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  1. Yes. Prices listed include processing and come vacuumed sealed
  2. These are approx 1200 lbs on the hoof so should hang at approx 650-700 lbs
  3. Black angus beef- whole, half, qtrs For sale- whole, half, or quarter sides of 100% black angus beef. I have 2 steers that are about ready to go in to butcher that I need to find a few buyers for. We raise all natural (hormone, antibiotic free) angus beef. They graze all summer and have the best quality of locally sourced feed during the winter. Perfect for the freezer the grill. Once you try this you wont want store bought again. $ 575.00 qtr, $1100.00 half, $2100.00 whole on these. I'll have a few more ready in spring
  4. Awesome!! Haven't trapped in probably 20 years. Bought a license this year but didn't get out. Keep the pics flowing and good luck!!!
  5. Awesome buck!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  6. Awesome late season buck for your nephew!! Way to go
  7. That was a short hunt!! Congrats on the buck!! Nice one
  8. Congrats to Drew and Dad!! Great memories for both
  9. Awesome memories made!!! Congrats
  10. I can't remember as it's been a couple of years since I was there (built a barn). Just looked in my boat file but I must have thrown all of my papers out
  11. Not sure if this is too far for you but I used Bricco Enterprises in Clyde NY for many years. Big secure warehouse and good people 315-923-0002
  12. Hey Nick- Good to see reports again. Hope all is well with you and Theresa. Hope your BIG loc steelie luck continues Good luck out there!!!
  13. Nice!!!! Time for a fish fry
  14. Amazing!!!! HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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