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  1. Note article in Great Lakes Angler Oct/Nov 2017 pg. 62 " Black Lures Matter " ( super PUN or what !) Basically Cp. Mike Schoonveld paints plugs with " Stops Rust flat protective enamel in black . " This battered J-Plug will soon be black and be back in the game ."!
  2. Walleye are native to Lake Ontario ; the Ontario MNR have done little to improve the fishery with major efforts for the Atlantic salmon yet to be achieved : Note article in Great Lakes Angler Oct/Nov 2017 by Darryl Choronzey " The Biggest Fish Story Never Told-Ontario's Atlantiic Salmon Fiasco " Ditto on the King is " King " ! But who long can it remain as a mainly put and take sport with our Canadian agenda foe Lake Trout and Atlantics !
  3. I do not know of any walleye stocking in Lake O. Canadian side , Getthenet2 : The Ont. MNR stocked walleye in the cesspool of Hamilton harbour [ hopelessly polluted by the steel industry ] . They showed us fish caught ice fishing in the harbour last year at the MNR seminar . One of the attendees asked the MNR would they eat ? Answer " maybe a small one " ! sic ! I told the MNR I go back 60 YEARS fishing wallies in Welland canal and the Niagara River with a very good sport fishery ; poaching ,over harvesting ? by commercial operators plus change of habitant destroyed it! I suggested that the freighters coming down the Welland canal could carry wallies from lake Erie in livewells and release them in Port Weller [ never give a bureaucrat a good idea ! ] Walleye is a warm water fishery ; it does not complete with the salmon fishery ! The walleye is an omnivore [ will eat anything and is caniballistic ie will eat each over in rearing ponds ] The fishery can be from shore unlike the big dollar salmon fishery , allowing the less fortunate among us to enjoy the resource
  4. Not sure of your post ? #1 is a tranny cooler + a tranny cooler gauge ! At max towing cap your issue is the transmission ! #2 Engine temp ! May need a bigger rad ! #3 Opening doors ? I like to park easy and walk !
  5. DTTO " this site is great " !
  6. You have to go out to the " blue zone " 300 + fow and start at ~ 100 ft.dn. and come up in 20 ft. levels till 50 ft dn then change lures : Spoons are the easiest to use and colour rules ! You will get more information on "SPOONPULLERS" site for your area !
  7. Great post BrahmaBull 71 ! [ reflects the value of this site ] . Bottom line as you post $ 8K ! Is the LUND worth the difference? Resale value ?? Not sure what you mean by " big water boat " ? I have been on Lake O. Lake Erie & Niagara river since 1984 in a 16 ft. StarCraft ; I have to pick my days .
  8. Start with BASIC obedience puppy classes ! Every dog learns at it's own pace ! 10% of dogs are untrainable and end up as pets .
  9. IMO ,223 is for varmits ! For deer nothing smaller than ,243 !
  10. As previously posted : YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR 1 I I would not buy a Tracher boat ! Quality costs but sometimes too much !
  11. Invest in a kicker ! depending on hours on the water fuel savings will pay for it along with an added safety factor !
  12. Start by going on a charter !
  13. Post on SPOONPULLERS ; Canadian site .
  14. My question is why did the Yamaha 25 hp. 4 stroke overheat ?
  15. Great topic : #1 as previously posted every boat is a compromise ! #2 Don't buy a ticket to the " poor house " ! I have seen more than once since 1984 . [ if I was in the market that 22ft Islander would work for me for fishing ie. light an easy tow good fuel economy and stable platform for fishing ]