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  1. For the most part, lakers can not hide from your sonar. Once the thermocline is set up, look in depths from 70-130 feet. If they are there, you will see the blips.
  2. Nice going Isaac. And congratulations.
  3. Great boating conditions we have had this week! I have been talking with Doug since last spring about getting him out to try the vertical approach. The fish are plentiful but not as bitey as they could be. Luckily Doug got his first fish within the first half hour. A nice, fat, hard-fighting 29 incher. He was ecstatic. I told him trolling was a more productive Plan B if they wouldn't take our jigs, but after that first battle he was convinced that light tackle is the way to go. We had little spurts of activity throughout the day that kept things lively in between the pauses. Total of 5 fish for the boat that got reported to 2 DEC guys at the mouth of the creek coming in. They said nobody else was catching much, so I guess we did OK!
  4. I've used a Rattle Snakie! Had one back when I first learned how to jig lakers in the Fingers. Must have broken it off at some point, I think I bought it at Gander Mountain and never could find them locally again.
  5. Yes, a couple. Look for my YouTube channel under my name.
  6. I had set out to make a much longer, much better video. But the camera died at an inopportune moment! Here's the lemonade I edited from my lemon.
  7. Sorry to hear about your woes, Brian. I was annoyed Saturday because I lost a drift bag from a frayed knot, pretty minor stuff in comparison!
  8. Hello All, Last week I worked inn a woods that had quite a few butternut, a tree that can be somewhat hard to find. Couldn't pass up that opportunity!
  9. Hello All, Anybody know why they took away the long gangplank at the Sandy Creek launch? I have been away a while. It is so much more congested at the ramp now because you can't move out of the way while you park! At least the fish were where they were supposed to be. They weren't in much of a mood to play but I jigged up a dandy 31 inches
  10. I made a couple of instructive videos about laker jigging, and have posted them here before. Just so you don't have to go searching, here they are:
  11. Hello All, When I was a kid I was told you can bring a fire extinguisher to the fire hall to get it recharged. (It came from an incident where a reckless chum lit a fire in a dumpster, and had to make amends by recharging the tank used to put it out!). Anyway, my 15 year old boat FE is showing low pressure. My local place doesn't do that. Do I need to buy an entire new extinguisher now? Seems wasteful.
  12. Is anybody else having trouble with the LOU phone app? Mine winks out and shuts off as soon as I open it.
  13. Nice job Tony! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I have a stack of books about guns and archery that are free to anybody that wants them.
  15. Hello All, Please let me know if I'm out of line putting these forestry videos here. Just figured hunters who own their own land might find these interesting.
  16. Thanks everyone for your replies. I wound up ordering socks from Darn Tough. Two kinds - the Hike/Trek and the Tactical. Turns out the Tactical are the ones I am looking for - very thick and cushioney. Also, they are the only sock company that makes very big sizes (I am a 15). It's hard to order clothes online when you can't hold them in your hand to judge the feel and materials.
  17. This may seem like an obscure topic, but it is important to me. Do any of you have favorite socks for doing lots of walking in the woods? I work outside, with lots of walking. for years the absolute best socks in the world were Bass Pro Shops' Red Head brand. They are thick, but soft. I wore them summer and winter because they cushion your feet and prevent blisters. Before they came around I would often double up on socks for a day in the woods, which makes you go through your sock drawer quickly. I am ready to order another batch, and I noticed that the RedHead socks didn't get good ratings on Cabela's own web page. Turns out, like everything else, people complained that they cheapened the manufacturing process, and the ones they sell today aren't as good. So what other socks out there are worth getting for long days of walking off-trail?
  18. Hello All, I just signed up to be a test subject for a vaccine that is being developed for Lyme disease. This is something I think about all the time, because I work outdoors and pull at least a couple of ticks out of myself every season. They still would like volunteers, so I will post the info for anybody who wants to sign up. Brief details: it is 18 months long, you go in once every couple of months to get a shot, they do pay you $800 for your involvement. There is a 1/3 chance the shot you get is a placebo. This is phase 2 of the clinical trials. I figured hunters and anybody whose job places them at a higher risk for Lyme should be interested in this. Rochester Clinical Research, Inc 500 Helendale Road, Suite L20 Rochester, NY 14609 Phone: 585-288-0890 FAX: 585-288-0893 Website: www.rcrclinical.com
  19. Angler lands near-record crappie hours after COVID-19 vaccination (msn.com)
  20. Yes, I made the fly and video. I was too busy to dig out my trolling fly box and photograph them, so I posted this!
  21. Just to add to this thread, here is how I tie one of my favorite trolling flies, should anyone care to try their hand at making trolling flies.
  22. Long Time Fisherman, Let me know if you can't find any source of trolling flies. I don't tie them to sell, because I was never fast enough to make any money at it. But I offer them to guys who invite me on their boat.
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