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  1. Ditto on lure retriever IMO
  2. We attach a lip gripper type to the fish attached to a short rope troll slowly with the fish off the stern [ ie piscatorial CPR ] if the fish can eventually swim away on its own that is the best we can do ! If not I have takers for every Lake Trout we bring in !
  3. Again a good start a book " Keating on Kings " by Captain Dan Keating ! Gives you a basic start . Salmon fishing aint cheap be prepared !
  4. Sorry to ruffle so many feathers or scales , will not do it again !
  5. We caught them regular without fishing for Lake trout ! " One mans trash is another mans treasure ! " They were a great " kid fish " for us with both grandsons getting entered in the SCG&F summer derby until they got knocked out ! I had takers for every fish we caught , the cook from Laos preferred them to salmon ! [ read the country of origin for commercial fish CHINA !! along with the COVID 19 ! ] Do not think that COVID 20 is not waiting for the prime time SARS 17 years ago . Don't we have another local INSECT with a 17 year life cycle LOL ! Like Mr. Trump or not he tells it like it is ! IMO !
  6. The Lake Trout we have been catching must be Canadian !
  7. Start with book " Keatings on Kings " by Captain Dan Keating ; there are multiple editions , a good place to start ! Go on a charter to fast tract ! Salmon fishing is not cheap be prepared !
  8. NK 28 ,black/purple , Warrior blueberry muffin plus the previous list ! [ no easy answer ] . The bite changes every year and the colour every day !
  9. Well said " mrclean " ! do not be a COVIDIOT ! Trump said it right !
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