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  1. Mixed lot of Cowbells. What you see is what you get. $60 Now $50 to your door Paypal preferred Message here or text 518-366-4663 Rod
  2. 9 Dodgers & 2 misc paddles. These are old and it shows! Perfect for someone who want to reprint/refinish etc. Not sure what to ask for these so make me a reasonable (not silly) offer and I will ship them to your door Paypal preferred Message here or text 518-366-4663 Rod
  3. What you see is what you get! Most a new and have never been wet! Message here or text 518-366-4663 Paypal preferred. $100 $75 to your door Rod
  4. What you see is what you get! Many never seen water! Message here or tex 518-366-4663 PayPal Preferred $100 Now $75 to your door! Rod
  5. Its really not that bad. Little more security too.
  6. Pitch, I removed the back deck to access the inside off the transom and through bolted with washers & locking nuts. 2 Bolts and tighten the clamps on the motor. Happy New Year!
  7. Sorry to hear about your buddy, that sucks. Nice that you pay homage to him with the naming of your new rig. Tight lines.
  8. Dude you gotta change your boat name Just Kidding.
  9. WHY DIPSEYS? #1. Reason: When a big fish smacks a diver rod its just plain awesome! You have a lot of versatility in running divers. Small divers for shallow fish, larger divers for deep fish etc. There are days when divers just out fish everything else, but the same can be said for riggers, coppers & cores. Im not sure I would give up my riggers before my divers as other have said but if you are only fishing riggers you should definatley add divers.
  10. Here is how I mounted mine on the hard top. Switch is just inside the pilot house so I can reach the line and switch at the same time when needed. Had Cisco make the arm for the pulleys a little longer. Works perfect.
  11. Looking to buy. 11" Stinger (pro-troll) Color patterns in Wannabe (1st two pictures) and Jacks Pretty Girl (last picture) If any body has one or more to spare let me know. Will pay fair price and also send pre-paid shipping label to make it easy. Message here our text 518-366-4663 Thanks Rod
  12. Take a look Cisco's electric planer reels. All pro's no cons in my opinion. Not cheap but very nice!
  13. Easier for me to ship as I don't know when ill be back in Oz.
  14. Okuma Convector 20D Good condition works as it should $50 shipped to your door. PayPal accepted. Message here or text 518-366-4663 Rod
  15. Have the same light that Rick mentioned above. Just a single light and it works fairly good. Has several modes Bright white, Dimmed white and Blue light. My hard top has a recessed area in the middle that was perfect for mounting a single light. If not for that I probably would have installed 2, although not necessary.
  16. I went with the Saltists for the long cores due to the high speed gear ratio. 6.4 to 1 The Tekotas are 4.2 to 1. The new Tekota A's are high speed but not sure about capacity for the longer cores. Maybe someone here is more familiar with the new Tekota A's will respond. Both are good reels and will serve you just fine
  17. The draw is measured in amps. Depending on the size of your graph average draw should only be 1-2 amps per hour. If you are only getting ½ hr then there is a good chance your battery maybe the issue, or possibly some other underlying problem.
  18. That is correct, my mind works faster than I can type
  19. 75 HP & up are Built in Wisconsin, USA 40-60HP are Built in China in a Mercury owned Plant Small outboards up to 30HP are also built in Japan in a Tohatsu facility.
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