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  1. Wife wins again.

    Looks like a keeper !
  2. to many wires going to my batteries

    Not sure this is an answer to your ? but I put a kill switch to the negative of my battery [ when done the battery is taken out of the circuit to eliminate chance of a leak or short ] . as posted use a fuse panel with fuses of the correct low rating !
  3. Any update in the report of a woman shot ? after dark by ? deer hunter ?
  4. Atlantics

    Not sure why one would eat old spawning fish who may be in a process of natural decomposition ; the problem may have been in the preparation ( bears are omnivores will eat almost anything !)
  5. Not sure of the benzene analogy ; I wash my hands with Ivory soap [ no scent ] before starting to fish to decrease my human scent on the lures ! One of my friends would routinely clean his hands with PCBs dies a slow death from lymphoma which he blamed on over work [ he did not have the TIME to fish and would not take mine fish ] Maybe this thread is over !
  6. A lot healthier than smoking tobacco or marihuana ! " Rubber on the road " ! No proven health risks from eating fish from Lake Ontario or Lake Erie : I have been eating them for 60 + years ( all the guys I started with on Lake O who liked sausage hamburg etc and did not eat my fish are dead ! Not sure of the connection ) and I remain in great shape ! ( slowing down a bit " Once a king always a king but once a knight is enough !)
  7. Below covers title

    Woman walking dog shot by ? Hunter !
  8. Then eat hamburg , sausage and farm fish full of ???
  9. Another great hunt with friends

    Again we harvest all the meat ; we would not leave the legs the only issue is the time factor : our best shoot was 23 geese and paying the butcher ( he needed $ 125 for the the work !)
  10. Another great hunt with friends

    Liver is high in saturated fat and may not be indicated for certain diets :Wild goose meat is total protein the pork is added to improve ? flavour ,
  11. Another great hunt with friends

    We use every bit of meat that we can separate which can make it a slow process ; at best 3/4 hr. Per bird : I then open the cavity and ad the heart ( liver goes separate to an Asian friend )
  12. Another great hunt with friends

    We have a local butcher make us goose sausage ; he makes it up with 80 % goose & 20 % pork + spices to taste ! Cleaning the birds can be a slow process to separate the meet ; as I tell people you cannot buy this and We know EXACTLY what is in the meet !
  13. AR-15 (.223) ammo for deer?

    Your barrel may be scrap ; if not the gun may not shoot that bullet ; eg. I was given a Roberts .257 but difficulty getting ammo apart from Rem 117 gr. Hand loaded 85 gr Hornady 85 gr. V Max :You guessed it , the rifle shot the VMax better than the bullet it was made for ( the gun was old , there was no Hornday Vmax at that time )
  14. Atlantics

    Poaching = destructive harvesting with little respect of the resource ! One wonders how much habitat loss in the late 1880s played in the demise of the Atlantic salmon when we heard of the pointless slaughter of the fish ! Biology 101 : biology has natural ups and downs of all species ; if the species suffers an added attack eg. Poaching it may disappear ! Other examples : the turkey was wiped out in Ontario not in NYS ! Walleye : over harvested and poached ! The deer population is down in the Niagara peninsula Ont. How can we prove it ie not due to poaching .
  15. Atlantics

    Atlantic salmon were native to Lake Ontario but were wiped out primarily due to poaching ( ie land owners on the north shore would fork them as pig food etc ; loss of habitant was a factor ) . Present attempts on the north shore has met with little success reasons are unclear to me ?