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  1. Re. Gun Show Dec 13 ; call Gerry @ 905-685-4480 [ mea culpa ] !
  2. Merritton Community Centre 7 Park Ave ., St. Catharines , Ontario . Buy Sell or Trade
  3. Florida boat ? Been in salt water ? Buyer beware ! 8k budget ? 18 ft Aluminum will do what you want , pick your days on Lake Ontario ! If you can find a 19 ft. Lund at your price buy it !
  4. This is were the corn comes in with a mixed diet !
  5. It is the low sugar content of the wild apples that does not attract as many deer . Check if any other creatures are eating them, eg possum , coons etc ? We use falls from domestic apples , pears work better but corn cobs have been the best . We will mix a " cow lick " salt block with crushed [ stomped ] apples with good effect : another cover scent is to stomp apples on your boots and if possible keep apples in your pockets during the hunt .
  6. Salmon fishing aain"t cheep be prepared ! Iprobably have as much money in gear and tackle as in the boat !
  7. I have fished Lake Ontario for 35 years in a 16 ft. StarCraft and at times Lake Erie : Pick your days get a weather forecast and watch the sky . What engine and how many engines ? My main engine is a 70 hp 2 cycle Evinrude with a 9.9 Yamaha 4 stoke kicker which is great ! Once it gets scary it stops being fun , don't take risks and you will be fine ! how deep are your pockets ?
  8. Good post HB2 ! But it still ain"t what it used to be ! IMO it is the cormorants as the wild card watching them destroy our spring fishery in Port Weller harbor this spring ! There are no nesting sites in that area !
  9. Lots of interesting posts ' have been out in Lake Ontario every year since 1984 . I may have missed it but I did not see any mention of the cormorants destroying bait fish population ! Does taking ~4500 lbs of prime salmon out of the spawning pool in 2 days have any effect on the return [ I enter derbies every year that I am able to so I am not against prize fishing but every fish we took this year was not wasted ] I have learned to ignore " cheap shot artists " and do not read them . If they do not get an effect IMO they tend to go away !
  10. Ditto on the no ethanol fuel and " additive " ; remove the drain plug on the carb and drain [may solve the problem ] . I always filter my gas before putting the fuel in the tank . I always run the carbs out of fuel after use but I have heard different opinions for this in storage esp lawn mowers !
  11. One theory is that we only catch the stupid game the rest get away cannot be hooked or shot ?
  12. Check out Spoonpullers site they have a category for tournaments .
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