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  1. Lowrance & Simrad are Navico brands Raymarine is owned by FLIR
  2. Full Raymarine on My boat. 3 Axiom MFD's, Auto pilot, Radar, 2 i70S All fully networked. Self installed. 2 seasons in no issues. Raymarine support on their website forum is fantastic. Prior to deciding which brand & specific models I contacted a few manufactures and found Raymarine was the most responsive and informative. From product selection, installation questions & user operation they were very helpful all along the way. If you go to their site and choose support/forum you will find the answers to almost anything Raymarine.
  3. I agree with the above statement about the positioning of the line counter but for Leadcores you don't need them. Have Saltist on all my cores. Very smooth & high speed!
  4. I have to say I believe shark weights do attract fish.......sometimes. Have had many times on the graph a fish streak from below to the same height as my rigger weight when there was no presentation on that rigger. Not sure its actually from the facets or the reasons claimed by Shark. Could just be curiosity of aggressive fish.
  5. The brackets are nice but limit your ability to move & position the riggers where you want them. For us Lake O guys who fish with many poles & presentations a track system is a much better option. IMO The Michigan Hewes dealer orders all his boats with the brackets deleted for this reason.
  6. The problem is they are only going to schedule a pick up when then dealer has a load of new boats arriving so they can load it on the truck as its heading back to Indiana. Some smaller dealers only get a couple deliveries a year. Maybe see if there is a larger dealer within a reasonable driving distance and pick up can be arranged there at a sooner date. You should contact the Manufacture directly. They should be able to arrange pick up at any Starweld, Starcraft, Smokercraft our Sylvan dealer as they fall under the Smokercraft umbrella. Here are a couple of contacts at the manufacture. [email protected] Warranty repair supervisor [email protected] Customer service rep
  7. I would agree you are maxed out for sure. Especially when you consider batteries, gear etc
  8. 2 Go Pro Cameras. Both Hero 3+ 1 Silver 1 Black. Tons of extras. Many extra batteries, mounts, rear screen, water proof covers, carry case etc Used 4 times. All items pictured included. $165 includes shipping to US address. PayPal accepted. Message here or text 518-366-4663 Thank you for looking
  9. Based on the weight I would say its hull only. If you look at the brochure on the boat with an inboard motor they specify "(includes motor") This is not so on the boats with outboards. So when figuring the total weight compared to the trailer capacity I would add for motor, fuel, gear, batteries etc etc. When looking at trailer tire capacity you need to also calculate the weight of the trailer in too.
  10. Autotether. New Never used. Purchased two of these. One for each boat but as it turns out I am selling one of the boats as we are just not using it. If you fish alone this is a must have! or fish with inexperienced boaters. $175 Now $150 included shipping. PayPal accepted. Message here or text 518-366-4663 https://autotether.com/product/autotether-marine/
  11. Wouldn't that be something, catch the Salmon on the parasite that preys on them. Not sure about others but we did not see as many Lamprey this year. That one was a big one though.
  12. Fish and boats everywhere! Fished Saturday PM, Sunday AM, Mon PM Saturday PM We had a case of the dropsies only going 3 for 8. Wannabe paddle w/Musslehead Meat Rig continuing to take shots along with Valium Pro-troll paddle w/stud fly. Fished 100-140 or so with 110-120 being the best. Highlight was a Nice Coho! Sunday AM Headed out to the same area well before sun up for the early bite and to beat the cluster at the ramp. Had our full spread out before the sun came up but didn't take our first shot until about 7:30 A chaotic morning to say the least. Some combat trolling, couple bad tangles and a planer line issue all while taking 3 quick shots. Took a little while for us to dial them. All meat hits except for one flasher fly bite. Wannabe paddle w/meat was good for one fish. All other hits came on a 11" Pro-Troll Green Hornet paddle w/Atommik meat rig fished right off the bottom in 100-120' Jigging the trolling motor triggered most of the bottom strikes. No monsters, 20lb about the biggest but ended up with a nice box. Finished up about noon. Monday PM Went out after the rain quit. Back to the same area. Swells started to kick so we kept it on a east troll with the waves at our back. Ended up 3/3 in about 3 hours with one at 23 pounds. Chartreuse was what worked today. Jilly Billy Paddle with meat took two on a deep rigger and Kryptonite paddle w/fly on 300' copper took one. Decided to pull lines and had back as the swells continued to grow and we had an 11 mile run back to the harbor.
  13. Fished 10 of the last 11 days (or something like that) Today & tommorrow are a blow off. Many different friends & family in/out of camp this month so we have been on the water a lot! Mostly afternoon/evening trips. Fished from 45'- 600' during this stretch. Couple of slow days, couple decent days and a few solid double digit days. Many Kings over 20lbs and 2 at about 26lb were the highlight. Couple of personal bests for some friends! Spent one evening chasing browns for the last two hours of daylight and it was non-stop action. A few doubles and one triple made for a fun time. We were trying to get one for the board but only managed a 6lb or so as our largest brown. Only kept one for the grill. Fat Nancy pro troll with a clean green meat head & dyed bait strip took most of the shots right on the bottom. Meat rigs, Flasher Fly & spoons all having their days but meat has been the most consistent for big Kings. 300 & 400 copper with Meat had some banner days. Wannabe paddle w/Musslehead meat rig produced multiple strikes almost everyday. Also Lances Two Face Stinger paddle w/matching Diabolic meat rig took some good fish. S/D Two Face & Valium w/Atomik Flys on divers were fairly consistent. Yesterday Koyote Nitro Glow w/Atomik fly was good for 4 mature kings. Spoons that worked for us were Die hard, NBK, Hammerhead & Fat Nancy. The night we were brown fishing we also took a Mature king on a Stinger standard Double Orange Crush in 55 fow. Hopefully back at it on Saturday
  14. Yup its a real catch and not all that uncommon. Typically an injury from previously being caught and released when the fish was small. I caught a King last year with two mouths although it was slightly different. The one I caught had teeth on both upper & lower jaws And if you look at the side it appeared to have a second gill plate. Still most likely an injury from being caught when young and it healed this way. I released the fish hoping someone else would have the enjoyment of catching it. Afterwards I thought "maybe I should have had it mounted" would have made a good conversation piece.
  15. I set one of these up earlier this season and ran it yesterday for the first time. We fished it both deep for kings and shallow for browns. Ended up taking 1 King and 3 Browns with it (although we we had a great brown bite on everything last night) Need to dial in the release tension a bit still as I had a couple that didn't trip when the fish hit but over all this is a nice alternative to the slide diver. Going to set up another today. Thank you for posting this.
  16. Yankee is on the money "don't necessarily need boards for browns this time of the year" We mixed it up yesterday in OZ fishing both Kings & Browns. Had a great Brown bite last two hours of daylight. Riggers 5-15' off the bottom, slide diver on one side and a modified Chinook diver out 100' on the other side. All took multiple shots. We did have cores on the boards as well but only took 2 hits on those. Michigan stinger standard size & Dreamweaver super slims are all you need. Although they do love the meat as well. Most important is find the temp and fish the marks.
  17. Agreed. Great thread, great pics!. We had to put one of ours down earlier this year as well, it is very tough to do. Our other boy Jack is nearly 15 years old now. When he is gone we will take a break for a time but will rescue another. Once a dog person......
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