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  1. How much water are you in? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. We did not do that good. Saturday 12lb king in 140' ft of water and a skippy in 350' . Only thing that has been working is meat, no twinkies on a green board. Sunday one 10lb brown in a 100' of water 90' down, again meat.Last weekend we got two kings and a skippy. Fishing was better last week of July. Talked to guys Sunday out in 300'-550' did not do much. This weekend should of been great, what Happened?
  3. Went out with two frieds and there 85 yr old father. First time on the Big O. 7/18 started looking in 70' of water some bait and marks, took a Steelhead 25' down in a 180' of water. Then a 12' king small Coho and Atlantic.All on the same lure. Old one, no name red with black dots. 7/19 -9' ans 12' brown in close. Same red w black dots and a cut bait. glow head green paddle.
  4. Better Yes, but still sounds like a good day! Great report.
  5. Thanks to all who responded, as always very helpful.
  6. How long are the leads on your sliders? Was always told 6' but have had so many tangles that I gave up on sliders all together. seem like a lot of fish are caught with them. Was thinking of trying sliders and giving up on stackers.
  7. Fairhaven it is. We are staying at the Anchor. What channel are you on? We are on 72.
  8. WOW! Two weeks, Lucky guy! We are heading up the 25th for one week.
  9. d_balm24, on 23 Jun 2015 - 10:48 AM, said: X4!
  10. Would not leave the dock without it. Down speed is critical for lure presentation and in the summer I always look for 50 degree water. In the summer, two best producers are dipies and the probe at 50 degrees.
  11. What about dipsies off a planer? Will the cannon releases work?
  12. Lost to many fish to snubbers, will not use them again.
  13. Thanks guys, I will check it out. Phil, Hope to be up soon, having some motor problems.
  14. I have a Thompson 240 fishermen and am looking at buy a 9.9 kicker. I have power asist steering. But no point in running the boat to use my existing auto pilot. What options are there for the kicker? Garmin seems to have lots of auto pilots, but all for big boats. Do they make one just for the kickers?
  15. Ya, I sure miss Louie and the Sea Hag. Best lake infro available. I still have louia's handmade Alpina Diamonds lure. Still works every spring.
  16. Great post, very helpful. Now how about a Coho as compared to a Atlantic?
  17. Panoptix mounts on a trolling motor, Garmin rep I talked to says they will have forward looking sonar in two to three years which would mount on the back of the boat. Just found out the Garmin now has dual transom mounted side scan (one for each side of the outdrive), which will be available this week.
  18. Side scan is to look for bait, we spend most of the day looking for bait and fish below or above, Thought sense we are buying a new unit, this would allow us to cover more water. The Furno 587 is a nice unit, but does not have GPS or side scan. If I was buying sonar only most likely would be Furno. Not sure if that unit has chirp or not (another requirement).
  19. I had a Lowrance 113 -10" screen and am looking to up grade to either Garmin 7610xsv or Raymarine a128, Garmin has chirp/side scan and down scan and will use a Thru hull 600w chirp w side scan transducer,I like the Raymaine's side scan (600') either side, but they only offer a transom mount transducer.Raymarine is suppose to release new items this weekend. Any opinions on the units would be really helpful. This is a big investment. PS I fish the Fairhaven area of Lake Ontario.
  20. One of the best spoons I ever had was the Black and Purple Pirate. You are a lucky guy
  21. Here is the question. What does this mean for Lake Ontario Salmon?
  22. Chase, Show is great especially this time of year, when you can't wait to get back to the lake. One thing as fisherman we all look for is what are they using and how are they fishing, aka depth, distance behind the ball. Trick of the trade.
  23. What lures? We caught more fish on Moonshine lures and any thing else, even more the bait.
  24. We had a OK year for catching fish, spoons worked best. Most common salmon size was 8-12lbs, not to many over 20lbs. Steelhead where a lot of fun. Mid August was not as good as usual. We where off the lake 3rd week in August for the year and just thought, bite was late and we missed it.
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