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  1. To all I apologise for the delay in getting my lists together but the hospital time is every day. The cancer center I have to go to is 4 hours round trip during the week with rush hour and then I am there for hours on end, its just tiring me right out. We have to leave to get there for scans, like tomorrow leave the house at5:30 to get there for the first cat scan at 7:40. Hope you understand but I have no get and go after the all day events at the hospital. I will get to doing everything this week and weekend, my daughter is coming to the house to help me with it. Thanks Ian
  2. Thanks for the help and prayers. I had just been retired one month when the auto accident happened and a year in rehab and then to this, there must be something else planned for me and it better include fishing. I got some private emails as well and thanks for those, appreciate the personal touch. What I want to do is get the list together and send it to all the emailers and if anyone else wants it just let me know. I will going to the site Spoon pullers today to sign up. I have my 1997 17 foot prize Smoker craft with the 90, its mint and never seen a lot of hours, I know I have to part with it but that is going to be the hardest thing to part with. Thanks so much Ian
  3. Need some guidance selling I need a bit of guidance to help me sell my fishing equipment and I have tons. I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, this all stared some time ago during a scan of my spine when I was hit and totaled on a highway a few months ago, the other river crossed 4 lanes and T boned me on my side and wrecked me for life. They found the main tumor during one of their routine scans due to spine damage and it has since gone into my bones and rib cage so the pain prevents me from doing the sport right now but want to alter my focus. As most people do I went into a bubble for a quite a few months and now I have said to heck with it and get a few months of enjoyment. The list is long, I live north of Toronto, I am hoping not to be brow beaten on pricing ( will sell for fair price ), cannot get into to much shipping as I live on a lake in the middle of nowhere. Float rods, floats, musky baits ( will keep a few ), rod blanks, components, Spey rods, OB motor still in box, riggers, etc. I think it would be good to get a list together and people can request it and then go from there, let me know any ideas other people have done. My buddy tried to help me before with rod building blanks and components I have at my place, the news devastated me and my family so I lost all interest in doing anything. My email is [email protected] If this is against the forum rules let me know and I will drop the post Thanks for reading Ian
  4. New member with a passion Hi there Just wanted to be part of something with lots of posts and information. A friend told me about this forum and the updates on fishing reports, also a good classified, maybe buy and sell some tackle, I have lots of it but my attention to species is changing. My email you will notice mentioned life on radiation, this is due to being diagnosed with cancer and I just retired last year so it was devastating for me and my family. Just done the first round of radiation for the pain and now I am feeling the after affects. My attitude is positive even though they say its terminal, inoperable, maybe 1 to 2 years if I am lucky so I have time to get onto Musky fishing seeing as I live right on one of the Kawartha Lakes north of Toronto, just built my home 2 years ago. I bought the boat, new 9.9 kicker for trolling and a Humminbird SI with the maps, not allowed to drive the boat now due to the medications so a friend on the lake will be my Uber driver with his boat and I guess I will sell mine and pay for his gas. My passion has always been Steelhead fishing with float and have a collection of reels and some dating back to the 60's, custom float rods and floats by the hundreds, I will more than likely sell most of these and donate some to a good cause. I will just fish on my doorstep, hard to get around now with the drugs they give me I am not allowed to drive drive. Anyway, this forum will be a great distraction for reading and other things to think about. Thanks for reading Ian
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