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  1. Just grabbed a float jacket. Great deal. Thx for posting.
  2. Great report. That's a lot of fish cleaning. Do you use electric or filet knife?
  3. I think HM could have sold 5 of these at that price if he had them
  4. Nice job. Awesome eyes!!!
  5. Looks like an AWESOME trip!!
  6. Yummy!!! What time is dinner?? Nice work!!
  7. fishshack

    for sale : usa 14 Lund

    14 Lund For sale. 2002 Lund 14 ft deep V aluminum fishing boat. Has 25 hp electric start Mercury motor. bilge pump, trailer. Fish finder. Needs nothing. It's my sons and he's selling as he bought a 16 footer for the small lakes. $ 3,450.00
  8. Awesome!! Crushing Browns in Feb. This global warming isn't all bad
  9. Hi Luke- how's it going? I'll take 3 and do PayPal payment. Thx!!
  10. Hoping to get them in late this week or early next week
  11. Lol. As in Rodie ODonnell? These girls are much to pretty to be called Rosie. So no. We do have Gin and Tonic. Gin will charge at you out in the pasture. You wouldn't belive how fast i can run when I have to . Tonic is much more mellow
  12. Agree- night and day from store bought imho. A lot of the stuff in store is old dairy cows etc.
  13. Yes. Prices listed include processing and come vacuumed sealed
  14. These are approx 1200 lbs on the hoof so should hang at approx 650-700 lbs
  15. Black angus beef- whole, half, qtrs For sale- whole, half, or quarter sides of 100% black angus beef. I have 2 steers that are about ready to go in to butcher that I need to find a few buyers for. We raise all natural (hormone, antibiotic free) angus beef. They graze all summer and have the best quality of locally sourced feed during the winter. Perfect for the freezer the grill. Once you try this you wont want store bought again. $ 575.00 qtr, $1100.00 half, $2100.00 whole on these. I'll have a few more ready in spring
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