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    Trolling for Trout, Salmon & Walleye in upstate NY. The best place to fish in the World!

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  1. Iceman

    “Duffy” from Wicked Tuna

    Les: Good post! Notice that you had no auto correct problem in regards to grammar & word meaning! Also, there is no need to demean a non PROI Member ever! best wishes John
  2. Iceman

    web site

    I am sitting here waiting for the Chevy ads to load, very slow!
  3. Steel; where do I look to see the thermocline, & currents? John
  4. Iceman

    Do this or you may be SORRY!

    gary; There was a day that I would have just cut the strap , & gotten on with it, tying the hook on will get the boat back on the trailer.
  5. The observer thing is a no go for me, I can't pay someone to watch me fish. If an observer is needed there must be too much rule violation.
  6. king; Very nice steelhead! John
  7. Sk8; Did you ask him why they don't troll for the tuna, Shure would get rid of the anchor line problems & cover much more ground? John
  8. Iceman

    Net Bag Tamer/Strap

    tj; Scotty makes them. good luck john
  9. Iceman

    Traxstech/Berts Net holders

    tl; I have been running two Traxtech net holders mounted as you are thinking of doing for the last 5 yrs. They have been very effective, & work great. I take the nets down when under way. good luck; John
  10. Iceman

    for sale : usa Lowrance hds. 5

    un169; So, a mounting bracket will be needed? thanks john
  11. Iceman

    Best trolling reels???

    sf1; Glad to hear that your Tekotas are working for you, although you found the 800 did need new drag washers. Well that was my experience with the bakers dozen of Tekota 5, & 600's.I have. I never said that they weren't quality reels, only the drags aren't the best, good luck John
  12. Iceman

    Best trolling reels???

    I run both reels, but have had to upgrade all of the Tekota drags, as the stock ones IMHO are sticky, & don't hold up. Sealines come with good drags. John
  13. Iceman

    Lake web Cams

    Since the Oswego Lighhouse Cam is down, is there anywhere else to see today's monster waves? Thanks; John
  14. Iceman

    losing lake trout

    Loosing a laker at any time is a blessing, don't have to handle their slimy crap spraying stinky AZZ, & don't have to clean off the boat!
  15. Iceman

    Rod tree suggestions

    Frog; I have been using Traxtech triple trees for the last four years, & IMHO you won' find any better. They tip down so you could put a rod tip in the water if you want to. good luck John