Bob
  2. Real Bandits, not knock-offs. 21 total. All in original packaging. Buy 1 : $12 + $4 shipping Buy 6: $60+ $5 shipping Buy All: $200 + $7 shipping. msg with any questions. Thanks for looking
  3. Went on a Bandit run during the snow storm. Did chrome and clear deep diving. Ughhh split rings get old. Cheap sunglasses was definitely our hot late summer bait this past season. Who else likes to run Bandits, especially for browns and eyes. what’s your most productive color scheme in the summer pattern?
  4. I appreciate everyone’s advice on this thread. I definitely learned how to run the set ups I want with either big boards or inline boards. i really do appreciate all the advice given!
  5. Thanks for the great advice with running only 2 rods per side for Steelies. Thanks bud!
  6. @reel rage Nice job bud. I’m digging Electric Muffin for sure. Gonna try and duplicate it and downsize to 2 1/4 spoons for Erie Eyes. Last year we killed on pink/purple/silver combos. Thanks for the inspiration 👍🏻🍻
  7. Bored and cold. I’m liking numberss 1,2,7, 10,12. Mixed UV and Glow. Forgot which is which but easy to find out! Always gotta love Chartel @ #5 just can’t go wrong! Anyone else painting during these single digit temps?
  8. Good advice above. big dipsy divers, leadcore and lots of copper and snap weights.
  9. Hey All, Looking to put new ceiling mounted rod holders on the inside of the pilot cabin for when we are done fishing for an extended time. Rods are okuma Great Lakes edition ranging from reel doze 20-45. Shortest is 7 feet longest is 10 feet does anyone have any recommendations? I was looking at these on Cabela’s (https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/piranha-overhead-rod-rack?rrec=true ) thoughts appreciated
  10. Hey thanks Man! I ordered a bunk of blanks so more to come for sure!
  11. I guess it was a 2 part question. 1 was if you can use inlines (yes the type that connect to your line) on large boats. The reason I asked is that my dad always told me it wasn’t possible for some reason, but I never really believed him. my second questions was if the diagram was an ok set up. I am really surprised by all of your responses and help! Thank you all so much.
  12. Thanks all. Hopefully this diagram illustrates my point. Our planer spool is mounted to the roof of the pilot house.
  13. So I’m just trying to spread out multiple lines. I imagine I could run 3 rods or so off each ski? Spacing them out 20-30’?
  14. Happy Friday All, probably a dumb question but we’ve only been big water trolling for 2 seasons now. We have a pair of home-made planer boards that work great. However, I am interested in getting some inlines and wanted to know if they would be ok to run off of a larger boat. We have a 26’ Parker with a pilot house. I’m wanting to really spread lures out for early season steelhead since they are so skittish. thanks for any help!
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