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  1. Are you sucking exhaust gas in the barrel in to the engine instead of water ? was told by dealer not to run too long in barrel or engine could over heat !
  2. Ditto on the OFFShore release esp for small fish or walleye but it will not hold a big dodger so use a Blacks in that applic
  3. Still looking gasman ! If I find it you will be the first to know !
  4. Friday February 21 : Merritton Community Centre 7 Park Ave., St Catharines Ont .6PM to 9:30 PM For information or tables call Gerry @ 905-685-4480 !
  5. There was no cormorants on the western end of lake Ontario on the south Canadian site in the 1960s and 1970s ! I live on the south shore at that time and still do ! Not sure what DDT had to do with it , the cormorant is a sea bird which has migrated in land like the alewife and smelt . the native fish was the cisco which has all but gone like the smelt and Atlantic salmon IMO !
  6. Ditto on use the SD the way it came ; to be sure experiment with the original on one side your mod on the other and try to get a valid comparison !
  7. Re north shore run off of general poop ; much of it is from the entrenched Liberal dynasty as seen in the last federal election LOL ! And as previously posted if you give the bureaucracy a good idea they will claim it for themselves !
  8. I have one of the " original " ? Charlie White lures which I bought from him when he came to St Catharines with his travelling show ; you are welcome to it if I can find it !
  9. How did you lose them ? All it caught for me was a cold LOL !
  10. Ditto not a great picture : From what I see a brown trout !
  11. Can consider Bay of Quinte Ontario : reports vary . Check out site on Canadian web " spoonpullers " !
  12. Check condition of line guides ,any nicks will tear up line !
  13. Has anyone used this camera under water for videos ?
  14. You cannot go wrong with the " bird " depending on the application !
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