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  1. Speed over ground (SOG) is GPS speed. Speed over water (SOW) will always be different because of wind , waves and currents Its speed over water that counts
  2. Charts ( not maps ) are available from NOAA you can go online and pick the areas you want charts for West Narine used to carry them in stock but GPS has pretty much made the printed charts obsolete
  3. Buy hooks that have the shanks welded together
  4. Gamakatsu 2X Strong Round Bend Treble Hooks Submit a Review
  5. Always use 2x-4x strong hooks. And look for hooks that are welded where the shanks come together. That makes them stronger and line cannot get wedged between the shanks
  6. I’ve always been paranoid of cannon’s plastic frames. I have always made a paracord safety lash for them. I tie a length of paracord ti the rigger and to a cleat on the boat. Makes me breathe a little easier
  7. I ran across a picture from 1998 This is a common box of fish from the day. That’s a 150 qt igloo cooler for perspective
  8. I believe you will have to buy the C-map discover North America to get the charts you want I had the same unit used it for one season and bought a Garmin. Good luck
  9. I believe the browns and especially the mud chickens (LT) feed heavily on the round gobi , which is bottom oriented. The chinook and coho are more dependent on the alewives , smelt and shiners. There is certainly no shortage of gobies in the lake
  10. I have said for years that the DEC and fisheries should add new stock from the Pacific. It has been met with the answer that no new Pacific stock would be purchased and introduced. The Pacific salmon were introduced in the late 70’s to help control the alewife ( Mooneye ) population. Our camp beach and the sandy island beach would be ankle deep in dead moneyes washed up. The stink was phenomenal The control was successful ( maybe too much so ) The DEC and fisheries focus is now , to reintroduce the indigenous species that were decimated in the 50’s I’m afraid that what we have now is our future
  11. The fact that the LO chinook salmon are staging and entering the rivers to spawn at two years old instead of the three and four year old fish we had back in the 80’s and 90’s has to have a major impact on the size of the fish in the lake Taking a whole year of growth out of the population will make a huge difference in size and weight
  12. I use that advantage II and it seems to work on the fleas. I get it from pet meds
  13. If the drive shaft seal is leaking , the gear oil will be contained in the drive shaft bellows and you may see it in the bilge if it gets past the gimbal bearing. No way will you see it as an external drip unless the bellows is torn or punctured.
  14. My guess would be the lower shift shaft seal. Pressure test the sterndrive. That will tell the story
  15. Don’t get discouraged. I’ve been fishing Lady O since the late 70’s We all have great days and not so great days Capt Dan Keating said something that I’ve always felt was a deal maker “ salmon fishing is more like hunting than fishing , you’re got to find them to catch them “ they are here today gone tomorrow . 90 % of the water is a desert. When you find fish work them. Don’t leave fish to find fish
  16. Not fun. You say it cranks but won’t start. That year should have a point and condenser ignition system. I would start there. Check cap and rotor. Clean and gap points Replace spark plugs Also fuel and filters
  17. Explanation of the boat and marine wire and cable color codes with applications RED: Positive Mains “+” i.e. Positive Conductor in the DC supply “L+” BLACK or YELLOW: Negative Mains “-” i.e. Negative Conductor in the DC supply “L-“ YELLOW with Red Stripe: It is used for starting switch to solenoid or/ used for generator to the regulator field terminal. BROWN: It is used for three different boat accessories i.e. 1) wire generator armature to the regulator, 2) fuse or switch to pumps or lights, 3) generator terminal to the alternator or light to regulator. BROWN with Yellow Stripe: It is used to wire the switch or fuse to the blower. DARK BLUE: It is used to connect the fuses and Switches to the light. LIGHT BLUE: It is used to wire oil pressure lenders to the gauge. TAN: It is used to wire the water temperature to the sender gauge. ORANGE: Its is used for there types of boat wiring i.e it is used to 1) wire distribution panels to accessory switches, 2) Ammeter to alternator and generator output, 3) boat accessory fuses or switches. PURPLE: It is used for two purposes i.e. 1) wire an ignition switch to the coil and electrical instruments, 2) wire the distribution panel to electrical instruments in a marine. PINK: It is used to wire the boat fuel gauge senders to the gauge. GRAY: It is also used to connect three marine accessories i.e. 1) tachometer sender to gauge, 2) Fuses of switches to lights, 3) or used as a bonding wire (if insulated). GREEN or GREEN with Yellow Stripe:These are bonding wires i.e. these colors coded cables are used for bonding in a boat (if insulated).
  18. I don’t think Lady O uses the weather apps or forecasts. She has a mind of her own. I get that it’s a bummer to get to the launch and the 1-3 ft waves forecast are clearing the 10 ft breakwall. I’ve been there too many times. I only live 10 mles from the lake , but anyone traveling distance would naturally like to know what to expect. Unfortunately, it’s a crap shoot One thing I’ve learned over the years. Add 1 ft to ANY wave prediction from anywhere. If it says 1-3 ft. You can bet on 2-4 Good luck. It is what it is
  19. Shift cable bellows is a chore get the manual before you start I replaced the lower shift cable two years ago I had to do it twice !! The cheap lower cable I bought on Amazon was too sticky. The seller refunded my money I bought sierra cable and that was the ticket. Not a fun job
  20. Cheeserider, the tube requires no special tools it attaches to the transom with a single clamp it is not attached to the gimbal housing at all it has an oval mouth that will mate with gimbal at full down/i trim
  21. NEVER Use friends and family to pay for anything unless it’s your mom or dad. You have NO way of getting your money back if it’s a scam The web is infested with scammers Another trick they use is PM. As soon as they want PM or email it’s adios MF
  22. Magee canvas in Brewerton does excellent work. They used to bring their mobile trailer to Chaumont every other week. Not sure if it is still an option. I’ve had several tops and cockpit covers made by them and can attest to their work
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