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  1. Thanks Les! The north end launch was quiet Wednesday. Going to try Emerson on owasco Tuesday.
  2. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 9/1

    After Dan’s last report on Canandaigua I couldn’t resist taking a morning off with my oldest to target some silvers. Met Dan at the launch at 530am and strategized quick to check if the east or west side was marking bait. Thanks for the westside tip as I never fish there with any luck. I didn’t mark much on the east side so we zipped over to the water treatment plant on the west side and we marked a ton of bait all the way south to menteth point. we target just silvers at first and lost 2 right at the boat immediately at 50ft on the riggers use glow spoons. We then had to more releases that blanked. Then we had a big strike on the 10 color with a copper Uv custom spoon from reel rage. Saw it jump 300 feet back and worked hard to get him in the boat. We also got a few lakers in the upper column on spoons on 10 colors. about 9am we slowed down to 1.7 and dropped the riggers tight to the bottom at 120 and picked up a triple (2 on the rigger and one on 10 color) on lakers. Until 10am we had a steady flow of lakers with one being over 10lbs. Thanks Dan for all the tips it made for a fun morning!
  3. Thanks Dan.. feel free to txt me if you still have my #.
  4. Nice report Dan! Hope to be out Wednesday morning with my son Jeremy. This report was super helpful
  5. This is my 3rd year bring my fishing boat up to for our annual (36) family vacation week on Keuka Lake! We had some great weather, delicious local foods and some great fishing! As usual I stopped up at Fishy Business and picked up a few spoons, advice on where to fish as well as my purchase from last year that he had still waiting for me that I left accidentally while loading firewood. Thanks Gerald! If your fishing Keuka make sure you stop up and get some honest advice and pick up some tackle from fishy! That watermelon northern king was HOT! Thanks again I fished out in front of the old green barn by the bluff for 4 mornings from 530am to 8:30am in various depths but the best was in 110 fow. The troll was really slow at 1.7 mph and the thermocline was at 60 feet. We marked a-lot of bait which after cleaning a few lakers for breakfast ended up being tiny perch. Last year we didn’t mark any bait so this was good but I would of like to see more diverse bait fish and not the perch. Running that slow allowed me to run 2 cowbell rigs down low just 5 foot of the bottom and then set the upper 4 rods at 35 and 55 feet down. Didn’t have any luck in the under 55 foot column even though we were marking fish there. Our best spoons were custom copper UV Reel Rage spoons that were painted and shipped super quick (thanks Scott) on the 5 color led core. We left them on both side all week and went 16/24 and a small mouth on those alone which would of made for a great week. We also brought in Thanks Brian at Ketchum Fish Charters for the led core suggestion. I honestly wouldn’t of brought those rods if you didn’t suggest it.. The watermelon norther king UV was also hot all week set at 40 feet down stacked bring in at least 2 lakers every trip The hammerhead aluminum watermelon UV cowbells with the gambler watermelon glow and one I made my self were on fire all week ring in 4 lakers per trip easy.. I also hooked up with tenatureboy and shared some intel as he was out on the bluff too. Hope mine was helpful.. yours was.. thanks.. Thanks for all the advice it made for a great time..
  6. Very nice report! Thanks for the details..
  7. I follow the Ketchum charter on the Facebook and they have been having good luck with bows. I will be there for the week starting aug 6th staying on the bluff. We should share Intel if your interested.
  8. I run braid until the fleas get bad end mid June and thrown on 100ft of sea flea.
  9. I bought the 4 pack of musky and shark and have added them to my arsenal with a lot of luck! I run either of them with the church tx-44 with really good results! 200 back on the shark gets me down about 50 feet. I like to run the shark with 100 feet out and snap on the weight and then back about 200 then clip on the board! This setup has given me the most luck with either a flasher fly or spoon! I have run cowbells with the musky down the slot and also have had alot of luck! I also use the krazywolf heavy tension releases with no failures for the snap weight.
  10. I have 2 with a white back that are standard and have had no luck! Look like I need to make an order
  11. I bought a ram mount from Amazon. Needs some extra screws from Home Depot. RAM Handlebar U-Bolt Double Ball... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000XDGJQI?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  12. I had a boat fail on Tuesday evening and had to make a quick repair and confirm it was fixed so we went out this morning and setup in 100ft of water. picked up a King 85 feet down on a green flasher fly on the rigger in 100 feet the water temp was 63. we also picked up a steelhead on the boards on a torpedo 200 feet out. things were quiet for about an hour with a couple misses so we switched to Lakers and brought in 7 in about 2 hours. the water temp in-front of Webster park at 120 fow is 45 degrees at the bottom and cowbells with a gambler mag and one I made my self did all the damage. 1.5 mph was the speed and east was the direction. I hope this helps anyone have a happy 4th if they get out.
  13. I was consistently catching Lakers on the crystalina watermelon https://gamblerrigs.com/products/cowbells with a watermelon glow until the sun set and it was game on the other rigger green and chartreuse with a straight green glow slimer.
  14. Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to it..
  15. Great Question. These are 4/0 sized cowbells with a 24 inch leader to the spin n glo.
  16. If you going to use cowbells speed, depth and down temp will be your best friend. Color is important too but IMHO it’s secondary. If your Marking fish laying on the bottom in deep water usually 100 feet or more cowbells could be a good option. I like using mag spin n glos on the riggers 5 feet from the bottom. Target 45 degree water at about 1.5 mph. greens, yellows, and blues work for me on lake O. On the finger lakes watermelon always works. Full disclosure I just started catching Lakers on lake o this year after reading numerous threads and following gambler on this board. we had good luck at 130ft out in front of Braddocks on Father’s Day going 1.4 pulling cowbells landing a few Lakers in a short amount of time. also nothing is easy on Lake Ontario. The currents can be almost 1mph and can cause chaos with your setups.
  17. They exploded today in full force at taughannock falls and I didn’t bring my sea flea. It was terrible but we did land some fish high in the column.
  18. Oh hey Doug! I miss SentrySafe everyday.. thanks for the info
  19. Is it easy to get a pass for that launch?
  20. I have recently found myself with too much time on my hands and let my youngest edit the video my buddy took of us bringing in the bigger laker. This is the circus that goes down when your fishing with 2 guys who are new to fishing and driving a boats. I typically let guests bring in fish but we already brought it 3 and they insisted. I also didn’t come up with the name.. :/
  21. Found a good temp break at 120 caught a Steele in front of the genny
  22. I might launch out of iBay and head east out infront of of hedges
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