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  1. Ditto on " spooking " fish with more cable in the water !
  2. Bottom line for us is the more you run the greater chance of tangles ! Until you sort out the new boat run 2 downriggers ,in deeper water & add 2 Dipsy's if you are good at it then " mix and match " ! [ plus stackers or sliders on the riggers ] IMO less can be more !
  3. Falling barometric pressure [ esp. if it is falling rapidly ] can be a good sign of bad weather !
  4. I had a similar concern putting the Yamaha 9.9 on my 16 ft. Starcraft with a 70 hp. 1984 Evinrude [ should have got the 60hp. instead for better trolling control ; my 8hp. Evinrude kicker was getting old and tired ] Have had the Yamaha for 2 years and never looked back ! The 4cycle engines are an amazing improvement ! To deal with your specific concerns stern weight was NEVER a problem for us !
  5. One aspect I dealt will more than once with a 16 ft. Starcraft is the bigger boat friends ! ie. generally looking for a "cheap " charter ! I will take out a " newbie " even some one I do not know to try salmon fishing [ for free] Their usual first reaction is the size of the boat and generally goes down hill after that and they do not ask again !
  6. Braid has been catching fish for us and easier to use IMO !
  7. Lot of different opinions ; consider a 270 as a # 1 chose ! A 30:06 is a big gun but has been posted with the proper ammunition will work just fine ! Bottom line [ unless you hand load ] do not get any gun that you cannot get ammunition for when you need it ! Eg. I was given a 257 Roberts Remington 7600 pump ; very little ammunition available ! We hand loaded 88 gr Hornady V Max but never got to use it on coyotes !
  8. Unless you are good at it I would forget it ! Sk8man touched a lot of the bases ! We see expert fishermen out at ~ 3am and come in at sunup and they do it every day ! Launching at 6 am form a trailer is enough of a chore for me ! In the dark it gets a lot more complicated along with the possible meeting weird people at the dock !
  9. No doubt that coyotes hurt the turkey population IMO !
  10. Check out " Spoonpullers " site for Niagara bar reports !
  11. I thought this was a " no brainer " ! East wind generally heralds a low or falling barometric pressure which can be a turn off for fish and a rough lake 1
  12. Another great " Bottom Line " sk8man ! Captain Dan Keating in his most recent book " Big Water Wisdom " discusses this in some detail currents and there importance plus extoling the virtues of speed and temperature probes .IMO pays your money and take your chances but do not " forget about the basics " !
  13. Ditto on " You just cost me a lot of money " ! How did we manage in the 1980s without these "toys " ! We caught more fish then and were limited to only one rod in Ontario then !
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