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  1. All; Thanks for your suggestions, looks like I will be getting two high speed Diawa's. Merry Xmas John
  2. YT; Is this the Diawa reel you are recommending? STTLW50HA Thanks, John
  3. Folks; Looking to upgrade my reels for two full cores + 100 yards of 20LB braid. What is recommended for this application, & why? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. John
  4. After reading all this, I sure am glad that I have four Traxtech riggers on my boat! Turn the unit on, drop the weight in & set zero at the surface, key in the depth you want to go to & hit auto down, (unit has slow down start & stop), if you want to go up key in the depth you want & hit auto up, done fishing hit auto up & the weight comes up quickly with slow down for the last 5 feet. Four flawless years on them now. good luck to all john
  5. Rol, So, how long are you gonna keep the secret? good luck john
  6. ds There are a number of riggers that can easily handle 20LB rigger weights, I have owned two brands that do, Bigjon, & my current riggers Traxtech, so, I don't understand your comment on Cannon? John
  7. Captain Mike; pretty expensive for 40 feet of pipe with a few cross pieces welded in, where are the rod holders & radar dome mount base? How about $500?? John
  8. 77 Agree w/minion have been using the palomar for the last ten years with zero problems! Good luck! John
  9. WT; I have 18' of Traxstech tracks on my boat, & I like them the best. Good luck John
  10. 64; This is very common, & it has been happening for the last 30 years I have been Spring King fishing. Is this your first Spring experience? Rd, What caused you to loose half of your salmon? John
  11. X2, that side of the isle is a 5 alarm dumpster fire for sure!
  12. Jj; I put the probe on my second deepest rigger, to keep track of the thermocline, I don't believe it is necessary to run a dedicated rigger just for the probe. Combine your probe reading (temp & speed) with the marks on the graph. Sometimes the fish are way out of temperature, so you will be fishing above the thermocline. The Hawk gives you a place to set the lines when there are no marks on the graph. Tight lines John
  13. B O E; If I could only pack two things it would be NK’s and Pro Trolls with Atomic Live Flys!. Good Luck; John
  14. A C; Agree w/Leg on the placement of the weight (basically one rod length from the lure) , however I use rubber core sinkers because they don't nick/pinch the line. good luck! John
  15. YT; Very nice looking fish w/ happy fishermen. Waiting for you to post the first KING landed of this new season, good luck! John
  16. HU7; These guys got a couple dozen hot spoons for me during Spring derby fishing several years ago (two day turnaround). They really helped us out. I still use them when fishing the West end of the lake! Good luck! John
  17. Sid Fishawk ='s good American people! Glad you found out this info & shared it with us, please give us an update on the new lighter wheel when you can test it. Merry Xmas! & good luck John
  18. dstephe I have always run four riggers on my 20' Lund Newport, & my current boat 22' Hewscraft Searunner for thirty years with no trouble (both with 8' beams). I run out and down riggers with the rigger weight fin bent so it pulls the side riggers out, & away from the boat. I often run four riggers as deep as 160' with no issues. Most days, all riggers take fish. tight lines; John
  19. Hey mullenj; What is the max size engine you can have on this boat (look @ the metal plate where this is displayed usually on the transom area). John
  20. Sore subject with me! I live on the South shore of Oneida Lake, & the black fish eating devils were in my bay in numbers of over 250 birds for about ten weeks this fall. They would swim across the entire bay eating anything they could catch & swallow &%$#@*&^!!! Called region 7 DEC & talked to a female that said that they had a boat on the lake shooting the flying rats three times a week! Saw them a few times, boy they could only hit sitting birds, as I watched them miss a lot of the flying rats! I asked if a landowner could get a nusence (sp) permit & was told no, & that they, the DEC have to apply to the Feds yearly to do it themselves, To which I said now that there were less regulations @ the Fed, how about helping us out getting these permits, Didn't get a warm feeling from this person that they would do anything. John
  21. Les: Good post! Notice that you had no auto correct problem in regards to grammar & word meaning! Also, there is no need to demean a non PROI Member ever! best wishes John
  22. I am sitting here waiting for the Chevy ads to load, very slow!
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