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  1. Yup gotcha I missed that. I have no experience with the cell cams although I would like to try them sometime, mostly I'm worried about battery life. I see Browning now has one, anyone try it yet?
  2. I'm using Browning and stealth cam and one Bushnell. I really like the Browning's. Battery life is super, picture quality is good, I have the strike force Apex and one other one I think it might be just strike force. They usually have a few under 150 the Apex was 89.97 at Bass Pro but it looked like it was out of stock.
  3. Thanks to Whaler moved inside of 50 and got 2 small kings. But that was it for us today first time out on the big lake this year, was good to be out, was a nice day. Maybe next time!
  4. Awesome! We are out in 140 getting skunked so far. Sent from my SM-A515U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Went out with a few friends today started at 9:00 shot across to east side in 100-150 fow slow pick there managed 3 lakers, come back across to west side at 200 fow had a double on coppers rods kept firing in that area finished 8-11 all lakers, riggers, dipsys, coppers all took fish 1 on gambler rig rest on spoons. Of at 2:30 fun day finally fishing again!
  6. We were out of T/Falls 3-9 very slow for us 4 small lakers down about 60-80 over 100-200 fow marked very few fish. was a great day to be out break the dust of the boat.
  7. Yes, in the fingerlakes it's open till March 15th
  8. Sounds good. Looks like I'll head for T/Falls when I get the chance!
  9. I think its loaded with them. Marked plenty with boat during the summer. Seems maybe they wer'nt so plentiful in the shallows this winter? If we could just get them to grow bigger!
  10. Slow day for us on Keuka. 5 guys, only one laker and a few misses.
  11. Anyone know if you can launch at Deans cove or is there ice there? Thanks
  12. I have not been down to the college, but I thing it might be open water there. You can check if you want, guys have been going out of indian pines and walking about half mile down the lake. I was out there last week a little bit to take a look got one on tipup with shiner. 20-30 fow could prob get deeper but I didnt go farther. 6-8 inch ice. snow had made some slush on top but that was freezing mostly. I plan to spend the day out there Wed. for lakers. Good luck!
  13. Was on Penn Yan side yesterday. Was ice about 2 miles down the lake. Took a walk out to 25 fow 5 inches ice. could see open water down by college, calm cold nights coming might freeze yet
  14. Anyone know if Hemlock and Canadice have safe ice? Hoping to go jig for lakers.
  15. X2 I hunt my farm and public land simply because I like the big woods an many different bucks on public land. Here in Yates county there is a lot of hunting pressure so in gun season you don't see much anymore even on my land. Seen only 1 buck so far in gun season in many days of hunting. In PA I seen 2 bucks before I got all the way up the tree, one that I shot. See more quality bucks in PA in the years I hunted there. Would love antler restrictions but thats prob not happening so I think 1 buck tag an less doe tags would be the thing. Guess I'll try some walking on new state lands the next days see if I find something I like. Good luck to all!
  16. I have onx. Its 30 dollars for 1 state, or 100 for all states
  17. Not a big one, but another successful Pennsalvania hunt. 1.6 miles in on state game land.
  18. Nice deer! Awesome pic! I'll guess 140
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