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  1. Lot of good information on topic as usual ! At times cannon balls clearly spook fish ! One of the reasons for running a fixed stacker [ obviously not possible on a Dipsy ! Bottom line [ sic] for me is to get good on what you started with then branch out ! Starting out with a bunch of tackle hopping to " get somethin " can end up tangles and frustration IMO !
  2. I would give up my Dipsys before I would give up my riggers ! Less can be more !
  3. Why the Ruger 204 ? My Browning 223 lever gun has always worked fine , not sure what I would change it to . When I got it there was no 204s !
  4. What was the bullet that took the fox ? Looks like a big exit wound ?
  5. What is the breed of the hounds ?
  6. J-11 & J-13 Rapalas are designed to be tied directly to the nose " ring " ! Adding a split ring ? or a snap would change the designed action which may work for you or against you IMO !
  7. Only way to find out is to mix and match ! Ie. identical lures with ring and one without and run them at the same time ! The " best " rings are the welded ones IOM !Happy new year !
  8. Happy new year ! Hope we can now beat this COVID 19 ! What is this " swimbait " ?
  9. Great video ! Maybe I missed it but what did you use for bait ?
  10. Ditto not many coyotes in the area getting that many rabbits IMO !
  11. We do not have " bunnies and grouse " because coyotes take them on a regular basis ! I find evidence of kills on a regular basis when I push for coyotes !
  12. pps. The German shorthaired pointer is a female pup ; I could have the opportunity to cross her with a Nova Scotia duck toller which is very bright! Any comments ? AKC says do not do it ! A good friend says life is a series of dogs and will generally work mixed breeds ; less chance of hereditary diseases and MAY get a good mix of the breeds ?
  13. Ps. We take delivery of a German short haired pointer pup on Jan 10 2021 !
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