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  1. I had plenty of larger marks on my graph. I just think the shorter fish were more aggressive and beating the larger fish to the bait because the 3 keepers I caught were in the same area.
  2. Shiver minnows and jigging raps were the ticket for me last weekend. Couldn't get them to go on blades or bucktails but the Mac Muffin was the hot ticket. 20fow was best. Boated 18 to keep 3, lots of 12-14" shorts. Fall jig bit is heating up.
  3. Got a late start didn’t get on the water till 9:00 fished till 1. Trolled the whole day. Best screen was 30ft down over 40ft, best action was north side of 115. Deep Flicker minnows in blue and purples were best colors for me. Talked with others at the launch who has same results, same depths and patterns. Ended the day 10 for 12 with 2 shorts. Made for a great dinner.😋
  4. Fished yesterday evening for a few hours. Found active fish in 19 FOW Trolling Went through my marks and doubled up. Turned around went back through and doubled up again. Great eaters 18-19”
  5. Went out this morning 11/29 for a 4 hour tour 8-12. Best fishing was in 20fow. Mostly a blade bite for us. No Particular color stood out. Healthy fish though couple of 20” and 19”. Bonus perch in there also. Tight lines!
  6. Hey Justin, that's my usual trek is to go north from the launch towards town then cut across the lake by the yacht club and head south down the east side but the stiff south wind changed my plans (definitely like north end of that lake better). I don't doubt you can get a few here and there right now but I've found the best action on that lake comes when the surface temps are 53-55 deg. Usually you will see ladybugs and other bugs on the surface that those hungry bows will target and I didn't see any of that, the lack of leaves in the water also tells me its not prime time yet. Tight Lines!
  7. I had surface temps around 62-63 deg. I covered some water and went back through some concentrated fish when I found them. If there was any active fish shallow I would have caught something in there. Just not time yet still to warm, usually last week of October first few weeks of November till they pull the docks. Most guys are in the woods then and you can have the lake all to yourself.
  8. I was out there Sunday. Ran south from the state boat launch and started trolling north with the wind. Was fishing a shallow water rainbow program but realized quickly that the water temps are not there yet.(Needs to be 53-55 deg. before it gets good.) Best screen I found was just before Mandana. Turned around and went back through but no takers. Changed up to a laker program and picked up 2 heading back to the launch. Your standard sutton 44 down 60ft. Still needs a few more weeks of colder nights and rain.
  9. Wasn't much in the way of grass, there was some green moss-like/slime that would build up on the snap locks that I had to clean every so often. It was blowing pretty good that might have had something to do with it. I've found on calm days trolling I tend to have to clean more weeds of lines on Oneida. What speed do you troll at running spoons? I tried to keep it between 1.6-1.9 running the cranks, thought that might be a little to slow to run spoons but I thought about throwing one out there.
  10. Took my son out Saturday afternoon fished 3:30 til 6. Trolled East south of 119 to 109 caught 2 keepers and 1 short lost 2 others blue flicker shad and blue flicker minnow was what they wanted.
  11. Slam fest this morning. Boated 18 to get a three man keeper limit of 9 biggest was 21 a lot of nice eaters. Trolling 27-31fow 1.8-2.1 every color was taking fish didn’t matter, they had their feed bag on.
  12. Well said. Always run one line up high for sure (outside rod). On my inside rod I will run a 3 way swivel with a short 4ft leader and a deep diving lure and a 6ft leader with a floating lure and a 3oz inline weight. That will be my deepest & shortest rod to cover the bottom and the floating lure will cover just off the bottom to cover those parts of the water column. Only thing I really play with is speed. When the barometric pressure is low I think the fish are more sluggish and like it slower and I'll run 1.4 to 1.7. On a normal day I'll be in the 1.8-2.2 range. I also think faster speeds produce bigger fish when I am seeking a reaction bite where the fish don't have time to "look the bait over" I'm going 2.5-3.0. Turns will sometimes give you an idea of the speed to run. On Oneida I've done well with flicker shads, flicker minnows and bay rats. Precision trolling app is a valuable tool and tattle flags are a must on Oneida for those 15" fish. TIGHT LINES!
  13. Had a friend come up from PA went out Saturday morning. Took a while to find them and figure it out. Big girl was 23”. Got them trolling on my mid summer marks 🤷‍♂️
  14. Went out tonight 5/22. Took a little driving around but when I found the screen I liked it was game on. 5 casts and limit.🙂 silver xps blade .
  15. Took the kids out Saturday evening from 4-6pm that’s about all they could tolerate. Basically wanted to make sure boat was fine and just enjoy the nice day with the kidos. So knew going in that it wasn’t going to be a 100% effort kind of thing. Did manage to catch dinner and jig up 2 18” waldos and 2 12” perch on a silver XPS blade 14fow.
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