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  1. Pap, use epoxy grout. No sealing and it will hold the color.
  2. Tried Braid, thought it would be perfect for the stealth factor. One day, Flees where so bad I could not retrieve the balls. DO NOT TRY BRAID IF YOU FISH WATER WITH FLEES. AKA Lake Ontario
  3. Here is mine 24' 2000 Thopsom Hardtop. Last year they where made by Thompson. We love the pilot house.
  4. Great write up Yankee Troller. Looks like something to add for the Dipsys. I have a Fishhawk 4x as well. Actual depth at the ball would be great to see too. With blow back and all. Would be good if I could see the data on my Garmen 7610.
  5. This year has been the toughest in a long time, middle of July was the most productive. But we never boxed out. We fish out of Fairhaven,between the wind and crazy currents. Last year end of July was HOT but we boxed out multiple days . Dipsey was the most productive. This year I could not get the dipsy to go. We are done now. Already, cant wait to next year!!
  6. We where up for 13th & 14th, One 8lb king on meat in 200' Saturday. Sunday was rouggggh 3-5' with a few 8' thrown in. Did not move a rod. Fished till 10AM. Out of Fairhaven. Great job on the live reports. We will be up this weekend weather permitting. Rough Rider, will you be out always enjoy your live reports.
  7. Mr Clean, Your radio was terrible Saturday. You where only a few hundred yards when I asked if you had dipsys out. Might want to have it checked out.
  8. Nice, great for a short trip. Nice to see the dipseys working. We should be up this weekend.
  9. Saturday, waves 1'-3' building to 2'-4' with a occasional 6'. Had two friends and there 87 yr old father. Ran cut bait on rigger down 100', spoons down 80' & 90' and a FF 130' down. Dipsy out 330 with cut bait. One spoon bite sm king at 80'. The rest all off cut bait. Another sm King and a teenager on the rigger. 8 lb coho and small steel head off the dipsy. 9' Steelhead off the rigger. Sunday, waves 1' chop (perfect) 24" Atlantic ( Released) 15 & 21 Lb Kings all out the rigger with cut bait. Went in at 10AM. Great Weekend! Oh and Yes the guy in the middle is 87yrs old!
  10. Nice report, looks like most fish are below 200 FOW, any fish in the hole? we will be up this weekend , first time in 3 weeks. Bringing a friend and his 86 yr old father. Would like him to get a few fish.
  11. Not one of our better weekend, one small king in 220' of water down 50 Saturday. Sunday one small king in 100' of water. Monday on fished for 4hrs and got one 10 LB lake 35' down over 100'. All spoons
  12. We went out Sunday morning for the shake down cruise. 1-2' waves not to bad, hit two browns 4 and 7lbs and one 5lb small mouth. This was down by the point in12' of water. It was frosty in the morning, had to scrape ice off the windshield. Browns on rigger Dream Weaver BT spoon and Small mouth off the boards.
  13. Nice report, never would have thought about the boat sliding off frozen bunks. Thanks for the heads up!
  14. Nice Fish, Can't wait to get out if this weather ever warms up!
  15. I have 8" hand hole by my live well, Looks like a spray foam tube, there is water on the bottom. In front of the motor you have the gas tank, I am told this is a sealed compartment. Behind that are is where I think there is water. I do not want just start cutting hand hole, wires boat supports and things. Thompson went out of business in 2001. Any one out there know a safe place to access the water. Ideally I would like to put a bilge pump in.
  16. With the warm weather they talking about for the next 10-15 day. I bet next weekend guys will be out. Seems like we are 2 to 3 weeks early this year.
  17. Spoons look interesting, Does he have a white back for the dark spoons, like the black and purple? Will be selling to the local bait shops , I fish out of Fairhaven,
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