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  1. Anyone thinking about getting out Sunday? I feel better if I am not the only one out there.
  2. dgio67

    Ibay 9/29

    Anyone been out in a while? was hoping to get out next week. Wondering if it is worth it?
  3. So I am looking to take some time off for bow and gun. Normally for gun i would take the first week off with Thanksgiving. Turkey day is late this year. I nomrall6y take the first week of November off for bow. What do you guts think is best week for bow and gun. Is there a reason or just had luck before. thanks.
  4. I moved a stand a couple years ago and had to get this giant vice out of the way to get the stand up. No way it could have been poison ivy. Well 2 days later i could only open 1 eye and ended up on steroids and stuck in bed for my week off that i had planned to hunt. I do not mess with poison ivy, oak or sumac anymore. I would get a big stack of alcohol cleaners and gloves to clean that stand. seems to take off the oil. Good luck.
  5. Going to set up some cameras in a couple hours. I have the same muzzleloader. I just put on a scope this summer and i am getting it ready. Really fun gun to shoot. Not horrible to clean. As always thanks for getting this going again. I have learned a lot from here and keeps me going during the season.
  6. Mine went from 0-hospital in 3 days. i did the IV antibiotics and that stopped the rash from from spreading and after about a week it has faded. ER doc said take doxycycline for 14 days, pharmacy said take for 10 and my doc said 3 weeks so it seems to be all over the place with treatment time as well. The sun thing is for real. I am outside a lot and it seems like i get really tired when the sun is out. Want to get back out in the woods to work on the land again but not sure how much i can get done at this point. They caught it early so i am hoping for the best. I appreciate the responses and i think this is a good thread since most of us are out in the woods more than most.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Good to know there is an end in site. It really crushed me for a good week with fever fatigue and joint pain. I know i am getting old but it felt like i aged 20 years. I hear this is going to be a bad year and will be getting worse for the next couple years as well.
  8. So i just found out i have it and tested positive for it. Ended up in the hospital as they thought it was cellulitis and it was not. Currently on antibiotics to treat it. Has anyone else on here got it before? if so any lasting issues with it. I wear long sleeve shirts tucked into pants. Guess i will start using bug spray as well.
  9. Caught a couple today. What do you think the deformation is? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Great viideo! Did you do any fishing back there. I kept thinking - that looks like a good spot, oh so does that ....Topwater looks like it would be a blast back there.
  11. looks like it. It was the only one around that was open https://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/local-news/city-boat-launch-closed-due-to-unsafe-conditions/2035979382
  12. take a look at the monroe CO launches. sounds like you need boots if they have not closed it.
  13. Fog Sunday out there was crazy. Seemed to be heavier right in front of the creek. I have never seen so many birds diving in the area. Fun day on the water for sure.
  14. dgio67

    Ibay perch

    Ok thanks. May give it a shot. Will report if I do.
  15. dgio67

    Ibay perch

    Wondering if anyone has done any good on the bay. Should be some around but i have not tried this year. Thanks.
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