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  1. Try Spoonpullers for more Canadian reports .
  2. So far only one KO on a #5 J-Plug Flo- white black ladder back !
  3. I will run J-Plugs all year ; a #5 white/flo took a 14 lb. brown trout in the SCG&F summer derby [ would have been first place but a week late !]
  4. Glad it was a simple fix ! It appears you diagnosed the problem ! I forgot to mention a blocked exhaust on a 2cycle engine which burns oil with gas ; may still be a plan on an old engine ie drop the lower unit an view the exhaust ports carbon buildup can be readily visible and easily removed ! Also I would change the impeller [ water pump] if it has not been done to avoid overheating the engine.
  5. # 1 Check compression with tester that screws into the block ie no hose ! #2 Rebuild the carbs #3 Clean all electrical contacts Let us know the result
  6. Thanks for post. A definite maybe ; I launch from Port Weller and have been on Lake O. since 1984 . Send a PM .
  7. Try SPOONPULLERS site for Canadian south shore reports : " tightlips" has not changed since I started in1984 [ as in life many more takers than givers ]
  8. The only problem I have had with my Remington 870 is that it shoots were I point it !
  9. If you have to ask get a Remington 870 3 in chamber !
  10. If you have to ask get a Remington 870 3 in chamber !
  11. The piers at Port Dalhousie are CLOSED ! Deamed to be unsafe :; I will fish the lake until the end of Oct. depending on weather .
  12. St. Catharines Ontario ;fishing Port Weller and Port Dalhousie on LAke O.
  13. 1981 12.1 beam twin 350s [low hours rebuilt ] A/C Sunbrella canvas in good condition ! New price @ $ 8000.CDN. N.O.T.L. ONT. MUST be sold ! All offers considered [no trades] call at 905-9353489 [Art] .
  14. No !