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  1. Still a lot of work to do. There is building going on everywhere. The charter captain said there is money there they will build it back better than before. Older boats that were left in water where piled up on shore. Kinda hard to comprehend the damage till you drive through and see it.
  2. A little late on the report here. I booked a charter with Ft Myers fishing Charters out of Ft Myers beach (captain Joe Greco) he also does charters on lake George in adirondacks in the summer. Had booked for Feb 13 but there was a cold front the 2 days before an it was still rolling to much to get out , he was open the 14th so luckly we were able to push it of and get offshore. Was still a little choppy but not bad, he took us to a spot above a reef 18 mile ride (10 miles offshore) We didnt catch anything big but we caught plenty. Grunts, Red snapper, Sheepshead, 1 Snook, 1 small red grouper. Also hooked a few goliath on light tackle but were'nt able to move them ended up cutting the line. He had a big rod out for the goliath but it never got touched. Beautiful weather down there!
  3. Yeah, catch and release on goliath grouper. I think red grouper might be open, but I don't think they get very big. Hopefully the weather is calm and I have a few pics to post on here.
  4. Thanks guys. I ended up booking a 6 hr charter out of Fort Myers. He said grouper, maybe cobia and kingfish. He did mention depending on weather we could go after goliath grouper which has been good lately. Either way it should be fun and a different type of fishing for me.
  5. Hi all, One more week of muzzleloader hunting for me, still looking for a good buck. Not sure if this is the place to ask about Flordia fishing, Starting to plan a Flordia trip in middle February and I'm looking for a fishing charter within a few hours of Sarasota probably offshore. Anyone have any reccomendations?
  6. Way to go on the big fish! We bottomed out in the channel to a few times. Had other guys sit on front of boat on way in, that seemed to help.
  7. Out of Braddocks today fished 9 30 - 12 30 went 1-3 one small king. Had 2 hits on the 300 copper first one broke the mono the other one came unbuttoned after a bit. Fished 90-170 fow.
  8. Nice! That sounds better again. Hoping to get out another time.
  9. Nice! Thats some quality fish! Sounds like ofshore is the place to be.
  10. Launched out of Hugh's today, fished 9 00- 1 30 managed 2 lakers and 1 shaker king. Plenty of marks in the 100-140 fow but could'nt get anything to hit. Headed for deeper water picked up the lakers in 140 shaker king was in 220, went out to 260 with a few marks there could'nt get anymore to hit.
  11. Is there a public boat launch in Pultneyville or would Hughs be my best bet? thinking of trying that area tomorrow. Thanks
  12. Me and few buddies went out of Braddocks 9-30 to 2-00 started in 225 trolled north picked up 2 kings, biggest 8 lb. and a small steelhead in short time went out to 350 screen went blank out there came back in worked 300-200 fow could'nt buy another bite. Went in to 130 to troll laker water the last hour got 2 small lakers then picked up a nice 7.5 lb steelhead on the dypsie that put up a nice show. Fleas were a pain for us to. Finished 6-6 all spoon bite for us. Nice day on the water.
  13. Same in Braddocks yesterday. Caught 5 of the little guys
  14. Its white. A 2001 so it has a little age but a lot newer than my 1980 16' I had. Its nice with more space and electric down riggers. I really like it so far, handles the big water much better!
  15. Took my new to me starcraft fishmaster 1961 out on ontario for first time, boat ran great, fishing was good. Fished 9 00 to 2 00 in 120- 180 fow best was 130ish lots of marks and bait. 4 lakers, 5 shaker kings, 1 steelhead, 1 atlantic. Salmon and steelhead all came on sliding cheaters except 1 on dipsie. 45 degree down 90. Not many boats out.
  16. Hit the ontario for first time this year went east out of I/bay, figured on getting some browns, set the first down rigger turned around to get second rigger then suddenly I hear the drag screaming on the first rod after a lively fight a nice king come to the boat! After that we had problems getting the hook set missing about 6 or 7 of the boards. Towards the end another nice one hit the rigger after some jumps and runs towards the boat and one of the wildest netting jobs i ever seen another nice king got in the boat. Every time you went to net him he would dive down and under boat, had to shut motor off couple times with line close to propeller. Spoons on the riggers bayrats on the boards. Fished in 8- 25 fow. Spring kings are awesome!
  17. Nice! Some good fish!! Still good ice in the bays? Thinking of hitting Eel bay on friday.
  18. I fish the keuka lake outlet just down stream from the lake. ( Indian Pines Park) Spring when water warms up and after a good rain is best, after it gets dark. Night crawler on single hook 1/2 oz. sinker a foot above that.
  19. Yeah I know, at this point work keeps me at home till 700 and again in the evening. I dream of someday hopefully fishing, and trolling Ontario before the sun is up!
  20. Yeah we walked out from Lewis Point. Parking lot was almost full when we got there at 8:30 on a Tuesday. Not to bad of a walk, just walked out to where other tents were. Thinking of trying it myself again. Good luck!
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