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  1. Hoyt Spyder 30 RH 60-70lb Bow is ready to shoot. Qad drop away rest, Luminious sight, fuse 6 arrow quiver and axion stabilizer. $600. Will throw in a dozen Beeman ICS hunter arrows.
  2. Really appreciate the feedback so far. I’ve received some private messages as well with helpful information. Thank you. So timing and life will only allow me to be there at some time between end of May and June. I have been told mix reviews on if that will be a good time for BT. I have been picking up some gear to hopefully be successful. So far I’ve grabbed. 2- Luhr Jensen size 0 dipsys, with two 10’ okuma white diamond dipsy rods paired with okuma convector reels. 2- manual cannon uni troll downriggers with two okuma classic GLT 7,6’ rods with convectors. 2 - offshore OR12 inline planer boards. No setup yet to pair with these. What main line size and type should I use for each setup? Also what leader size and length should I use for each? what size rigger weight would be best for each rigger ? besides Michigan stinger spoons what lures should I look to grab? really appreciate the help. I’d like to make this trip a few times a year. So I don’t mind the upfront buy in for all the gear.
  3. Thanks a lot whaler happy to have found this site. I’m hoping I could meet some of the guys here on my trip. I’d like to pay for the help with a few beers
  4. Hi guys happy to have found this site. I’m looking to plan a trip to Lake Ontario in the Oswego area. I’ll be bringing a 21’ mako CC. Looking for advice for the best methods and tackle to catch trophy browns in the spring. I’ve read a bit and seems end of May early June is a favorite, is this accurate? thank you, Rob
  5. Hi guys, new here to the site. It came highly recommended from the hull truth. Just wanted to say thank you in advance for any help you guys have to offer. I have a 21’ Mako CC and live in western Connecticut. I am looking to plan a trip up to Oswego with the boat end of May or beginning of June. I’m looking to target browns. looking to hear if my timing is the right time to target nice browns? i found a best western in Oswego with daily slips available. Any other recommendations for a place to stay? thank you, Rob
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