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  1. Well here’s the final word on the subject. Pay the price or do without Legal Status of Minimum RPM In 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court held that minimum RPM arrangements are per se illegal when a manufacturer agrees with retailers on a minimum retail price.[19] A loophole was created in 1919 when the Court allowed manufacturers to unilaterally impose minimum RPM, provided there was no agreement with retailers. In what is known as the “Colgate Doctrine,” the Court noted that antitrust law, in particular the Sherman Act, “does not prevent a manufacturer engaged in a private business from announcing in advance the prices at which his goods may be resold and refusing to deal with wholesalers and retailers who do not conform to such prices.”[20] Passed in 1890, the Sherman Act was the first U.S. federal antitrust statute. It was designed to promote competition by limiting the monopolistic restraint of trade and certain types of monopolization of markets.
  2. I’ve caught lots of them ice fishing at Oneida lake and at Sandy pond. We would just leave them in the ice as unwanted by catch. One day an old guy told us they were good to eat, just take the meat from the vent back. He lied . by the way. We called them lings
  3. We’ll see. The FTC has taken the complaint and given me a case number. The AG has not gotten back to me yet. The minimum selling price cannot be set by manufacturer or distributer
  4. You are very wrong. Manufactures can SUGGEST a retail price. They cannot set a minimum price. That’s price fixing and is against the law. I work hard for my money and will not sit by and let unscrupulous manufacturers and distributers get away with breaking the law. The free enterprise system should dictate prices , not some greedy manufacturer If I want to sell a product below suggested retail , that’s my business. If a manufacturer penalizes me for it , that’s the FTC’s business. My gear and boat have already been maintained and are ready to go , thank you
  5. Here is a topic for discussion. I’d like to hear everyone’s take on this. I have been in search of a certain electronics upgrade since the end of the fishing season. I searched every venue , local , online , large and small marine suppliers , and the manufacturer's web site ( I’m not naming names at this time ) the price was invariably the same all over. Ok. I’ll wait for black Friday or cyber Monday No good price was the same I found one site with a best offer I offered what I am willing to pay ( not a ton below the asking price , I wasn’t lowballing ) got a counter offer for the exact price offered everywhere. I am asking the federal trade commission and my state’s AG to look into this if it’s price fixing. It’s illegal. Any input ? This seems to happen a lot in the marine / fishing environment
  6. I have never been able to understand why StarCraft stopped making the Islander , SeaNymph ( Lowe) stopped making the Great Lakes special , Lund , Crestliner and others made great aluminum fishing boats suitable for the Great Lakes I have a GLS 22 and I love it
  7. They’ll do more than kill gulls. Migratory birds , bats 🦇, protected bird species of all kinds. That’s just the start. There will be exclusion zones around every turbine. The power cable that was proposed for Gallo island wind farm , ran underwater to Oswego , through the best salmon pod fishing in the Eastern end of Lake O Imagine snagging that cable with a rigger ball if you don’t think they will put security around the turbines , take a look at the exclusion zone around the nukes at Nine mile pt. We used to be able to fish right through the warm water discharge , some of the best spring brown fishing ever. No more. We need to fight these monstrosities on every level.
  8. The problem with your post is : Lake O is not a small impoundment and most bass boats and boats small enough to be propelled by electric motors stay inshore. When you venture offshore , you better have a seaworthy craft under you capable of handling the big lake. Your life depends on it. A kicker on a single engine boat is not just for trolling. It can get you back in if your main fails. Respect Lake O , or pay the price
  9. Nuclear fusion reactors are far in the future. Fusion requires a miniature sun I have serious issues with creating suns on earth can we control these “suns” ? How do you contain this massive amount of energy and heat ?
  10. I get that we need to reduce our carbon footprint. My concern is the way our government is going about it. Great that we are being mandated to go electric on everything. Where does the electricity come from. Fossil fueled power plants. Great idea to buy a generator to charge your batteries. What does the generator use for fuel. Gas/ diesel. solar and wind power are making great inroads , but at what cost ? Each wind turbine requires approximately 800 gallons of lubricant, oil. Solar panels are springing up all over NY state. Still have no idea of the cost of maintenance on these panels and no one seems to talk about it Nuclear is out of the question. We have seen the price of an accident and it’s way too high. We have defeated the off shore wind farms on Lake O , so far But I’m afraid we are going to lose the battle and the war.
  11. I’ve always been a die hard Lowrance customer. The last couple of years I’ve been underwhelmed by my units performance. I’m looking at the Garmin echomap UHD 74CV. I don’t need side scan. Any input on this unit ?? I’m holding off to see if there are any Black Friday deals. But I’m ready to pull the trigger TIA
  12. chinook35


    The last time I looked at a map , the Dakotas were in the US. Domestic oil. Not begging the shieks and Putin to increase production at any cost The voters sent a message at the polls yesterday. And I can only hope the liberal agenda is going the way of the Dino 🦕
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    The Donald made the US self sufficient. We didn’t need imported petroleum or coal. It drove the price of crude down to historic lows The Joe took over , shut down the XL pipeline so his Ukrainian pipeline could furnish us oil fro Russia at much higher prices ( putting money in Joe and Hunters bank acts. ) Trump told the Chinese to pack it in their azz. That pissed off a lot of US corporations that have sold out for profit And Joe has 3 more years to finish the US forever
  14. I have fished the East end of Lake O ( Oswego to Gallo/Stoney ) since the mid 70’s In the day you could bet on the kings hitting Mexico bay in mid July And the fishing getting better and better as it got into August It has changed. The fish are definitely more scattered than I have ever seen it. The cut in stocking has played a role , but the overall size and weight have been on the decline for years. A limit catch was the rule for years. Now , it’s the exception. It’s getting harder and harder to justify the ever increasing cost of owning and outfitting a boat for the return. The out of staters that hire a charter for a day or two don’t get that we , who live here and fish every opportunity , have many thousands invested in this fishery Time will tell if it gets better or worse
  15. Just wondering how everyone felt about this past season on Lake O. I didn’t get out as many times as in past years The trips I made were only fair for catch rate and size for Chinook . I caught fish on nearly every trip , but it was much slower than I’ve ever experienced Didn’t get to fish the spring BT fishery , but I heard it was nearly non existent.
  16. He has a “ fleet” of seven boats and “ captains” for them all. Don’t get in their way , they will run you over
  17. Upwellings happen all year long on Lake O. We would go for a swim in the evening from our cottage , water was like bath water. Get up the next morning and jump in for a quick swim and it’s walk on water Temp in the 50’s mid July.
  18. Looks like the alternator adjustment bolt
  19. Can you say CG. Always available on16. Been towed in by them and no charge Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario Unitedpic taken from Sandy pond. Funnel heading north toward Lakeview
  21. I remember those days too ! The original ESLO derby and the early days of the LOC Trucks and boats backed up to 104B on Lakeview Rd. Had a real person at the shack to launch ($5.00) From our cottage on Sandy pond you could look out over the lake and see hundreds of navigation lights on boats way before sunrise I’m afraid those days are gone forever. I lost my LOC fishing partner a couple of years ago and it’s hard to get anyone to join ( too early , too rough etc. ) the stocking reductions haven’t helped the fishery. I’ve been out as many times as possible this year , caught fish on (almost ) every trip , buts it’s nowhere near what it was Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  22. it's about to get very expensive for this gentleman. The fuel spill alone will be in the thousands
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