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  1. Boater drowns off Crystal beach on weekend ! Boat apparently capsized ; life jackets do not work unless they are worn ! Boater was apparently with his grandson who was rescued .
  2. Many of our recent fish have been on a free slider not fixed ; length is important for us 5 to 6 feet , longer tangles more less for us does not work so far but worth a try !
  3. Re; fishing solo . Some of the best company I have had has been fishing solo ! If you can take a kid fishing great company !
  4. Attach to the lower lip , run the boat slowly with the lip gripper tied to a rope tied to the boat . Watch the fish should eventually start to swim on its own THEN release it ! If it does not start to swim probably done in and should be harvested . Saw a fresh floater last time out , sad to see !
  5. Define " bad gas " Laker 1 ? I always filter my gas and use octane 92 [ no ethanol] gas ! The Yamaha dealer still advised the fuel additive !
  6. They make the rules take it or leave it ! I fish a lot solo and will not enter those derbies !
  7. Last year I packed in my 2cycle OMC kicker , 8 hp. for my 16 ft. StarCraft , spent the money for a 9.9 Yamaha and have not looked back ! Stern weight was not a major problem . You tend to get what you pay for !
  8. Bottom line as posted ; if you do not know what it is release it ! No such thing as a stupid question !
  9. Bottom line IMO , as previously posted proper set of the DRAG is the bottom line ! Lost too many fish with snubbers !
  10. Start by keeping all hooks sharp !
  11. Ditto on lure retriever IMO
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