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  1. Well for me lake Ontario this time of the year for a 6 rod spread 2 riggers, 2 divers, 2 junk lines. Typically start a little higher and closer to the boat first thing in the morning and spread out & down as day goes on and adjust to marks & strikes.
  2. X2 on that! I had a rubber hand grip come off last year and in the drink. Contacted them and they sent me one out ASAP at no charge.
  3. Plenty of guys use small divers early in the season here and they can be deadly at times. We use a #2 Chinook diver for spring Browns and Kings.
  4. In regards specifically to Oswego. When did you fish & where? Lots of Browns in & around and just outside the harbor walls & near shore. As for the Kings before the east wind last Friday there was plenty around, we did best 40-70' Short cores, shallow divers & riggers all taking fish. After Friday there was some still around just not as many. Few here & there in small pockets. Die-Hard, NBK, Frost-Bite & Moonshine Crab face in that order all produced
  5. The Blood run certainly could be a little different/thicker. I spooled 3 of them up last week and have 1 more left to do. 1 layer of tape across spool before wire. The second pass wrapped with wire but following the line guide so its overlapped. So it might equal 3 layers or so.
  6. Tough to have it both ways. My feeling as I think most would agree. If you are putting in a track system put as long as you can fit. It just gives you more options for positioning & repositioning of rod holders and other equipment. I have multiple tracks on my boat for rod holders, down riggers, net holders, cup holders, tool caddy etc. I position my holders differently for early spring browns vs summer fishing for kings when running dipsys etc. Track system gives you the versatility to do this with ease. As for what brands its a matter of personal preference. I have Cisco tracks, Cisco & Traxstech rod holders. Cisco service is second to none. I had them make a few custom items and all went smooth with the process.
  7. Coldwater 303DS 1 wrap electrical tape across spool before wire & knot. Then pass tape across with wire wrapped in tape and 1000' of Bloodrun fills spool perfect.
  8. Oh that sucks. Boat looks great regardless. Someone must make one for that boat that will work without too much difficulty installing? Or may an arch so you have rocket launchers and can get those planer reels elevated
  9. Looking good, where’s the T-top?
  10. Motor bracket or remove the screw clamps and pads as mentioned above. (if that will allow enough room in the throat of the kicker bracket) Either way you are drilling & bolting to the boat. Tie bar & troll controller and you will be good to go.
  11. Thank you, just to confirm 100 full passes w/30pd braid as backer?
  12. This is good info, Thank you for sharing. How about for a 10 color on a 40 for backing? or is a size 50 a better option?
  13. On the east end the larger size works better for me for some reason. It is always in the spring rotation. Oddly enough that lure has also caught a couple seagulls, its just must look that good. 5 trips so far this spring it has taken multiple fish on 4 of those days.
  14. This may be AP model/boat specific. My Raymarine Evolution systems runs great at low speeds, no problem trolling for lakers at 1.5-1.8. Obviously at slow speeds wind/wave push can come into play. Yup it needs to be calibrated. Ray's tech support is really good. They also have a forum on their website that is very helpful and the tech support staff usually answers questions within 24 hrs. You very well may be able to find the calibration instructions on their website forum.
  15. The Saltists are great out of the box, super smooth. I have a few on the boat The High speed Coldwaters are also nice and can be bought for under $100 if you look around. I bought a bunch of them on Black Friday for $87ea. Sent to Tuna Toms for drag upgrades so for just a little over $100 you have a great, smooth high speed reel.
  16. Got off to a slow start Saturday. Once I got on the water I had to re-calibrate the AP as I had updated the software on my displays. Ran the boat on the hoses earlier in the week with full systems check & service, no issues all good. Get on the water went through all the systems and I discover I have no throttle control on the kicker for the troll control unit. Back to the dock to diagnose, a set screw on the linkage had fallen out. Quick fix with a "zip tie" and I was back out on the water. Saturday. Headed straight out and set up in deeper water so I could troll back in already set up. Thought it would be easier since I was solo and the fog was thick early. Started on an east troll 10-12' of water was best although got a few little deeper. Trolled all the way to the buoys at the plant and circled back to one spot that was real productive. Smithwick Log Perch was best and Tennessee Bleeding shad second. All Browns, 8lbs or so the biggest. Fished about 6 hours for 15 fish boated. Sunday. Fishing solo again I headed west as there was nice colored water all along the shoreline. Started the morning with a quick 0-3 then a nice "Salmon Surprise" Fished 8 hours. 8-12' of water was best for me. 2.4 SOG (didn't have the probe in) 43° pockets of water held the most fish. Again Log perch was getting bit also black & silver Rapala. Steady pick of mostly smaller fish all morning. Bite died for a bit so I started rotating through baits and the brighter colors started firing for while. Had two solo doubles. First time 1 for 2... second time got them both! On the troll back to the harbor I lost a good one right in front of Rudy's, certainly a double digit fish. Shortly after that picked up a bow/steelhead then called it a day. Great day of fishing and weather!
  17. I thought the same thing! Especially on a boat with no sidewall height. Water looks calm but accidents happen. Also as you said you guys were out there all by yourself. One slip and your in a life threatening situation with the water temps this time if the year. Job well done with the lakers!
  18. I use 16 pound weights with it buy my downriggers has soft start/stop. No issues to this point.
  19. 1 Year old. Came of a 2018 Trailer. Apprx 1500 miles. 205/75/14 Carlisle Radial Tires. Load Range C Mounted on 14" x 5 lug x 4.5" O.C. bolt pattern. Lug nuts included $150 for 2 or $275 all 4. Located just west of Oswego. PM here or text 518-366-4663
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