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  1. dgio67

    Pickerel - How to not get cut?

    My father and his friend both had to get antibiotics from infections from cleaning fish. His buddy ended up in the hospital for IV antibiotics. They think is was from a pike or from the pectoral fin from a perch in a open cut. Either way it was nasty. Something to think about if you ever get a random infection to check for.
  2. dgio67

    Open garage door?

    I had something similar with a really old garage door opener when I lost power. When the power came on it caused it open. I used Precision Door recently and was happy with them. I have heard that old garage doors are on open frequencies and can be triggered by some odd things. Hopefully just a one time odd ball thing.
  3. Anyone know if the launch is open? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. dgio67

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Congrats on your success. Waiting is so hard to do!!!!
  5. dgio67

    Perch Day on Ibay Friday

    Saw the same a couple weeks ago. The ones we found were in about 20. I kept 26 should have kept 6 but had enough for a couple dinners. Who knows where they they are now, but the lake perch should be heading in soon if they are not there.
  6. dgio67

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Are you guys seeing a lot of scrapes? Last year there were a ton where we hunted, but so far i am not seeing any. Lots of pictures of does but no bucks.
  7. dgio67

    I Bay

    Temp was down to 67. Couple boats searching for them. Kept 26 should have kept 6 but was a nice day out. Still a little bit out.
  8. dgio67

    I Bay

    Thanks for the info. Good luck out there. Will let you know how we do.
  9. dgio67

    I Bay

    Any one have a temp on the bay? Going in search of some perch before hunting season. I know normally it is later but may be some around. thanks.
  10. dgio67

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    I had a horse on my camera in Bristol the other day. That was a new one.
  11. dgio67

    South Bay Boat and Tackle

    I take my Mercury down to Seager Marine in Canandaigua and i have nothing but good things to say about them. I bought my boat from them and had them tune up the engine a couple years ago. Sent my father there and he had a good experience there as well. Little bit of a drive but can take the boat for a test run after they fix it.
  12. dgio67

    I-Bay Largemouth

    It is tough to fish on the weekends due to boat traffic. Early AM during the week is possible but can still get busy. It fishes like the other bays of Lake O. I suggest whacky worms off the ledges. Bay has a little of everything. Ledges, Lilly pads, weed beds, some small bays. It is hit and miss like any other fishing. Last couple years seems like the fishing was down, but i have been fishing the fingerlakes more.
  13. dgio67

    Bass ripped off the beds

    Question, Why does Erie not have the same issue with the Gobies eating bass eggs that Ontario has. I am not saying that Gobies do not eat eggs as i am not a Marine Biologist, but I have fished Erie for years and their population seems to be stable. Does the shallow water basin play into it? Do the bass there spawn in areas with less Gobies? I know the day of Hedges and 30 fish days are gone, but i have heard the West end of the lake has picked up. Anyone have any thoughts?
  14. i go as slow as i can and last week only one kind of lure was working.
  15. Anywhere from 8-20 feet of water. Look for the green water and they should be in there. Only lures i took fish on were Bay Rats Goby and BT candy. Have taken a couple on a jointed rapala chartruse. Long leads and slow. Keep an eye on the other boats. If you see them catching try to switching it up. Slow down / speed up / different lures. Last Sunday took everything off the riggers for some reason. Hang in there you will get them. Good luck