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  1. My 2017 deer season

    First deer i ever shot I hit in the jugular. He went down and then jumped back up. Had hair and a little blood then nothing. Tried to track it with friends and no luck, Next day keep searching and then found the puddles. Was very interesting for a first track. Glad you found her.
  2. I used jplugs down 5 foot or so and flat lined. Went a little faster than normal 2.5 - 3 MPH seemed to work last i did it. That was a couple years ago.
  3. Yup, have done well up the river with Jplugs. Also got to see 2 deer fighting on the bank. Nice trip and generally will run into one or 2.
  4. It is a separate run to the fuse box. I asked about the unit on here and was told to upgrade. Live and learn the hard way. I was just hoping they would have replaced unit for discount is all. I had a crappy 30 dollar one i replaced with this one. i can move the helix up front when i am up there. Same power and cables. I remember the good old cays where you could bring your graph in at the derby to get them serviced and ugly stick would send you a new rod no questions asked if it broke. Wow i sound like an old man.
  5. Humminbird -- really bad experice with them Just called Hummingbird for the 197c DI unit for the front of the boat when i am using the trolling motor. The other day on Erie is just stopped. So i tried to call in and waited for an hour as i was the next in line and never got to talk to anyone. Figured i would try on line. They asked how i had it set up and informed them power was good and it worked for my Helix 5 on the dash. They informed me it would be 100 dollars to service the unit. It only cost 80 new. They said nothing they can do and have a good day. Man, i used to really like this company. Guess i am going with Lowrance now. Just a warning about the company. Rant over.
  6. I-Bay fishing

    Launch at the south West end. you would have to cross the bay.
  7. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Thanks for starting this up. i had a blown out knee and this thread made it easier to deal with. i am going to finish setting up cameras this week and scout pretty heavy. Good luck to all this season .
  8. Thanks for the information. I will give it a try this year.
  9. Seneca Smallies

    Were you feeling the bottom with the weight? Pending depth i like 1/2 OZ and make sure you can feel it bumping on the bottom. I like cross tail shads on it. Seem to work best for me. I use a palomar knot and then feed the string back in from the top so hook is facing straight up. About a foot to the bottom. Have done well on Erie doing this.
  10. What do you do to can fish? Honestly never thought of this. For venison are you cooking everything then can it? Sounds interesting to try.
  11. I heard Mitchel's is open on other side of the channel. Small boat launch at south end.
  12. Pretty sure for taxes unless it is over $500 you can't claim it. Total donations need to be over that amount. I mean if you donate a bunch of them it will add up. I could be totally off base but when i donated a crappy car it did not change my tax return.
  13. Tree ID Video - Understory Species

    Thank you for this. My buddy and i were walking the hunting land and said wow look at that hop tree. Now i know it is iron wood tree good for firewood. You helped me learn today!!!!
  14. Was there last Saturday. Coast Guard was telling people to slow down. I did no wake out to the end of the poles in the channel. They did not yell a me but the did to the guy that went flying by me and slowed down when he hit the bay.
  15. seabreeze

    As of yesterday you can not put your boat in. Docks still under water and launch is fenced off. Buddy launched at the South end the other day which is just a dirt ramp but would take a while at 5 MPH to get to lake.