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  1. Lowered--- $8,700.00 with kicked. $7,400.00 w/o
  2. Main motor is 120 hp. The boat is at my shop in Weedsport, NY a few miles off Thruway exit 40
  3. 1996 20' Bayliner trophy- Comes with 2 Cannon mag 10 downriggers, Eagle seacharter color fish finder/gps, Interphase DC-1000 sonar/plotter, depth raider speed and temp monitor, Pyle marine cd/radio, newer 9.9 Mercury 4 stroke kicker motor, Escort trailer, bimini top with canvas enclosure for cold spring days. Going to bite the bullet and sell due to me being a slave to my job and having no life. This boat is in excellent shape because I am lucky to get it out a couple of times a year and has been used very sparingly. Always stored indoors. Will make somebody with more time a really nice fishing/family boat. $ 8900.00 with kicker, $7600.00 w/o
  4. An 1100 steer should hang at approx. 660 lbs. So a half would be approx. 330 lbs hanging weight. The butcher charges .49/lb on the hanging weight. So butcher fees on a half would be approx. $165ish. There is a form you fill out for butcher which tells him what you would like for cuts. It comes labeled and vacuumed sealed.
  5. Weedsport NY- Just a few miles off Tway exit 40. Prob could meet halfway-ish for delivery if coming from far away
  6. Yes- Usually we put them up in the finish pen the last 2-3 months and feed them corn and some spent brewers grain that I get from local brewery. Once in a while we will get a customer that doesn't want them finished on corn/grain (more grass fed) and that can be done That being said- I think the best tasting beef comes from the finished cows.
  7. For sale- whole, halves, or quarter sides of 100% black angus beef. We raise all natural (hormone, antibiotic free) angus beef. They graze all summer and have the best quality of locally sourced feed during the winter. Perfect for the freezer and grill. $ 3.25 a lb hanging weight plus butcher fees. Cut a wrapped to your specs. Once you try this you wont want store bought again!!!
  8. Cool pics!!!! My son hit and killed a 7 point buck with one of our work trucks on Thursday ($4500.00 in damage- ouch). It was just starting to lose its velvet as well. A guy that does mounts stopped and offered to do this mount for free as he wanted to try one in velvet. It turned out pretty nice. I'd rather have the rack attached to the living deer and not have a mangled truck though.
  9. Glad to see the live reports rolling again Nick!!! Good luck out there
  10. fishcraft drift boat 17x54. has a uhmv skid plate bottom. brand new sawyer oars. anchor trailer and boat. very clean only 12 trips on salmon river used very little. asking 6250 text 315-4065747 for more info or pictures
  11. Awesome pics!!! Costa Rica is probably my favorite place on earth. Ive been down several times but have yet to fish there. Looks like a blast!!!
  12. Nice!!! Looks like fun
  13. Awesome late season smokepole buck!!!! Congrats
  14. I had to try one last time this am. When it's turkey season I see deer. In deer season I see turkeys.
  15. It's probably my last sit of the year. It's been a tough year for me in central ny. I shot one opening day and only have seen one small doe since. I'm almost looking forward to putting the loader away and breaking out the steelhead rods. Toughest year in quite a while for me. Reading about the success on this thread is what got me out of bed several mournings. Good luck to those still trying to put one more in the freezer
  16. Is this still available?? I'll take it all if you will deliver. I want to give it to my sister who moved to South Florida 20 years ago. Everybody should experience a white Christmas!!
  17. There was an unreal amount of dead steelies when I was fishing dsr this fall. Some real hogs too. I figured guys fighting them too long in the warmer water was killing them
  18. I'd stay away from Bushnell. Nikon pro staff gets my vote as well
  19. Wow!! Awesome buck slipbob. Congrats!!
  20. Dang Jakeybaby- If you ever need help thinning them big bucks just out let me know . It was tough sledding on the property I hunt. We haven't even been seeing anything. I shot a doe opening mourning and a buddy shot a nice 10 pointer but the deer seemed to disappear this year.
  21. Its aint over till its over!!! Great buck!!!!
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