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  1. All you need is an Ontario non resident fishing license ! Our Ontario fish quotas may be different than New York State ? esp. Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout !
  2. Never had a mess that bad !
  3. Ditto on the zebra coated rocks ?
  4. The drag setting works in combination with the stiffness of the rod ; set too frim risking a break off !
  5. Get at least ONE downrigger [ manuals work just fine ] ; then use Dipsy divers ! [ deep six and pink ladies are a waste of your time on the water ]
  6. ditto for us stay in close until nadda then move out for rainbows and salmon !
  7. We do best August /September large J-Plugs have worked for us at times !
  8. Ditto not the same lure ! What worked last year may not be as hot this year !
  9. He may have seen his reflection in the side of the vehicle ?
  10. Always get a marine weather report & watch the sky !
  11. What color was the Rapala Shadow rap ?
  12. Ditto on having too separate fuel tanks !
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