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  1. You think after 35 years of doing this It would be second nature. Last year during the shakedown was that nasty storm that went from 0 to holy crap in 10 minutes. we had ice and snow all over the boat. I am counting this one as a win. Having fish for dinner tonight as well.
  2. IBAY 4/2 Got out about 7:30. Saw 8 or 9 boats out today. Water temp was 39 everywhere. Went 3-3 on browns. Biggest was around 6. One dock is in at the launch. We did see a pretty big tree floating half way between shipbuilders and Webster Pier. Other than forgetting the down riggers it was a good first trip. Boat ran good and was a nice day out there.
  3. Ibay should be open. No idea if it is loaded up with perch but should be able to get out.
  4. All good. He asked about regulations so I wanted to clarify. I have been stopped a lot for guys drinking on the boat. As long as I was good never had any isssues.
  5. It was my boat and he was not driving. Just went along for the ride is all. I was not drinking and was fishing. This was on Seneca Lake.
  6. i was checked by DEC couple years ago. I was fishing my buddy was not. I was casting he was drinking beer. Per DEC he did not need a license for that.
  7. I am generally the guy that is goes out real early from IBAY. There will be a ton of ice and wood in the water along with a lot of other random stuff floating around. Normally first couple week only get cookie cutter browns. Think the bigger browns hand in the Bay or in the creek for a while over there. Going to wait an extra week as well. Got my butt kicked enough in early spring.
  8. turkeys circling a dead cat -- anyone? Can anyone explain this? I have seen some strange things in the woods, but never have i seen something like this. https://www.yahoo.com/news/turkeys-ritualistically-circling-dead-cat-164016371.html
  9. Nice fish. Are you fishing out of a Lund? Looks like a Rebel.
  10. someone is out of IBAY today looks nice out there. can see him on the camera. got to be 100 times better than being inside at work. http://web.live.weatherbug.com/LiveCameras/1/LiveCameras.aspx?no_cookie_zip=14618&no_cookie_stat=MCQUI&no_cookie_world_stat=&zcode=Z4655&camera_group=1&camera_zip=14618&animate=1&enlarge=1&camera_id=WBSTR&lid=CENANT
  11. congrats on Buck. Good job sticking with it.
  12. at least you saw BUCK in the woods. had to work all week. Hopefully this weekend with rifle or muzzle will pay off. At this point I am hoping a see a doe in muzzle to fill the freezer. Blew out my knee the summer so was on the ground for bow and never had a good shot.
  13. Been a long season for me as well. Haven't seen any bucks this gun season and no doe permit this year. Hope Muzzleloader will change something. maybe take a doe is a see one over 90 lbs.
  14. Nice fish. at least the wind finally died down.
  15. tried last week we got a couple but was pretty slow. Only caught fish on tubes going real slow.