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  1. It is called MAP pricing "Minimum Advertised Price" This is the minimum price set by the manufacture that a specific item can be advertised at. Perfectly legal. It is up to the retailer if they want to ultimately want to sell it for less or not.
  2. Pair of Okuma 30 series Convectors (High speed model) $110 pair. Cash only no trades Pick up between Oswego & Fairhaven Message here or text 518-366-4663
  3. Daiwa Accudepth 7'6" ML with Okuma Coldwater 303DS (High speed version) 2 Rods & 2 reels will not separate. Good Condition only 2 Seasons worth of use. Pick up only between Oswego & Fairhaven $225 for both set ups Cash only No trades Message here or text 518-366-4663
  4. TLA 9'0" Line Weight 15-30lb Medium Heavy Moderate Action Barely used Perfect Condition $165 for the pair Cash Only no trades Can be picked up between Oswego & Fairhaven Message here or text 518-366-4663
  5. WD WL 1002 MH Barely Used $165 for the pair. Cash Only no trades Can be picked up between Oswego & Fairhaven Message here or text 518-366-4663
  6. Hate to say It has been a grind last few days. Most boats reporting very little action. That could change but catches of 0 to 1 or 2 fish has been the norm for most.
  7. If running spoons for the fixed cheater the red clips are the way to go IMO. Typically we will run the bottom spoon set 45-65' back and the top spoon 10' or more in vertical separation depending on depth being fished and target species. When the fish hits the cheater it will slide down to the leader swivel & stop, reel to the boat and net the fish removal of clip not needed. If the fish hits the bottom spoon removal of the clip is quick and easy. Fish on the bottom spoon will still be far enough back from your transom. If you had 50' set back & 10' vertical separation that fish will be 60' behind the boat when removing the clip.
  8. If the Big Jons are electric they use a "bead" on the downrigger cable for the auto stop. The bead will not fit through the Cannon pulley on the retro-ease. However the bead will probably fit through the Scotty version of weight retriever. Had a pair of Big Jons on an old boat, didnt care for having to tip up the boom to set the line in the release either. My current boats riggers are also tip up booms but dont use a bead, I use the Scotty pulley on these with no trouble
  9. You could use any small box or container type item. 1" foam pad to surround sides & bottom. Cut line grooves in the foam on a table saw at ½" depth. These will be the grooves to press the light strip into and also to hold spoons & paddles while charging. 12V water proof light strip from "super bright led's" website wired to a 12V plug with built in switch.
  10. Could always build your own.
  11. I have the same Axiom unit. Once you install the Radar unit and open the Radar app on the MFD they should communicate with each other without trouble provided with units are running the same software version. v3.13.103 Edgartown is the most recent one. My RM Radar is wireless although also has the option for a wired connection via a Raynet cable. I wired it as I have an aluminum hard top and wasn't sure about possible communication loss. Raymarine has adapters for the power wire plug so you don't need to run a new power wire. Also an inline rocker switch or absolute shut off should be on the power wire as there is draw when in stand by mode. On Raymarines website they have a forum which is a good resource also if you email support they are excellent.
  12. Carabiner on the tow line, section of small diameter rope and a clam cleat.
  13. Advanced tackle Bought by Gibbs Delta
  14. Charlie is correct it's a Fuzzy Bear (Dream Weaver) Color is Green Sparkle
  15. I noticed that, hard to tell how long. Looked be over 6' or better.
  16. Cool video! Love it when you cant keep rods in the water.
  17. Hey Dan Great video as always. Few questions. What rod are you running with this reel. What do you have it spooled with? What presentation are you typically running with this set up? Spoon, flasher fly etc Thanks Rod
  18. The BWD1101 were priced at about $40-50 US when they were available. On the used market today they often sell for that and more. The above mentioned Okuma & Shimano rods are a good value as well.
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