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  1. My traxstech diver rod holders operate in the same manner, just pull it up vertical & remove the rod. John
  2. Foo; Traxstech makes a very nice system with plenty of options. Have their tracks (4 sections) & riggers, & ratcheting rod holders, tool caddies, net holders, & triple trees, which have all worked great since I got them four years ago. Good luck with your project John
  3. dhm; Nice looking box for sure, what is the length, width & height of this beauty? Thanks John
  4. NW; Nice work! Are these cryogenicly treated during the tempering cycles? Good luck with sales John
  5. Me too, what are they? thanks John
  6. FF, I don't agree, as I have been using only wire on my diver rods for the last 30 years with absolutely no problems. Mono degrades way too soon, & I am not going to worry about that with my set up. Good luck, & tight lines John
  7. Iceman


    ED; Make sure your meter is set to read volts DC, if it is set to ohm's, you will likely blow up the ohm's portion of the meter. good luck! John
  8. reel took the survey, it's short 3 questions
  9. MCF; Surprised they lasted this long, the two stroke concept died after the market switched to four stroke. They certainly took their engines to the highest level along the way though. Thanks for the info good luck John
  10. So HD, what did you get? Good luck John
  11. BB; Good to know that cylinder heads grow beards, & need to be shaved periodically, thanks? John
  12. klaus; I have the same set of rod holders, & mine have loosened up a little more each year. There are a set of holes on the bottom of the post, where a spanner wrench could be used to tighten them up (1/4" pins on a center distance of 2" or so). Will be looking into getting a spanner to try to tighten them up in the near future. good luck John
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