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    Macedon, New York
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  1. holy mackerel

    Wave forecast problem

    Yup. its old. Search Lake O marine forecast, there are several.
  2. holy mackerel

    CHIRP Frequency Selection

    I have the 93 Garmin and hated the transducer it came with. Bought a 50/ 200 and it seems to be working good. This unit replaced a Lowrance LCX 37C.
  3. holy mackerel

    Chef antenna height

    Go with 8', the higher the better. I also had to go to a 2' extension to reduce "noise" in other electronics.
  4. holy mackerel

    Net Bag Tamer/Strap

    Black release and zip tie works good too!
  5. holy mackerel

    Mecury Outboard Rebuild

    Rick retired and closed the doors last year.
  6. holy mackerel


    Tucker on the watch!
  7. holy mackerel

    Wanted Power pro 200lb

    Its spectra braid, not wire. Yes slides better, cuts the wind better.
  8. holy mackerel

    Wanted Power pro 200lb

    I bought Scotty downrigger braid from amazon 200 ft.
  9. Hey guys, there is a guy with a big brown truck that delivers stuff from point a to point b.
  10. holy mackerel

    More kicker motor questions - tiller or remote

    I just replaced my kicker last August with a Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke (my forth one in 25 years) Had remote on all but one. I never saw the need for an aftermarket throttle control. I can dial in any speed needed with the Yamaha shifter.
  11. don't see it Pops911
  12. Ford f150 xlt extended cab 4x4 FORD F150 4X4 .2001 88k miles XLT extended cab, auto, 5.4 v8. Tires good, all new rear brakes including backing plates and parking. New fuel tank. passed NYS insp. original owner. $3500 or make offer Located in Macedon NY.
  13. Easy fix, Fish 307 has all the parts. Great riggers made before the Chinese models.
  14. This motor sold fast. Sorry I couldn't get back to everyone, got overwhelmed with PM's. Thanks for understanding!
  15. Yamaha T9.9 High thrust, 4 stroke with remote, electric start For sale: Yamaha T9.9 (1997 high thrust model) 4 stroke motor. 20" shaft, electric start. Includes 703 remote shifter, 3 gallon gas can, new fuel line assembly. This model does not have power tilt and does not have a tiller handle. It is the remote model. every thing works, water pump 2016, charging coil works, prop good. asking $800 or make offer. Please PM through LOU.