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  1. Wrapped my boat beginning of last season. Was a one off custom. I sketched out kind of what I wanted and they designed it, after a few tweaks back and forth with the shops designer it was done. Spent 2K. The shop also does my company vehicles so they were fair with me on the price I think.
  2. Funny never heard them called that before, fitting I suppose. Tracker has made significant strides in the last 10 years with their issues. If you Google "Tracker cracked hulls" the majority of stories are from older boats. Although there are some more recent ones but not like it was 12-15 years ago. Takes a while to get the stink off. Yes Kingfisher is a decent boat as are most of the Northwest Heavy gauge aluminum built boats. Yup more money than average but not that much more than comparable sized Lunds/Alumacrafts/Crestliners etc. To the original poster "Starcraft or Starweld" Although the Starweld is in the Starcraft family my understanding is that the Starwelds are a step or two down. In the last year there has been a couple of guys on here with Starweld issues, Both I can remember had to be returned to the factory for repair. The owners on here with newer Starcraft's all seam to be happy haven't read otherwise. Starcraft, Starweld, Sylvan & Smokercraft are all under the Smokercraft umbrella. To Fishinfreak....that Commander is a cool looking rig, good luck with it!
  3. I think that the majority of these issues that Tracker had are behind them. Something to keep in mind is that Tracker sells more aluminum fishing boats across the country than any other manufacture every year. This has nothing to do with quality but exposure, sell more boats have more issues. = More people talking about their issues. Info below is my experience with the 18 WT Targa. Bought it new in fall 2012 and never had any real issues to speak of. Have since upgraded to a West Coast style boat. But currently still have the Tracker as well. First the good. 8'6" Beam 20° Dead rise Deep sides More sea worthy than one would expect. Versatile for multi species Lots of storage Many standard features that cost additional on other manufactures. The newer Trackers are a much better boat than most give it credit for. When you compare actual size & construction the Tracker Targa's are tough to beat for the $ The Bad Black boat. Top of gunwales are black too....hot hot hot on a sunny day. Seat stitching/upholstery is fair at best. If the trailer is a single axle it needs a double axle. Tracker now sells this boat package with a double axle but for years it was a single. For trolling in Lake O the back platform makes it a bit tougher when using down riggers. The top access rod lockers eat up space for mounting riggers and you are forced to mount them past where you can reach them without having to kneel on the back platform.... a challenge in rough water. I'l attach a pic below so you see what I am saying. Accessing the bilge & live well pumps is a little tough. When I ran wires for MFDs & Fish hawk I unscrewed the entire rear platform and removed it....made the work much easier. Overall a very good boat for the $. I have a 150 on mine and wouldn't want anything less. I put a 9.9 pro kicker with a troll master for throttle control.......sweet set up, trolls great! When fishing Lake O if you are mainly using this for spring browns in close to shore it will do the trick just fine. If you want to go offshore you will need to pick your days carefully. I got caught in 4-5 footers one day (not forecasted) boat handled it as well as I could have expected. It was a long slow run back to the dock but I never had any doubt.
  4. Those "Made in Sweden" reels are the good ones! Also the BWD's are desired by many here, you should also put that in your title Good luck with sale!
  5. Raymarine Axiom 7" Chartplotter. Only a couple months of use, simply upgraded to bigger screens. When used as standalone unit it functions as a Nav/Chartplotter unit. When properly networked it can display & control Nav, Sonar, Radar, Auto-pilot, engine data and much more. $250 shipped Message here. PayPal is good. Thanks Rod
  6. Installed this in my last boat, worked great. https://www.hodgesmarine.com/joh64534-johnson-aqua-jet-52-gph-washdown-pump-kit-whose.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAnfjyBRBxEiwA-EECLI8m5kypnQXLhze12-jHvEYloghCsEiVMoLTuS-lb82VWPWPjAMYtxoCDnUQAvD_BwE
  7. Now thats a boat! Would really like to see one of these West Coast companies build a wider beam 25'-27'
  8. Another option is to re-prop it when using for trolling on the big boat. Small props are cheap & easy to swap out as needed.
  9. Always liked those Arima & Defiance boats! Funny, we are talking about kickers and in your photo your trolling with your main
  10. It goes two ways. Tried & True is also good. One thing to consider. I spoke with one person a couple years ago at then launch regarding a troll controller that was installed on an EFI Kicker and he said it was "Jumpy" when adjusting rpm's. I don't remembers who's controller or motor but I do remember it being an EFI kicker. Maybe someone else can give some input on this and maybe it was just that particular one, not sure. I have the 15 Pro-Kicker (carb model- just before the EFI was released) paired with an i-troll and its awesome to say the least. I think the reality is any of those motors will probably serve you well.
  11. Here is video of the lake in Sterling this morning. https://ring.com/share/6798488730542210476 Pic below of Ice build from freezing spray on stairs from last years storm. Not as bad this year. Last year the deck & back wall of the house had inches of ice coverage. Have some in the yard from this storm but not nearly as bad.
  12. Pm's answered. Couple guys circling but nobody pulled the trigger yet
  13. Was thinking the same thing or it could have been a ladder. Regardless I would mount out there too
  14. Not sure I like it either. Would have been better to hang the motor port side, bracket lower and not with so much stand off.
  15. https://www.dot.ny.gov/nypermits/special-hauling-permits/fees
  16. ??? Both the 9" Master & Slave are still available. neither has sold yet. $1600 for both units with RV-100 transducer & network cable. The 7" was a third graph that I offered as an add on at $225 with the original two if someone wanted. Thought that one was sold but haven't heard back from that person. If some one wanted the 9" Slave on its own I would break up the package, but to sell the Master before hand would make selling the slave a lot harder.
  17. Yeah love those chairs, they rock and swivel. Nice to sit on at sunset with a beer and a cigar! Lots of spray with the big waves, the ice will build on the deck & back of the house all day. The waves don't make it up on the lot as they break before they reach the seawalll. Although the wall has taken a beating last two seasons. When you mix high water & big waves its a bad combo. Its slowly coming apart.
  18. Love spending others peoples money Yeah the units are great. I have 2 9's at the helm and a 12" at the stern on my bigger boat. Very happy with them.
  19. Here is a video link out my back door at the Lake House. Camera is 30-35' or so above the water so it hard to get a true perspective.....It is certainly getting snotty out there though. https://ring.com/share/6798160358817594796
  20. If you did change the AP you could probably use the existing pump. Just need Course computer & compass. Easy swap. Put one of the Head units at the stern so now you can steer from the back of the boat while trolling!
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