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  1. It is just absolutely disgusting that they put a pay raise in for themselves $25 million(democrats). All of them need to be voted out of office the next time they run! They have done nothing for the taxpayer for the last three years. What a bunch of blood sucking leeches!
  2. db. ; All I can say is wow, you are a one determined person, good luck with all the new parts! John
  3. Wally; So what if you don't quarantine, are they going to have the RCMP come & give you a good spanking???? John
  4. J F What is the weight capacity of this lift, & is it a 12 or 24 volt system, what is the wattage of the solar panel? John
  5. Reel; thanks for the reply. John
  6. Scalloper 1 I bought a new Hewescraft SR220 (HC after this) from a dealer in Illinois in 2011 (Calumet Marine, who is no longer a dealer), after owning 2 different Lunds, a 16 ft side console, & a 20' Newport CC, loved them both, but they are without a doubt not in the same league as my HC. I have had zero issues with the HC. HC's make up a large portion of boats under 30' registered in Alaska' for the simple reason that they are bullet proof. Hull material is significantly thicker, & the welding is a thing of beauty for sure. You pay for what you get in this case. Best of luck with your decision! John
  7. All; Heard a rumor that the keeper size walleye is going up to 18". Does anyone know if this is in fact true? We now have spiny water fleas in the lake too, saw some on my terminal tackle when fishing last year, hope they don't get as bad as Lake Ontario. Thanks; John
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