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  1. idn; put the cabled end of the hook in a vise & give it a good beat down back into shape. John
  2. Yankee; Ah, there it is, first King of the year! Wishing you many more, thanks for the great Pic's, & the story around them! John
  3. Scobar; This is a great time to inspect the transom for rotted wood, hopefully it's all intact. Maybe 52100 to fill the holes? Good luck; John
  4. Yankee; Great looking browns for sure! Looking forward to a photo of your first King boated this year! John
  5. Currently running a 2020 Chevy 4WD RST 6.2 L 420 hp version, 19.2 mpg on the highway, 17.5 highway towing my 22' Hewescraft Searunner. Happy, plenty of get up & go when needed.
  6. nce; Blessed you are to have the sore arm, we can all envy for sure! More good luck! John
  7. BB; You mean like Joe Biden???
  8. RL; So, I guess you don't know the m/n?? This is needed to verify what it works on. Good luck with your sale. John
  9. RL; Did not make out a model number for this mapping card. Please provide M/N, & or what unit it works in. thanks John
  10. Gill; Don't run both on my boat, only have the fishawk, however my cousin has the subtroll on his boat, so when we trolled side by side, his subtroll was consistently 0.5 mph slower than my fishawk. Hope this is helpful. Happy New Year! John
  11. Got my booster on Wednesday (Moderna) soreness around the needle site, pretty much gone now. Merry Christmas to all.
  12. My 2011 Hewescraft Searunner 220 (regular transom w/ soft top) has served me well for the last ten years, zero issues with the boat. Merry Christmas to all, & a Happy New Year!
  13. scallop; suggest you buy a small freezer, & plug it in in where you are staying. good luck john
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