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  1. Cost me $350 for that assembly 10 years ago. Have not bought Raymarine since and won't.
  2. http://moorelectronics.com/ Contact Big Blue Enterprises in Buffalo. Just had mine repaired.
  3. Thermocell works most of the time.
  4. Does anyone have a subtroll display head they would part with? I have temp but the speed gage is not working.
  5. They can be linked to a control head of your choice to make full auto pilot. Call them.
  6. http://intellisteer.com/ I have a Simrad Ap12. the drive unit was made by octopus mfg. which is now intelisteer I believe
  7. Amazon?
  8. I have both motors to common on switch, battery 1 and 2 connected to 1 and 2 on the switch. So using your diagram, kicker positive would go to switch common along with main engine positive and not the battery terminal. I have similar equipment to you and have used it for many years without issue. Which ever motor is running will charge both batteries.
  9. I put a spring in the pocket after the set screw is tight. Find one that will stick out to contact cable.
  10. Fowler's are listed as a dealer. Leroy island rd. Wolcott side of Sodus Bay
  11. Did you check with Arneys?
  12. FYI. Lowes carries Deka Marine batteries. My boat had Deka when I bought it and it lasted 10 years. Hope the new ones are as good.
  13. +1
  14. Plenty of used electrics around. Sell yours, buy electrics.