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  1. Not a great picture but any ideas ? Trail cam pics from down in 7R on the border of the arnot forest. Pretty decent size. Too big for a household cat ‘Bout Time Mike
  2. Down south by the arnot forest ‘Bout Time Mike
  3. This time of year you can find a lot of decent 2 year old and steelhead offshore (450+). It is more consistent to normal (temp) fishing. There are also staging salmon moving into the bays and around the piers. These are normally the more stubborn fish to get to go ‘Bout Time Mike
  4. I brought my climber into a newly acquired property one morning at 430. It was pitch black. Found a tree in the perfect spot set up and and settled in for daybreak. After a couple hours I had to get rid of some coffee and needed a break. I climbed down and relieved myself and then after a few minutes went back up for an all day sit. The tree had poison oak all over it and I never noticed it. The first body part that I touched with my hands was .....you guessed it. The worse 2 weeks of my life. Nothing I tried would take the pain and itch away. It got so bad I had to go to DRs and get a steroid to help. ‘Bout Time Mike
  5. I have been shooting G5 Stryker. I have had good luck with them but have broken some blades with rib shots. So I’m thinking about trying something different. I tried the Montec but couldn’t get them to fly right even after tuning. Looking to see what everyone’s opinions are on the following Muzzy Trocar Muzzy MX4 Wasp Havalon HV Also looking for a decent head for black Bear. I have rage, and also NAP spitfire but i prefer fixed over mechanicals ‘Bout Time Mike
  6. I use Grudens bibs / jacket. Lightweight and easily slides over shoes / boots. I even wear my mine in spring and fall when the mornings are cool ‘Bout Time Mike
  7. Fished the FHC today with friends from camp. We were greeted with solid 3-5 foot waves as we cleared the chute this morning. That quickly changed my game plan of running offshore. With a huge pack of boat to the East I decided to run a touch west and work the inside waters. I set down in 85 feet and ran a simple 5 rod spread consisting of 2 riggers, 2 dipsies, and a chute copper. Screen was solid in 100-120 FOW and it didn’t take long before we moved some rods. It turned into a slow grind for the rest of the day as the fish were just plain stubborn. We averaged one fish every 45 minutes to an hour. Our first 4 fish were all meat fish and then things went silent. I changed out the meat for flys and we started moving rods again. With 5 decent fish in our box we needed one more 20+ to add if we were going to be in contention. At 12:45 I started to pick up lines and while bringing in the copper our Port side dipsy fires and knew it was a solid fish. Once we scooped into the net I felt confident we had a decent box of 6 fish to make a good showing. We ended up in 6th place out of 59 teams with a little over 119 pounds. Tom Allen and Stephanie took the win with just over a 131 pound box ‘Bout Time Mike
  8. From the Cayuga County Sheriff regarding Fair Haven (Little Sodus) ** Continued NO WAKE ZONE Lake Ontario ** An Emergency Order issued by Cayuga County Legislative Chair Tucker Whitman remains in effect for the shoreline of Lake Ontario and Little Sodus Bay implementing a No Wake Zone within 500 feet of shore. An Executive Order issued by the Governor earlier this year extending the wake zone expired on July 20th per the state and was not extended. The current No Wake Zone does not extend beyond 500 feet at this time. We hope this clears up recent confusion regarding this issue. ‘Bout Time Mike
  9. Fish are spread from 100-500 right now. If you can find the pockets you will do well. Saturday we fished from 6am - 11am and ended 10-14. We started to set lines in 150 and took our first fish around 220. We hit fish all the way to 500 before turning around. Multiple doubles. Out of the 14 bites 10 were on meat. Mix of riggers, dipsies, and coppers all taking fish. ‘Bout Time Mike
  10. Went 10 - 14 today. All fish came from 48* or colder water for me. Mostly meat bite for me with only 4 being flys ‘Bout Time Mike
  11. A great day on the water. Started slow but the midday bite was insane. Worked waters from 130-220, 75-90 down on riggers and dipsys out 240-280 plus a 400 copper. Meat and fly bite for us. Ended 13 for 17. Biggest fish was just over 27. ‘Bout Time Mike
  12. Had a very similar issue last year. Mine turned out to be “crud” that was stuck in the pickup tube of my gas tank. I got a bad tank full of fuel (probably right after it was delivered) ‘Bout Time Mike
  13. Have a team looking to possibly join (last minute) wheres the best options for a dock ? ‘Bout Time Mike
  14. Had another great day with the Wounded Warrior fishing event out of Fair Haven. Just about everyone was able to get fish for their veterans. Some did better than others. For myself I worked waters 100-160 straight out of the chute. No real temp was setup and fish were spread out. Marked Very little bait and just a few hooks. We were able to put 5 in the box for my two Vets. Green Jean spoon off 85 rigger was good for 2 fish, UV 2 Face paddle / Stud meat took biggest king for us off 98 rigger. 290 dipsy pulling custom paddle / meat rig was Good for another nice king. Custom Blue/purple NK spoon (free slider on 95 rigger) took our last fish of the day. Another great experience and the weather and the lake cooperated for us just long enough for these men and women to enjoy the day. ‘Bout Time Mike
  15. If going to Fair Haven there’s a couple decent options. Screwy Louie’s, Fair Haven Motel, and Turtle Cove have cabins ‘Bout Time Mike
  16. It’s roughly 2 miles from Anchor to the lake. 35-40 minute trip ‘Bout Time Mike
  17. Bought this off amazon for $175- and literally ran it for 3 minutes. It did not help my boat ( I’m playing the prop game) This is complete with the Hub, Spline insert, Key, Nut, and unused Washer. This is “ used “ but as new as it could be. Just trying to recoup some of my money. $120 shipped or $100 picked up around Syracuse or Fair Haven ‘Bout Time Mike
  18. Very sorry to hear but thank you Tom for all your hard work and trying to make this go. Some people do not know what it takes and all that is involved to make something like this happen. I appreciate all your efforts ‘Bout Time Mike
  19. I must commend you. This is one of the most honest and open descriptions I’ve seen. Good luck with your sale. ‘Bout Time Mike
  20. Browns are there, they are in skinny water (shoreline to 15’) with kings around most everyone wants in that action so they running deeper programs for silvers. Limits of Browns are easily doable still with double digit days. ‘Bout Time Mike
  21. One day east and the next west. Water depths from 8-15’. Ran 1 and 2 color lead off the boards with spoons as well as flatlines pulling sticks. Riggers down 6-8’ with spoons. Fish really came off everything and not really one “hot” bait for us. ‘Bout Time Mike
  22. Move the tow eye back towards the rear of the board more, even just an inch or two, and maybe higher by an inch or two as well. Also drill some small holes in the bottom of the boards towards the rear and fill them with lead. I used old sinkers. Then epoxy over the lead to seal the holes. This will make the boards sit lower in the water and “bite” more adding them to pull harder and better ‘Bout Time Mike
  23. Water levels are up due to the IJC , spring runoff, and rain. They are not releasing anymore water until the water in Canada starts residing. It has risen nearly 8-10” last week and going up more. Not predicting as bad as 2017 but a close second ‘Bout Time Mike
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