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  1. Thanks so much for posting. I just saved the ones on the DEC site for later reading. [email protected] is my address if you don’t mind sending the more detailed report. I hope they don’t stop stocking brownies in canadaigua. https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/27875.html
  2. Great Job and way to keep it going late in the season! if your interested once April 1st hits Lake Ontario browns are fire right off Irondequoit bay!
  3. FWIW my I/O did the same thing after I changed the lower units oil. The crusher seal I used needed to be replaced. This was the only time west marine has had a part I needed..
  4. The wife and I ran into some friends docked off Summerville pier and noticed that the water coming in from offshore looked like sewage run off. It’s not coming from the river but from off shore. can tanker’s legally dump waste water in the lake?
  5. Only had a few on my line Thursday morning otherwise free and clear
  6. I spotted the DEC Wednesday pulling up some nets close to shore and went over and found out they were doing a perch survey. Just looking at the nets and the dec’s initial reaction the perch are doing great. I did mark a few bait pods this year by the bluff but nothing like last year. The lakers remain small which leads me to believe that bait is still a problem until the DEC starts stocking baitfish.
  7. It’s hard to imagine that I have been coming to Keuka lake for family vacation for 37 years. This was the 4th bringing my fishing boat. Last year 5 color and brown towns and NK watermelon UV were on fire boating the majority of our fish. 25 and 35 were go to depths and runny cowbells on the bottom. This year 7 color and the can’t afford it and lances 2 face has been the go to. Best depths on riggers have been 50 feet down. 3 color has taken a handful of lakers at our best average weight. I think the bigger lakers may have learned that the baits up high even though the water temp at 15 feet is 62 degrees. 5 color took no laker hits this year. Our go to spread was 3 and 7 colors on the right and 2x 7 colors on the left. Riggers at 55 with cheaters pinned to 45 50 feet is 54 degrees and 35 feet is about 60. Sunday it was already 75 degrees at 5am. We fished the bluff and didn’t mark any bait. Picked up a few on the riggers nothing on 5 color and 1 on the 3 color. Fished Hammondsport on Monday on the east side we started about 2 miles from the end. Best depth was 100 fow boating a handful of lakers. We then headed over by the boat launch and marked a ton of fish in front of the creek but non were interested in what we had. Boated a beautiful rainbow that didn’t make it so we had it for breakfast. Wednesday fished shallow to start at 5:45am in 60 feet with planers out at 3,5,7 colors and riggers at 45. Went on the east bluff side fished the points down to camp Iroquois. Got 2 big hits on 7 color and some jumps probably bass that never made it to the boat. Slid out to 80 feet and started marking what looked more like lakers. Slid out to 100 feet and marked bait and took a few on the riggers at 50 and more on the 7 color. Turnaround at Iroquois and went across lake to camp aery and noticed a scum line coming right from the runoff from eggelston Glenn and immediately marked bait and took fish north of the point. I buzzed the point and then turned around and buzzed it again with no luck until again I was north of the point in the scum line and took a handful more. Home by 9am. Thursday we tried to hit north of aery again and it was a ghost town. As soon as we got south ithe point it was game on boating a bunch of lakers and a nice smally. Lakers were on 7 color smally was on a 5 color. Had another laker on a 3 color as well In 62 degree water. Home by 830am.
  8. Congratulations by the way.. and what a good tip when pulling heavy weighted line!
  9. The church 44s are way to big for that lake IMHO. I go with the opti boards for the inside and OR 12s for the outside. For me the key is setting the drag to the minimum required to not let out line so I can hear the reel when there is a hit! both sets of boards have been able to pull up to 10 colors and 200 copper
  10. Just put on my 100ft of sea flea on my rigger rods.
  11. Good to see you to Dan! Cayuga is a great fishery..
  12. Launched out of deans this morning and found the water temp 54 all the way down to 80 feet. The wind must of killed the thermocline. Hopefully the warm weather this week starts to set it up again. 7 color, 5 color and 150 foot copper all took hits. Riggers were also busy at 75 feet on both spoons and flasher fly. best speed was 2.2. 4 bows and a bunch of lakers. Back at the dock by 11am.
  13. thanks again for the intel!
  14. love seeing kids fishing! Kudos to getting them out while they are young!
  15. Day 1 we launched at 445am with Jeremy and my Father in-law, lines were in at 5am sharp. We setup in 150 fow west side and noticed fish were up high! 50 degree temp break was 47 feet down. Didn’t mark a ton of bait 80 foot torpedo weighted steel brought in bring 3 bows and 1 miss. Can’t tell you how much I love weighted steel! Such a great product! No tangles and super durable. 5 color brought in 2 lakers no bows. Riggers at 47 we’re also hot bring in 1 bow and a handful of of lakers Ran gamblers with a UV 2 face and alien glow with green and yellow bells brought a handful of fish. The 6.5lb laker Jeremy caught that was on the board for a few hours was caught on the UV2 Face in 120 fow on the bottom Dipsy set at 2 at 125 with a glo green jeans flasher and glow green spin n glo brought up a nice laker but nothing else on that setup. Back at the dock by 11am sine Jeremy had to work in the after noon! Day 2 My awesome wife Erika and I launched at 5am on the dot and had rods in quick in 70 fow east side thanks to some intel from a buddy. Riggers were set 47 foot down . Used the northern king bloody nose glow and green dot glow that I charged for about 1 min before they went down had us doubled up before we could set the 80 weighted steel. Brought in a nice 8lb laker and a 6lb laker. marked a lot of bait on the east side in 60 to 70 fow! Temp Break at 50 was only 40 feet down. The west side was yesterday was 47 feet down. 5 color was hot with the blue gold UV and blue silver UV colors on some prototype spoons I can’t share. They pulled in about 5 decent sized lakers through the day. 80 weighted steel down 15 was hot on the brown trout orange cup (also a prototypes) and so did the white and blue and orange alewife. Swapped out to the silver DW mag and that took 2 bows the brown trout also took about 3, chin music took 2 Riggers were the quietest today and landed 2 lakers. The bows wanted to play today and the 3 color was hot. I should of put the 3 colors of the 5 color rod out the back of the boat most of the day because as soon as I did that for the last hour and picked up 2 more. back at the dock by 11am Best 2 day depth was 70 fow on the east side at 2.3 mph Last year the Canandaigua Derby was my first non FLTA competitive fishing tournament and In 2 days of fishing I only landed like 3 fish. It was humbling and really lit a fire in me to figure out other ways to catch fish outside just using riggers. This year with led core, weight steel and divers we boated easy 30 fish. Thanks to Dan P and Brett Curtis for sharing intel through out the weekend.
  16. Congratulations and Great Report!!!
  17. Fished out of Braddocks 5am Saturday and the bite has been hot early and died out quick around 930am. surface temp was 55 Temp break at 50 was 47 feet down set riggers with a fixed cheater 15 up. Started with a 3 color and 5 color and 5 took a shot on the reel rage brown town custom hammered unknown spoon. Swapped out to 5 color on other side with reel rage neon Leon and took a hit but jumped off. Took me a while to dial in the planners with the new sams pro releases. Riggers took hits at 46 down with green knight and booger nose mags. Had a double but only boated one in as there were only 2 of us. mag wire slide divers also took a fish parked at 30 feet down on reel rage custom brown town painted on a DW copper Mag. Best speed was 2.3 over 130 feet bite stopped hard at 9:30am back to the dock at 1030am. Ended with 3 in the boat and 3 misses. marked a lot of fish up high but it looks like that’s changed as the warm water showed up quick.
  18. I am going out of the north end Saturday not too sure about Sunday
  19. 85% of me is looking forward to the derby in a few weeks! The other 15% hates all the boat pressure on one of my favorite fingerlakes! Who’s going?
  20. I typically only run 2 rods when running bells as if they are working it’s hard to keep them in the water.
  21. Nice Fish! I have been waiting to try sandy for a while! Lakers are in 110 - 130 on the bottom
  22. My kid talked me out of as I wanted to fish infront of Webster park but he insisted either Braddocks or Sandy
  23. Left Braddocks at 5am and went north west until we hit 115 foot of water and targeted lakers for the Loc derby using blue 5/0 cowbells with a mag blue UV chartreuse dot and a 4/0 green and yellow UV running a mag gambler bull frog. The green bull frog was hot so we swapped out the blue for a 4/0 green and yellow and a custom green killer bee mag I put together with gamblers parts.. We doubled a bunch of times and picked up about 10 lakers but couldn’t get a fish larger that 13lbs to get on the loc board. Best depth was 110 feet but a better class of fish was at 120 At 845am swapped to a kings setup with riggers at 50 , 200 copper, and wire slide divers on 2 at 200 feet back. We got 2 kings about 12lbs each in 120 FOW one on the rigger at 50 on a moonshine mag green knight. The other came on the wire slide diver on a custom brown town painted on a copper mag dreamweaver blank. Back at the launch by 1030am
  24. The mudline was way out today, Are they dredging the genny again? I fished out of iBay all month and it was setup about 10 to 15 FOW?
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