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  1. reel took the survey, it's short 3 questions
  2. MCF; Surprised they lasted this long, the two stroke concept died after the market switched to four stroke. They certainly took their engines to the highest level along the way though. Thanks for the info good luck John
  3. So HD, what did you get? Good luck John
  4. BB; Good to know that cylinder heads grow beards, & need to be shaved periodically, thanks? John
  5. klaus; I have the same set of rod holders, & mine have loosened up a little more each year. There are a set of holes on the bottom of the post, where a spanner wrench could be used to tighten them up (1/4" pins on a center distance of 2" or so). Will be looking into getting a spanner to try to tighten them up in the near future. good luck John
  6. Cray; good method for using the TD! I attached my TD to my junk rods, & recorded achieved depth at 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300' for each of them, & this has worked well for me. good luck John
  7. It is just absolutely disgusting that they put a pay raise in for themselves $25 million(democrats). All of them need to be voted out of office the next time they run! They have done nothing for the taxpayer for the last three years. What a bunch of blood sucking leeches!
  8. db. ; All I can say is wow, you are a one determined person, good luck with all the new parts! John
  9. Wally; So what if you don't quarantine, are they going to have the RCMP come & give you a good spanking???? John
  10. J F What is the weight capacity of this lift, & is it a 12 or 24 volt system, what is the wattage of the solar panel? John
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