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  1. scallop; suggest you buy a small freezer, & plug it in in where you are staying. good luck john
  2. Chaff; I have four Traxtech riggers on my boat, & they have soft start & stop, so no problems with overstressed cable, & gear loss, as they start slowly, & slow down when they are within five feet of the stop point. Good luck with your Cannons. John
  3. The moderators need to step in here, & shut this down, no place for this type of crap!
  4. ff; Might want to repost this in the Finger lakes section. Good luck with your trip this weekend. John
  5. eye; X-3 on the TDR's, I have about 20 Shimano TDR's, 7' one piece rods are my favorite for downriggers, with the 8' being my second favorite. Been using this brand for 15 years, & they are bulletproof. good luck with your search! john
  6. Jon; Go for the automotive heat/noise barrier, it's already heat resistant. good luck john
  7. trick; If you replace, I would suggest you go with Suzuki. good luck ! john
  8. Guff; wondering what your con's for the fish hawk are? tks john
  9. kerry; My Traxtech triple trees have served me very well over the last five years. good luck with your new boat & selection of your tree supplier, john
  10. ski, thinking that this is a rhetorical question? cheers john
  11. Any info on Oswego or Mexico Point? T I A good luck john
  12. Large smallmouth bass are not on their menu, they eat the young fish, I know you knew that? good luck John
  13. X 2 on that. New York State needs to issue nuisance permits on these winged rats, as they serve no purpose, & destroy fisheries all over the state. There would be many folks getting even with these fish stealers for sure! cheers, John
  14. keep; I have been using fluorocarbon for the last twenty years, & only had trouble with Berkley fluorocarbon ever , so if you are having trouble with brittleness, probably time to get a fresh spool. Just an errant thought???? good luck! john
  15. I spool my Tekota spoon/stickbait reels with 20Lb Fluorocarbon, then just snip off a few yards occasionally, when needed, eliminates at least one connection/failure point. good luck John
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