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  1. turkeys circling a dead cat -- anyone? Can anyone explain this? I have seen some strange things in the woods, but never have i seen something like this. https://www.yahoo.com/news/turkeys-ritualistically-circling-dead-cat-164016371.html
  2. Nice fish. Are you fishing out of a Lund? Looks like a Rebel.
  3. someone is out of IBAY today looks nice out there. can see him on the camera. got to be 100 times better than being inside at work. http://web.live.weatherbug.com/LiveCameras/1/LiveCameras.aspx?no_cookie_zip=14618&no_cookie_stat=MCQUI&no_cookie_world_stat=&zcode=Z4655&camera_group=1&camera_zip=14618&animate=1&enlarge=1&camera_id=WBSTR&lid=CENANT
  4. congrats on Buck. Good job sticking with it.
  5. at least you saw BUCK in the woods. had to work all week. Hopefully this weekend with rifle or muzzle will pay off. At this point I am hoping a see a doe in muzzle to fill the freezer. Blew out my knee the summer so was on the ground for bow and never had a good shot.
  6. Been a long season for me as well. Haven't seen any bucks this gun season and no doe permit this year. Hope Muzzleloader will change something. maybe take a doe is a see one over 90 lbs.
  7. Nice fish. at least the wind finally died down.
  8. tried last week we got a couple but was pretty slow. Only caught fish on tubes going real slow.
  9. I just wanted to say thanks for this thread. I blew out my knee in July and wasn't able to get into the woods until last week. I have all next week off so going to try and get up in the stand as much as i can. This thread has kept me going. Thanks again,
  10. That is a great idea about the sign. Someone may have it but not on this site.
  11. Sounds a lot like Ontario. http://www.freep.com/story/travel/michigan/2016/05/26/whats-future-great-lakes-salmon/84865094/
  12. I heard they are going in today. I have not checked yet.
  13. Glad you made it back. When we saw the boat from the fire station launch i was worried that someone capsized. Hopefully the solo guy got our of the weather. It was crazy for sure.
  14. Weather was suppose to pick up at 11. They did not call for hail, sleet and possible death however. I have seen some crazy weather and have gone out when it was iffy but i have never see it turn so quick and so violent. Had we been any further East i would have put the boat in ship builders creek. Had to do that when i was young out with my father and got caught in a quick storm but we were in a smaller boat at the time.
  15. I have always respected the lake especially in the spring with the cold water. That is why I stayed close to the bay and didn't go any further East. Sure does remind you what can happen in a 60 seconds out there.