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  1. Cool story about a big buck that was shot a few miles from my house. The young man who shot him is 80 years young https://www.newyorkupstate.com/outdoors/2018/11/end_of_a_legend_cny_deer_hunter_80_finally_shoots_elusive_17-point_buck.html
  2. Next time I’m going to add water chestnut slice for crunch as suggested earlier on thread. Yummy!!!! Looks like I’m done with Oneida eyes for the ice season Reeleyz. Good luck if you get out this weekend
  3. I tried this last night with some Oneida ‘eyes and some bacon from a pig that a friend raised. A little Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce on top. Heavenly!!!!! Thanks for posting this
  4. Somebody could make some money parting these out on eBay
  5. Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yummy!! Not much better than a gill fry
  7. Would you throw in an auger, a heater, and some gear?? And deliver?? .........just kidding!! Generous offer- looks like you have some time and money in it. That’d be a nice and cozy setup for somebody!!!
  8. Best a.m. weather wise for gun so far this year!! Good luck fellas.
  9. Just got settled in for pm hunt. I have the snow. Just need a buck like you guys are shooting to arrive.
  10. Oh yea!!!! Beauty of a buck. Way to go!!!!
  11. Congrats fisherman21. Meat in the freezer and that’s a beauty of a buck your buddy shot!!
  12. First deer is always the best one!! Congrats to both of you
  13. Nice buck!! way to go!!! Quiet in 7f so far
  14. Awesome buck Jakey!!! Very curious to hear more on the baldness when you find out. Congrats!!
  15. fishshack

    Sold / Closed 1987 16' sportcraft cc

    Awesome deal for somebody
  16. Absolute brute!!!! Beautiful buck. Congrats to both of you
  17. Nice work JW!! I caught 2 tonight from the North shore. Couldn’t get # 3
  18. Beautiful dog!!! Trying to convince my daughter she needs this
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