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  1. The ball tracks exactly the way it should if I attach a Scotty or offshore release to the tail of the cannonball. If I attach a blacks or chamberlain release to my cable then a snubber under that then to my weight it won’t track at all. If I ditch my snubber it does the exact same thing. The only way the ball tracks right is if I attach a Scotty or offshore style release to the tail of weight. I can’t imagine going heavier for the type of fishing I do. I’m currently at 10lbs. The lakes in Maine don’t have the current the Great Lakes have. Fish style weights and torpedos track fine no matter what. It’s only the cannonball style that track like garbage. I’ve tried 2 different cannonball style weights and get the same results.
  2. Thanks everyone! Just ordered 2 scotty releases 👍
  3. Hey everyone, new guy from Maine here. I’ve gone to Lake Ontario on some charters and what a fishery you guys have compared to what I’m used to! I’m hoping I can gain some knowledge here that’ll help me better my fishing on the lakes in Maine. Now I’ve searched all over the web and cannot find anything on the problem I am currently having with my downrigger setup. I run two cannon mag 5s with cannon terminators, then chamberlain releases, to an Amish outfitters 6” snubber then my downrigger ball. The problem I’m having is when I’m trolling hardware 2-3mph my downrigger cannon ball style will zig zag threw the water causing a ridiculous bounce in my rod tip this is only when running inline chamberlain style releases. If I run an offshore style release connected directly to the cannonball the ball will track nice and straight and give me no problems. Also if I run a fish style weight the weight will track straight as well no matter what style release I use or my speed. I really don’t prefer one style weight over the other, other then the cannonball weight is easier to come by in Maine. I’ve tried the cannon ball style weights with and without snubbers, with different terminators, and with my riggers at different angles and depths and they still zig zag. When parked in my garage and the weight hanging freely they hang perfect straight. It’s more of an annoyance thing then anything and it’s driving me crazy I can’t seem to get it straightened out. Thanks for your help!
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