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  1. Sk8; Too bad he only has a FB presence, as FB is a major problem in our country. Won't be dealing here. John
  2. X - 2 , what spoonfed-1 said, I have the 12" Forschner. It has served me well for the last decade! good luck John
  3. VL; Some dimensions might be extremely helpful in solving your manufacturer ID question, slot width (top& bottom), plus depth of slot. Good Luck John
  4. Stu; the X-4 probe worked soo much better on my old 840 set up, no more loosing signal, & very dependable, I eventually changed my head end display, & now have a full x-4 set up with a back up X-4 probe. Good Luck! John
  5. JEP; First off I too have been using Diawa Saltist high speed 30 series reels for the last 8 years on my Talora roller wire rods. IMHO, I understand what you are saying, & it is true, however, I either walk backwards or pump the rod & reel down to gain line, I do not reel the fish in straight off of the reel as you are suggesting, so the reduced reeling power of the higher gear ratios doesn't come into play for me. I much prefer the high speed reels for getting gear back to the boat when checking lines or missed bites. good luck John
  6. Hey Greg, do you make these with the e-chip between the two hooks? John
  7. burt; For me, I run braid till the fleas show up due to it's forgiveness if tangled, it's gotta be all wire after fleas show up, love my Talora roller rods with wire! good luck John
  8. Hi Les; Wondering how you would adjust the weight based on drag. I have moved the weight all the way forward from the first use, & haven't ever changed it. Typically pulling deep diving stick baits with up to 4OZ of weight attached. When would you slide the weight to the rear position? Tks in advance John
  9. What YT said, for sure! Happy New Year! John
  10. Burger; I run 30lb braid starting in the Spring until fleas show up, then it is 30lb wire on my Shimano roller rods, this works great for me. Happy New Year! John
  11. phil; Your link is to syracuse.com, a pay to view awful for sure liberal news place! Happy New Year! John
  12. phil; not paying $100 to read anything. John
  13. The drug testing must be random to have any chance of working! John
  14. YT; The 8612 has full HD, & I got a great deal on it. John
  15. Adding a 12" Garmin 8612 xsv (chart plotter & sonar), & two Shockwave S5 suspension modules & two Corbin2 seats (pilot & co-pilot). Merry Christmas to all! John
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