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  1. Awesome! Where are you getting bait around Newburgh? Every place I called gives me a song and a dance. Looking for Blood worms or Sand worms. Thanks!
  2. Once that settles down you might have a good mud line and some good brown fishing
  3. Congratulations. Looks like a hefty one too. That's certainly a beautiful fish!
  4. Go with the Lund. It's worth a few dollars more. My 17.5 is now 20 years old and except for a few scratches and fish stains in the carpet it's as good as new. Big enough for Ontario on calm days and small enough to trailer around to smaller lakes.
  5. Nice fish! I'm generally a fan of catch and release but see no issue with keeping a couple of fish to eat every once in a while. Tiger Musky's and Walleye are basically stocked fish anyway so it's hard to imagine what the big deal is.
  6. This is really good news! They can start with Stony Creek and Henderson Bay areas.
  7. Good Post! A group of us fish the same way up there. We target Pike, Pickerel, Walleye, Rock Bass, Perch, Trout, etc. Biggest Pike was 39", Pickerel 28", Walleye 31". Of course we pick up a bass now and then because they're in the same area. Everything goes back anyway. That lady should just mind her own business.
  8. I venture offshore in my 17.5 Lund but I have a new Kicker, GPS, Marine Radio, Cell Phones and I don't go myself. I also only do it on calm days in the summer and only go out as far as necessary to find fish which usually isn't a problem in August. If it's rough, it's not any fun anyway so why bother. The benefit of having a smaller boat is it's very easy to trailer and launch at a different spot. If we have to, we just switch over to Bass fishing on a smaller protected lake. The bottom line is we always end up fishing someplace but we never know where we'll end up!
  9. Any problems getting hotel/motel accommodations with Covid going on?
  10. Beautiful Fish. Goby Fed? Nice Perch too!
  11. Wow - Awesome fish Pete! Justin - Thanks for posting about the vertical handling which is good to know. However, it brings up another subject regarding catch and release. Is it better to try and dislodge a hook that's deeply embedded even if they lose some blood or is it better to just let the fish go with the hook in there? I've heard conflicting opinions where some say the fish will starve with the hook in there and some say the fish will die with any blood loss so leave it in. Some believe as long as the fish swims away it'll be fine.
  12. I have a similar size boat and 10 is about tops. Less if its from the N or NW. If you're going to Sodus take the bass poles for a backup. Lots of good catch and release fishing right in the bay.
  13. Nice video! it looked a rough out there but that Lund seemed to be handling it just fine.
  14. We fished Oneida for a few hours on Labor day weekend. It was a bit windy and we didn't do too well. The word is the lake is full of Gizzard Shad this time of year so there is plenty of forage to compete with. That said, look for birds diving over schools of bait fish. The smallies will be in the same area. Also try the windward side of points. The lake is very weedy this time of year but it's full of fish so you just need to find them and convince them to bite!
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