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  1. Slam fest this morning. Boated 18 to get a three man keeper limit of 9 biggest was 21 a lot of nice eaters. Trolling 27-31fow 1.8-2.1 every color was taking fish didn’t matter, they had their feed bag on.
  2. Well said. Always run one line up high for sure (outside rod). On my inside rod I will run a 3 way swivel with a short 4ft leader and a deep diving lure and a 6ft leader with a floating lure and a 3oz inline weight. That will be my deepest & shortest rod to cover the bottom and the floating lure will cover just off the bottom to cover those parts of the water column. Only thing I really play with is speed. When the barometric pressure is low I think the fish are more sluggish and like it slower and I'll run 1.4 to 1.7. On a normal day I'll be in the 1.8-2.2 range. I also think faster speeds produce bigger fish when I am seeking a reaction bite where the fish don't have time to "look the bait over" I'm going 2.5-3.0. Turns will sometimes give you an idea of the speed to run. On Oneida I've done well with flicker shads, flicker minnows and bay rats. Precision trolling app is a valuable tool and tattle flags are a must on Oneida for those 15" fish. TIGHT LINES!
  3. Had a friend come up from PA went out Saturday morning. Took a while to find them and figure it out. Big girl was 23”. Got them trolling on my mid summer marks 🤷‍♂️
  4. Went out tonight 5/22. Took a little driving around but when I found the screen I liked it was game on. 5 casts and limit.🙂 silver xps blade .
  5. Took the kids out Saturday evening from 4-6pm that’s about all they could tolerate. Basically wanted to make sure boat was fine and just enjoy the nice day with the kidos. So knew going in that it wasn’t going to be a 100% effort kind of thing. Did manage to catch dinner and jig up 2 18” waldos and 2 12” perch on a silver XPS blade 14fow.

    LakeO EYES

    Pap, you said it Gene is the man for eyes up there for sure! He's like a walleye whisper or something and he is a lot like Justin too, both Awesome guys super knowledgeable too!! Gene also has Sam who is always right on top of things as well! We were picking away at the fish so I texted Gene, he came over and I watched them boat 5 eyes in one pass. I'm just a weekend warrior but it makes me appreciate guys like Gene and Justin and how good they really are.

    LakeO EYES

    I had a front row seat watching Gene reach for the net We went 4-7 today but that sunken treasure boat has a magnet on the bottom that just attracts walleyes nothing over 8lbs today but nice fish.
  8. Nice bag! I'll have to get down that way, I have yet to make a trip to otisco this year.:-)
  9. Nicely done! Fishing can be fun this time of year (end of summer) on skinny with the thermocline set up. Makes it a little easier to target the bows
  10. Nice bow out of skinny today. Well my daughter wanted to go for a boat ride so I grabbed a couple of poles and out the door we went. Not the optimal time to fish but quality time instead. Launched the boat at 10am and had a fish on at 10:30. New it was hooked up good so I handed her the rod and watched this bow come out of the water no less than 10 times. 20" 4lbs. Had the boat back on the trailer at noon. Fish took a white krockodile on a small dipsy 130ft back.
  11. Thanks Pap. I think I'm going back up tomorrow for another shot at getting that wall hanger. My previous goal was over 10lb and 30". I acomplished that but after losing one at the boat that was larger I feel I have to set my bar higher. Not that 10lbers are the norm but when you do 3-4 in a day I know there is bigger out there
  12. Went out of Henderson this morning in search of big eyes, took a bit but found them and it was game on. Went 4 for 7. Caught a 10.13lb 10.08 lb 10.02 lb and 8.8 lb. lost another 10lber right at the boat Had a slob break a leader at the boat that was all of 10+. All in all a great morning.
  13. Gene is the man when it comes to eyes! Super nice people too.
  14. LUND 1850 Tyee https://syracuse.craigslist.org/boa/6105365394.html Thought this was a decent deal if someone was looking.
  15. So glad I got to meet and fish with you guys! Looking forward to doing it again! Congrats on a great season
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