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  1. Les can be more ! Ie. tangles can ruin your A.M. You would have to be very good at it and if you were you would not be asking the question IMO !
  2. Thanks for the post ! Where there others ? We got as far as the Queenston / Lewiston bridge when a swirl tilted the port stern to about 1 cm. of free board and that was enough for us to back off ! IMO once it starts getting scared it stops being fun ! been there too many times and do not want any others ! Again no fish is worth risking your safety for !
  3. Lot of detail here ! To begin KIS ! Mono is out ; start with braid and get good at it then if you must add or shift to wire ! you have a lot of expert opinions here by experienced and very helpful fishermen ; in the end as I have posted before do what works for you !
  4. Great post but how big is your boat ?
  5. Well put sk8man [ Tuffishooker M.D. full time 55 years !]
  6. The best fishing is the "drop off " ! goes from ~ 60 fow to ~120 fow ! I have only trolled never tried jigging ; spoons are #1 then dodger fly or cut bait ! Can get a little crowded at times with US & Canadian fishermen ! Lake trout are the #1 catch ; there is plenty of information on this site !
  7. Need more information to make any comparison ? #1 start with size of boat ; seen many salmon boats 28 ft. twin screws V8 engines #2 electric downriggers maybe 4 #3 sonar can go to 2 grand #4 FishHawk to a grand #5 terminal tackle [ spoons , dodgers , flies , plugs , body baits open ended and changes every year ] etc. Not sure how " bass fishing " compares ! You tell me ? [ can add VHF radio ,radar +++ ]
  8. Ditto on too many variables to make firm conclusions now ! Merry Christmas !
  9. For us after 34 years on Lake Ontario ; color rules , action #2 ! Color can vary every day and during the day !
  10. " you shouldn,t think about the money " ! Maybe but do not buy yourself a ticket to the " poor house " ! [ seen it more than once ] 1
  11. No fish is worth risking your safety for !
  12. Again weather rules in a small boat ! Take a weather course if available ; get the forecast before going out and come in if the weather changes ! I still run my 16 ft. Starcraft on Lake Ontario since 1985 and too late to change now !
  13. If you had to pick ONE gun what would it be ?
  14. Real time Excaliber cross bow ; buck taken butcher made a mess of the sausage ! [ We are only allowed archery in area 88 Niagara ]
  15. Toyota Camry ! ? On the same permit or a different one ! The only road kill I have got with my Toyota Tundra is a recent skunk so far ! [ No doubt about that one } Just missed a nice buck coming back from Lake Erie walleye fishing in my Ford van pulling a boat years ago !
  16. Do you need a permit for the Toyota Tacoma ?
  17. Lot of detail for an apparent newbe ! 20 lb. mono of fluro works fine for salmon ; as posted can go lighter for spring browns maybe 12 lb. We have stopped using wire braid is easier for us but use what works for us ! IMO after 34 years fishing on the south shore tackle did not mare much difference to us ie. what was at the end of the tackle starting with quality swivels and the bait [ lures ] changing every year is the bottom line for us ! Captain Dan Keating has several books on salmon fishing , the latest is " Big Water Wisdom " with detailed Q & A . His expertise is on Lake Michigan but the general advice still works !
  18. Ditto on reading the " Owners Manual " first !
  19. The question was " fogging " the engine ! ie. spraying fogging oil into the cylinders while the engine is running .
  20. My bad news story on the topic ! Was fishing on an exfriends boat ; on my boat the fisherman with the fish on directs the boat . Not this guy ! I get a nice keeper King maybe ~10lbs. putting on a good fight ; boat owner is on his cell phone with fishing pal . He puts the boat in NEUTRAL and the Chinook salmon charges the boat at the same time ! I cannot real in fast enough , with slack line the fish getting to the stern of the boat . The line wraps around the prop and BREAKS OFF ! Things got bad nasty between us ! We do not talk !
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