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  1. That would be a huge loss to the salmonid fishery on LO year after year I have watched the decline in the pacific salmon program. The DEC made it known years ago , their focus is on restoring native species to LO. That means LT yuk I’m getting out less these days due to my age , but I’m glad I was around for the hay day in the 80’s and 90’s A box of 30+ kings was common then this new stocking program , using natural reproduction as a guideline for hatchery smolts , I’m afraid will be a boom or bust , year after year
  2. They sure smell and have lots of slime like democrats 😝
  3. This is not about conservation laws The DEC is hamstrung by treaties with indigenous peoples. They can fish anywhere, anytime and using whatever methods they choose. These treaties go way back and can’t be overturned without both sides agreeing. And I doubt that the Indians are about to give up
  4. Look at those red belly. They have been laying on the bottom
  5. Fished the trench today. Got to the launch at Henderson at 0630. Only boat in the parking lot never seen that before past years I’ve had to park up by the road Marked fish ( not wall to wall ) very few boats fishing. Was slow slow. Caught a whitefish on meat , dragged it around for a while before checking gear. Ended up with 2 LT and - whitefish. Not great
  6. It has nothing to do with the derby or the officials that run the derby. They require everyone on the boat be registered in said derby to eliminate the guys who would enter one name and fish with 2or3 hitchhikers. The split is between the fisher people on the boat. A written agreement is the only safe bet. There are times I fish with someone I barely know. Why take a chance ?
  7. It can be a real can of worms 🪱. I fished with a guy in the LOC years ago there were 2 of his family members ,him and myself in the derby. A couple of days the four of us fished and a few it was only he and I. We had a board fish that was caught with just the two of us fishing that day. His idea of fair was he and his two family members got 25% each ( 3/4 of the purse ). Wait , what ?? They weren’t fishing that day I said nfw. Haven’t fished with him since. I voted for a 50/50 split and that’s the way it was If you’re not on board when the winning fish is caught you lose I will only fish derby now with written agreements
  8. I don’t see any legal recourse if there is no written agreement between the people involved. The guy that entered the fish , sans said written agreement , gets the cash
  9. Wave forecasts have NEVER been accurate enough to plan a trip around. I’ve spent many mornings sitting at Mexico Pt or Oswego watching the waves break over the walls when the prediction is 1-3 footers Experience had taught me to add 1 ft to ANY prediction. If it says 1-3 , count on 2-4. That said I’ve gotten to the launch and found flat seas. Bottom line What you see is what you get
  10. I went to my GLS220 from a 20 ft cuddy and have never looked back. It’s way safer and more comfortable on LO The only downside is , it’s much harder to single hand. Launching and retrieving can be a challenge solo But that’s a price I’m willing to pay
  11. Just don’t ever forget what LO can become , and very quickly. This is an actual pic taken at Oswego harbor 27 ft waves on the lake
  12. I went out solo on Thursday, waited till 7 Orr the weather service advisory for clearing. NOT. Dodged thunderstorms and waterspouts for an hour then it started to clear. Went out to 190 first thing not much on the sonar temp was 50 at 91 ft worked my way in shallower and at 140 ft if water off the dunes the temp was 42 at 91 ft started marking bait and fish. Had a good one on for 5 minutes, hook pulled. Got a look at her , in the low 20 ‘s Landed a skippy and that was it for me. Stayed out till 3:30 getting too old for this solo stuff 😝
  13. Better safe than sorry. CG has enough to do
  14. Don’t you love it when people cancel at the last minute ? happens way too often.
  15. My son and I were in the derby. We took a 28# 6oz king to woodies and she just laughed. 😝
  16. Doubt if anyone is out. Small craft advisory and severe thunderstorm warning
  17. Haven’t been out in a few weeks due to a bout of pneumonia. Last outing in June , no problems Stay between the bouys don’t wander port or starboard till you are past the outer sea bouys. There are rocks in Shallow water on both sides. They will eat your prop Stay trimmed up. Wouldn’t even try with an inboard
  18. That’s exactly why we have a mandatory boater course in NY. It’s hard to follow the rules if you don’t know them. If I had a say EVERYONE who operates a vessel would take the CG 18hour boating course
  19. I’ve seen reports that LO kings are spawning at 3 yo instead of 4 yo. That could account for the smaller size. They are missing a full year of growth. I second the motion that we should bring in fresh pacific chinooks to strengthen the gene pool But with the DEC mindset to restore the native fishery, I doubt we will ever see new pacific stock introduced
  20. All vessels, regardless of size must obey the rules of the road
  21. That brings back memories. The ESLO derbies in the’80’s There were many times the number of boats out there in those days. And the conflicts were spectacular 😝 and big prizes and planer boards and long lines were few and far between. I’m not sure I ever saw a planer board in those days. Squid 🦑 ( hoochis) and dodgers were the lures of choice. Thanks for the memories
  22. I get what everyone is saying. BUT , some fisherpeople are determined to run 400 -500 ‘ longlines and planer boards out 150’ on each side. In traffic that’s a recipe for lost tackle I think asking for 300 yards ( 900 ‘ ) clearance is being a little optimistic. It’s not just you and the boat crowding you. He may have traffic coming up that you can’t see. I try to give everyone a FAIR amount of space. The key word is FAIR. Don’t ask for 300 yards. You won’t get it
  23. It’s showing two objects at let’s say 100’. They ( the fish arch and the weight ) are both 100’ from the transducer , but they are not at the same depth due to blowback of the weight Hard to get your head around , but it’s true. Like I stated, a fish hawk or other device that tells actual depth of the probe and weight are a real eye 👁️ opener.
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