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  1. I have fished out of the IBAY launch for many years and normally head East to ship builders down to hedges. Since the IBAY launch is hosed and I am fishing out of a smaller boat thinking of heading out of the river. Its not that long of a run but after getting stuck in one of the worst storms a couple years ago I am a little concerned running down to the bay as most storms come in from the West. Is fishing in front of the ponds good this time of year? Is the shoreline between the river and bay decent? I know to look for green water and fish between 7-25 foot pending sun and water color. Just looking for opinions. I hope the launch is open sooner than later. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Took a drive today. If the fence was down I could launch. 2 giant CATS in the lot. The river is open but docks are short. Question for those that go out of the river early do you go east or west. I have fished out of the bay for over 40 years but have a small boat. The spring scares me with weather as I almost didn’t make it back only being 1/2. Mile away in a freak storm. If it’s nice I can run down and fish my normal bay to hedges haunts but if I am down that far and weather hits it would be bad. Just looking for general areas. Thanks.
  3. I guess 1 out of three is better than 0. Sad that we have the great body of water yet we cant access from bradocks or Ibay.
  4. I miss the old fixed bridge and sand launch. Yeah it could suck pushing the boat over the sand bar but it was open all the time and free. Yes i am getting old.
  5. Does anyone have a clue when they are going to let boats starting using the launch? I cant believe the entire area is fenced off last time i looked. Love using the launch for early season access to the lake for trout and the bay for perch. All that is needed is a ramp and a spot to park.
  6. Do you still have to be a resident to launch there? I thought you needed a town permit.
  7. Kids smiles says it all. I am sure they will remember it as much as you do.
  8. Sad to read this every year. Swimming out deep in the big lake is tough and really hard when its rough our. It s easy to get far away from the boat. I always have a line out back in case someone has an issue. Stay safe out there.
  9. dgio67

    Rock bass season

    Thank you Sir. Just wanted to try something different. We catch a bunch on tubes so will let you know how they tastte. Just need to get out.
  10. I was trying to look at DEC website to see if there was a season. I read about a couple guys saying they were decent to eat. Is there a size / limit / season? Thanks,
  11. So golf and launches are good now? https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2020/04/18/golfers-allowed-play-new-york-courses-after-all/5159538002/ Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. I met him at Olcott during the derby. Always offered advice and let you know what was working for him. Seemed like a great guy. My condolences to his family and fishing buddies. Will think of him next time i am out of Olcott for sure. RIP
  13. i was helping a buddy down on Honeoye today. There were a couple trailers in the parking lot and someone launching when I was there. Do we have a clear direction that all the launchers are closed?
  14. Just look out for the giant hole on the south side and the big rock on the north side. totally fine man.
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