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  1. Dan; What shape is the electric motor in, approximately how many hours on it, how long is the shaft? Thanks John
  2. Iceman

    Smart tabs

    Hi ri; Had the hard pull you describe with a 20' Lund Newport with a 175 Yammy, & I changed the steering system to a zero feedback system, problem solved & I did not look back. Merry Xmas John
  3. All; Thanks for your suggestions, looks like I will be getting two high speed Diawa's. Merry Xmas John
  4. YT; Is this the Diawa reel you are recommending? STTLW50HA Thanks, John
  5. Folks; Looking to upgrade my reels for two full cores + 100 yards of 20LB braid. What is recommended for this application, & why? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. John
  6. After reading all this, I sure am glad that I have four Traxtech riggers on my boat! Turn the unit on, drop the weight in & set zero at the surface, key in the depth you want to go to & hit auto down, (unit has slow down start & stop), if you want to go up key in the depth you want & hit auto up, done fishing hit auto up & the weight comes up quickly with slow down for the last 5 feet. Four flawless years on them now. good luck to all john
  7. Rol, So, how long are you gonna keep the secret? good luck john
  8. ds There are a number of riggers that can easily handle 20LB rigger weights, I have owned two brands that do, Bigjon, & my current riggers Traxtech, so, I don't understand your comment on Cannon? John
  9. Captain Mike; pretty expensive for 40 feet of pipe with a few cross pieces welded in, where are the rod holders & radar dome mount base? How about $500?? John
  10. 77 Agree w/minion have been using the palomar for the last ten years with zero problems! Good luck! John
  11. WT; I have 18' of Traxstech tracks on my boat, & I like them the best. Good luck John
  12. 64; This is very common, & it has been happening for the last 30 years I have been Spring King fishing. Is this your first Spring experience? Rd, What caused you to loose half of your salmon? John
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