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  1. What are double glos?
  2. Watermelon has been good ..
  3. I took a 1/2 day on Thursday and decided to hit up lady Keuka since I was going to be there Sunday for the FLTA and wanted to test a few spots. Launched from the state park in the dark and shot down to the hammondsport basin and had lines in by 515 out in front of snug harbor. I immediately picked up 2 small Lakers down 80 on green NBK stingers behind spin doctors. I shot up to the bluff after about an hour of nothing and put out some watermelon cowbells with some homemade spin n glos and got 2 more in about 30 min. I then pulled up and hit up the state park and picked up 1 and 1 miss on cowbells. loaded up the boat and drove back home and was back to work by 1pm.
  4. Was there a lot of boats out? Saw a thread that the bite died down hard with all the boat pressure.
  5. I am getting interference with my garmin plus cv fish finder and my fishawk x2 that both run on 77khz. I already have them on other sides of the boat but when the garmin is on 77khz the fishawk displays that error code. When I swap to 200 it starts working. I don’t like 200 as I can’t really see my downrigger balls and 77 lets me see fish chasing my setup. I have the GT-20tm transducer but it appears it only supports 77/200. I use the word appears because on the manual the fish finder itself states it supports dual frequency 55/200. can I just set the fish finder to 50/200 or will I burn out the transducer?
  6. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 5/7

    Thanks for the report Dan!
  7. I need that 27h to make a matching pair. I am OCD like that. Having one has been bugging me. Pm sent
  8. There is currently a massive mudline out in front of the genny west to ibay. I think it’s from the dredging of the river? It’s so pronounced right now it looks unnatural. I will drive by on the way to pick up my kids and get a pic.
  9. Thanks for the report Dan! Lake O is tough fishing out of the rochester basin right now. Getting out to 100 feet and dragging the bottom for Lakers is what I have been hearing most folks doing. In my small boat conditions need to be perfect to venture out that far with no other boats around in the cold water. we need some warm weather
  10. Nice fish! were you running the cores on planers?
  11. Last Night I was on the fence with the rain and gusty wind forecast but I am glad I went! Right off the bat we caught a 8lb 7oz brown on the planers right off the drop off of the south end. We stayed there for another hour with no luck and switched to a deeper program and went up the east Side and marked a good amount of baitfish but no takers. We shuttled across the lake just south of Bristol harbor, headed south and put the cowbells with some homade spin n glos at 102 on the riggers and bumped the bottom and picked up a near 6lb 5oz Laker. About 15 min later another hit and as we got the fish to the boat I jerked the line with my hand to get it in the net and it jumped off. Yeah I am grounded.. aways great to catch fish on your own spin n glos. Blue, green and watermelon were the hottest.
  12. Yeah! Way to stick it out!
  13. I am hoping this week we get some warm rain which should help for Sunday.
  14. Woke up early on the water at 530am out at 10:30 am Started in 50 fow on the northend with led cores out 4 and 6 colors. Riggers set to 45 feet down. Fished for an hour and caught nothing. Marked pretty much nothing even when we went out to 150 fow. Lake temp is 45 on surface and 42 at 50 fow. shot down to the south end and marked fish deeper and target them at 70 feet down and stacked rods at 50. Led cores were tried at all types colors. 0 fish today and not even a release. Blarg I am going to run 4 planers on Monday and target more of the skinny water.
  15. I can’t believe I am out here draining the block on my engine in 60 degree sunshine. Just a heads up for anyone who got their boat out already.
  16. Braided downrigger line isn’t as resistant to nicks and sun damage as cable so I replace it yearly. Maybe that’s to much? I just got a fish hawk this year and have used it 3 times with braid and it hasn’t been an issue.
  17. Sorry to hear about the rod holder. What kind of tripple rod holder is on that rigger?
  18. Thanks all for such an informative thread. Had a great day pulling cowbells on lake O using smelly jelly on spin n glo mags with skirts from gambler and one I tied myself.
  19. Got out early at 630am and headed east. We immediately got a hit on a green bay rat on the board and to my surprise it was a steelhead. Water was just about 41 on the surface. We continued to head east but the water got clear where we could see the bottom from 20 fow so we shot out to 60 fow, reset for Lakers with cowbells and gambler magnums. We dropped the balls until they hit the bottom and went up 5 feet and boated 3 Lakers and lost 2 more in a few hours. temps were 41 on the bottom of 65 fow dipseys with spoons at 50 did nothing same with the spoons on the stackers.
  20. I fished from Webster park to ibay Saturday pm and picked up a few browns first time out. Water is gin clear though and making fishing for brown tough.
  21. Post your report is you go! I am thinking of going out Saturday morning if the brown bite doesn’t pick up on the big O
  22. The clutch circled below on one of my cannon dual cranks finally deteriorated and needs to be replaced. does any one have one lying around for parts or have a link to the owners manual so I can try to find the parts? tha ks in advance
  23. Does anyone know where I can get a clutch for this model?
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