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  1. I heard Mitchel's is open on other side of the channel. Small boat launch at south end.
  2. Pretty sure for taxes unless it is over $500 you can't claim it. Total donations need to be over that amount. I mean if you donate a bunch of them it will add up. I could be totally off base but when i donated a crappy car it did not change my tax return.
  3. Thank you for this. My buddy and i were walking the hunting land and said wow look at that hop tree. Now i know it is iron wood tree good for firewood. You helped me learn today!!!!
  4. Was there last Saturday. Coast Guard was telling people to slow down. I did no wake out to the end of the poles in the channel. They did not yell a me but the did to the guy that went flying by me and slowed down when he hit the bay.
  5. As of yesterday you can not put your boat in. Docks still under water and launch is fenced off. Buddy launched at the South end the other day which is just a dirt ramp but would take a while at 5 MPH to get to lake.
  6. thank you. much appreciated
  7. I was told the docks at the river launch are under water. Can anyone confirm?
  8. Hmm lawn chair a cooler of beer on July 4rth. I predict 2 fights and at least 4 wrecked boats. Who designed this monster of a train wreck? Same guy that put 5 round abouts on the way to launch at I BAY. At least those don't have high curbs.
  9. I was there yesterday. The curbs are horrible and i only have a 17 foot boat. I am not sure why i paid 8 bucks to some random girl with a money bag when the dont even have the tool booth set up. the staging area is awkword at best. The launch is a test of how long can you back down a giant hill while remaining straight. Hopefully they will make it better when it is complete. Nice long docks thougg and shorter run to the lake.
  10. Thanks. I get it but that still sucks. Figured it was like launching in march.
  11. I was there yesterday and it was opened. When did they close it? Is there signs there? Was planning on going tomorrow.
  12. sounds like a good plan to me. Doesn't sound like your a jerk about it. Captains have to know you have money laid out for lodging and travel. Captain already pointed out weather may be an issue. Give him a quick call and see what his thoughts are.
  13. Plenty of lakes an hour drive away. I fish Honeoye, Conesus, Skeaneatas and Erie. Eris is a lot of fun but can be just as nasty as Lake O. have not had a lot of luck on bass in Lake O for a while, but you can find them out deeper than they are normally fished in other lakes.
  14. Bring waders if launching. Docks were under the water yesterday. The first 10 feet at least.
  15. IBAY 5/1 sorry about the late report. Could not fish in the lake from IBAY to shipbuilders. There were so many logs. dock parts, and garbage in the water that it was like playing dodge ball. The lake was like chocolate milk. Fished the bay for a while caught a sheapshead. There were several trees in the launch and at the end of the dock so be careful.