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  1. Times 2 on the "King" call lach! John
  2. Jim; How about some info: brand, some specs, maybe a picture??? T I A John
  3. c f; does it have electric start, or power tilt & trim? what year is it, approximately how many hours on it? TIA John
  4. B D; Very nice looking knives, like you prices too! Did you make them? Good luck with sales, I have one on my Christmas list. John
  5. E B; I am looking at this suspension system (two units for the front seats), as it can handle heavy weights (like me). They are expensive, but you can't put a price on comfort & safety. SW_S5_SuspensionModule_SW-05026_SpecSheet2019.pdf Good luck with your search, & let us know what you end up with. John
  6. B F; It will be 11 years next April since I took delivery of my Hewescraft Sea Runner 220, & it has been a awesome boat. Got it in the Windy City, however Calumet Marine no longer sells them. The hull is basically indestructible. Good luck with whatever you choose! John
  7. We spend a lot of money on our fishing gear, & expect it to perform as advertised for a long time. Sorry to hear about your defective rod holders, seems like the companies design is less than the bulletproof configuration we have come to expect. Fortunately, there are a number of brands that seem to be much better. Hope the manufacturer steps up, & replaces their defective product. good luck John
  8. S D; Very nice, with great future plans, good luck with the install! John
  9. Tuff; Love your honesty about owning the mechanical issues, as I feel the same way. John
  10. My traxstech diver rod holders operate in the same manner, just pull it up vertical & remove the rod. John
  11. Foo; Traxstech makes a very nice system with plenty of options. Have their tracks (4 sections) & riggers, & ratcheting rod holders, tool caddies, net holders, & triple trees, which have all worked great since I got them four years ago. Good luck with your project John
  12. dhm; Nice looking box for sure, what is the length, width & height of this beauty? Thanks John
  13. NW; Nice work! Are these cryogenicly treated during the tempering cycles? Good luck with sales John
  14. Me too, what are they? thanks John
  15. FF, I don't agree, as I have been using only wire on my diver rods for the last 30 years with absolutely no problems. Mono degrades way too soon, & I am not going to worry about that with my set up. Good luck, & tight lines John
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