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  1. After all this it will be the Garmin GPSMAP 1040. 10" screen, going to use a chirp thru hull transducer. Also going to add the GVC 10 side screen with another thru hull transducer. I want to thank every one for there opinions. Main difference was seeing all the units at Cabelas in Buffalo and gettinbent for saying " check out Garmin"
  2. Went to the New Cabelas store in Buffalo, GREAT! they had all the units except for Furno. Garmin did have the best picture of them all. They had all the 8" -12" screens I was looking for. Just makes the choice even tougher.
  3. On the topic of fish arches, my sensitivity is set between 84% and 100% , depends if the broadband sounder is working. That is another problem with my Lowrance, Broadband works when it feels like it. On the other items mentioned, have gone through all the setting and speed is set on max. Does Raymarine have the track feature for GPS? Has anyone tried the side scan for fish or bait on the lake?
  4. First to all that have replied, Thank You. To answer Gamble, The Lowrance unit does not have enough detail. In the river you see the archs, but on the lake, bait does look like clouds, but fish look like dots or marks, not arches. One friend of mine has a Furno and says he can tell the size of fish and see them moving. Yankee, alot of guys do have Hummingbirds and your screen shots where great . Does the GPS have a track feature? (which shows your location at all times) First units we looked at where Hummingbirds. I really like the 360. (still not out of the running) Raymarine: I just saw the CP 200 on there web page and thought it would be great for strippers in the river and bait/fish on the lake. when we follow the track back to work a area, fish move side to side. Thought it would help in staying on top of fish.
  5. Currently looking for a new unit to replace a Lowrance 113 (6 yrs old) . I fish the Hudson for strippers and Ontario for everything else. As you all know we look for bait and fish, People tell me they can see huge hooks (Kings) and also they see pods of bait with fish over top or the see fish move. Furno looks good but they do not have the down or side imagining, Raymarine has the new CP200 side imagaing with shallow and deep settings. Not sure there as good as Furno. Hummingbird started me off on the down and side, plus the now they have the 360. All I can say for sure is a want a 9"-10" screen and want the best sonar I can get. Lowrance GPS was great, had contour line which showed the depth and also showed the shallows in the river and the tracking feature was great. We use tracking to work a spot. Someone told me there GPS did not track, he had to use way-points to make a line. (think it was a Eagle). This site is great for information, there are Pro and weekenders with a lot of good information.
  6. Nice job, That is what is all about.I need to change fish finders, fish don't look like that on my Lowrance. Be up there Saturday, hopefully we can hit them in 200-300 FOW. Sounds like meat is the ticket. Meat work great for use last week. 5 Skippy's , 16 Lb king and a lake trout all 130 -150 down in 350-600 FOW.
  7. Nice Job, we hit a 10# king and 12# Steelhead in 280' FOW between 8:00 to 10:00 on riggers with spoons. Came into 140' and hit two 22# kings on spoons 2:00 to 3:00, this time on a Dipsy 1setting 300' back. Sunday one 12# king on the Dipsey again 300' back.
  8. NICE FISH, good to see the big kings! I will also be up for the weekend. What did you catch him on?
  9. Water a little rough 1to 3. A lot of bait in 50 - 120 . No releases. 220 - 300 bait up high and one ea Brown trout, steelhead,laker and sm king Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Left the dock at 6:20 and set up in 90'. Trolled out to 250' first steelhead at 7:45 on a black and orange 28 spoon. Did 8 steelheads, one 15lb laker and one 10Lb King. All spoons. Last fish was at 12:15 and did not move a rod until we went into 140' -160' of water at 4:30. 17-1/2 lb king and a hour later another 17' king on Black and purple and NBK spoons. Sunday left the dock at 6:00 and did one steelhead at 8:00, stayed to 9:30 and left. We had a down rigger fail and wanted to drop it off at Screwy Louis. Tried to upload picture, but they failed. ANY Help would be appreciated.
  11. 5/31 On the water at 6:30, went to 25' and set up. First fish at 10:00 on a NBK and then the rest where steelheads 15' to 20' down on a black and orange with a copper back. Last fish that day at 1:00 PM. Did not move a rod for rest of the day. Went in at 4:30. 6/1 On the water at 6:00. Set up at the chute and tried the 18' water in close. 7:00 moved to 100' and started setting up and before I could set the last rod (one out four) Orange and black fires 25' down. 25" steelhead. Reset first rod and second rod fires evil eye chartreuse, black and silver. steelhead. This goes on for 1-1/2 hours then chicken wing fires 35' down. King 13lbs. Boated the fish and headed for home. All the action after the first fish was between 160' and 200'. PS. Misterclean I saw you out there and tried to radio, but not sure which channel you where on. I stay on 72.
  12. Nice, not bad for the first time out. We will be up on Tuesday for the week. Heard the brown have been steady with the occasional King.
  13. We tried Flee Flicker and nothing but twists, 30 Lb works great. Trilene or Ande they are both good.
  14. That was a great video, He showed you not only how to use the boards but also lures and set ups.
  15. I also am thinking of a new unit I have a Lowrance 113 , picks up bait and fish, but I am looking at the Hummingbird 1199 hd. I want the side scanning and may add the 360 as well. We are also looking for bait , so if you cover more water, should see more bait. We also fish in depth of 16' up to 800'. In 800 we are only rally fishing done no more then 130'. The lowrance works OK.
  16. Mr Clean where are you docked? I am jenjaks boat name Last one. We are docked at the Anchor. We will be up for the week. What channel are you on We are on 72 Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Ultra Sheild? Who make it?
  18. I will be up this weekend, any advise? I was going to start in close for browns 30'-40' then head out 120'- 200' and look for bait.
  19. Mr Clean, My boat is at the Anchor. We went out Saturday and had no luck in close, went to 120' - 140' found bait & fish picked up one laker and droppe two others. Sunday went out after the rain, same area 100' to 130' found bait and fish, alot of the bait was on the bottom. Caught a steelhead and small salmon lost four other fish ( I hate the single hook lures)
  20. I lost two probes last year, due to stainless steel cable failure. I bought Pro Line Braid for down riggers rated at 250# test where as SS is 135#. Has anyone been using this product? At $325.00 for a probe and shark weight, I am a little cautious.
  21. Thanks,I guess black is a good color, but I will have the the other colors as well.
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