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  1. Impeller is a SERVICE item ! Like the FRAM commercial of years gone by " pay me now are pay me later " [ later is usually a LOT more !
  2. I would have reported the crime !
  3. Others did better but we only got one which cooked well on the smoker !
  4. Thanks for follow up post ; we wish you well and safe ! We missed the spring derbies because of COVID 19 ! Obviously not sure why the ramps were closed . ? To now there still has not been any COVID 19 infections reported in Lake Ontario fishing . Strip clubs and HEALTH clubs are a different matter LOL ! This a great site ! you will not lack for help and advice in your project .
  5. How is the rebuild going on the Starcraft 22 ?
  6. Like some other ?ed on this site not sure what you are asking and why ? Bottom line for me with the information given again " If it ain't broke don't fix it "
  7. We know little until the body is found !
  8. It's the " bad apple " that will cost you business !
  9. He left Oakville alone on 30 ft. sailboat for short sail across to south shore ; his boat was found adrift off of Rochester NY [ that's a long drift ] with no one on it ! 68 yoa and 30 years sailing experience . Last PM the Canadian Coast Guard has called off the search ! ? Another sad lesson in life jacket use .
  10. Truism in hunting " It is not the gun but the gunner " ! For me the same in fishing reels ! After 34 years out in Lake Ontario I have used most ! From generic [ cheep ] Penns to the reels in question . Keep the reel serviced ! It is the drag which will make or break a big salmon ! Many will disagree but my favorite is my very old Shimano lever drag !
  11. We usually die as we live ! Thanks for the eulogy well done ! " Dances with Fish " but I dance with my wife LOL !
  12. Thanks for the " post mortem " [ often we do not get an answer on the cause of the problem ! ] . Question remains why did the engine overheat in the first place ? If you buy a used engine the impeller can be a service item IMO .
  13. Great topic with some excellent stories ! It is the FEW poachers and trespassers who ruin hunting for the rest of us and can prompt needless postings of the example given ! A no trespassing sign has to be respected ! We advise land owners to post their property that we have permission to hunt on then they find the signs have been vandalized !
  14. Forget the waders ! Stay a SAFE distance from the water , no fish is worth risking your safety . Many of the fisherman you we see know the river you do not ! Have you considered getting a guide ?
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