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  1. tuffishooker

    Downrigger releases

    If you have to ask start with pinch type eg. Off Shore [ easiest to use ] then move to Blacks types to hold big paddles ! Elastic bands are used to hold stackers or sliders to run an extra lure .
  2. tuffishooker

    New to Ontario need Help

    Big topic ; may want to start with Captain Dan Keating's book Keating on Kings . Unlike Lake Erie Wallies colour rules on Lake Ontario and can change by the hour , the sun and the day ! Not cheap be prepared !
  3. tuffishooker

    Better trebles

    Good topic ! Bottom line [ sic ] ; horse a king salmon and eventually something will go ! [ My longest battles were both 45 min. by the clock fishing solo ] IMO you have to fight the fish or take a chance of something letting go ! The picture looks like a strong plated hook , garrymny !
  4. tuffishooker

    Better trebles

    Ditto on keeping hooks sharp # 1 ; test by dragging hook across fingernail , if it digs in it is sharp enough ! A quality hook can still become dull . [ I keep a hook sharpener handy on the boat ]
  5. Ps. on Spin Doctors ; barrel swivels are of poor quality causing major line twist and should be replaced with quality ball bearing swivels eg. MATZUO America # 5 ! Ditto on the white / green dots !
  6. Dreamweaver Spin Doctor , black/purple with A-Tom-Mik fly to match ; Hawg Wild , Greasy Chicken Wing fly to match then GREEN .
  7. tuffishooker


    Fish the Niagara bar [ mouth of the river ] can launch from NY or Port Weller in Ontario ; lots of info on " Spoonpullers " site !
  8. tuffishooker

    Downrigger stacking, help

    Not sure of your ? : For a " newbee " pinch type ie. Offshore are easier to use , to reef down the rod or big paddles they will not hold , use Black's or similar type ! As far as loosing tackle ; it happens !
  9. tuffishooker

    Tight lips

    " spoon fed " ; good pun !
  10. tuffishooker

    Rate this spoon box for a newbie

    Just a start ! Salmon fishing ain't cheap be prepared !
  11. Many dittos here ! #1 Why does L.O.U. allow " Mike Jones " [ probably a " nom du plume " ] posts to stand ? #2 Clearly this guy ? is baiting [ get your jollies somewhere else !] #3 It was poaching and illegal harvesting that partly wiped out the walleye fishery in the lower Niagara river and south shore of Lake O. in the 1950s . nuf said by me !
  12. tuffishooker

    J plugs / silver horde

    They are not as " hot " as they used to be in the fantastic 80's and 90's but I will run one every trip ! My best recent was a #5 [ big] flo white black ladder back [ would have won the brown trout category at 14+ lbs. in the summer derby but 2 wks late ! ] I would start with a # 3 #4 in green black ladderback and chartreuse black ladderback . Good luck !
  13. We mentor young hunters ;one of them bought a Remington 870 new was very disappointed with the quality of the workmanship :first time out took all four geese next time a coyote at 5 yrds !
  14. tuffishooker

    Florida school shooting

    Bottom line for me as I understand it the FBI had enough notice to take his guy in ; apparently they did not do their job ! This has nothing to do with " Second Amendment Rights ! "
  15. We all have our experiences : I purchased a Remington 597 semi-auto in 17 cal. rimfire : Read in the back pages of a shooting mag. that the gun had a tendency for shell cases to split and not to shoot the gun ! Remington apparently condescended a $200 credit on the purchase of another firearm [ purchased gun new ; purchase was registered no recall notice ] I will only be cheated once !
  16. tuffishooker

    Northern king spoons

    NK's were great spoons when they first come out ; I will run them every outing but the " bite " changes every year !
  17. Friday , Feb . 23 , 2018 : Merritton Community Centre 7 Park Ave ., St. Catharines Ontario [ a lot of general " stuff " not just guns ] : Call Gerry @ 905 - 685-4480 .
  18. tuffishooker

    Storing my boat outside in winter

    Mice can carry diseases along with the damage they can do ; I poison and trap them !
  19. tuffishooker

    Have you seen these?

    I have too much stuff already !
  20. tuffishooker

    New to predator hunting- advice needed

    Rifle : 223 / 5.56 . How much do you want to spend ? I use a Browning BLR [ almost as fast as a semi-auto ] Shotgun 12 gauge 40 buckshot [ coyotes are either too far away or too close ; our last one was taken on Dec 23 at 5 yds running at the shooter !] Optics again how much do you want to spend ? My Leupold works just fine ! Only hand held calls [ bellows type ] have worked for us ! Decoys not working yet but we keep trying !
  21. tuffishooker

    (iso) probe recovery service

    Just the cost of salmon fishing !
  22. tuffishooker

    Any rabbit Hunter’s

    The coyotes have devastated our rabbit population in NOTL Ont !
  23. tuffishooker

    Newb Questions (Bear with me)

    `Start with Dan Keating 's books ; ie " Keating on Kings " as a basic then move on with other editions ! All the information you need can be found on this site or " Spoonpullers " ! ps. great pun on the bear / bare ! pps. My family doctor was out on smaller Ontario lake seeing an open boat apparently adrift without anyone on board : Had to check it out found 2 bares ; told them " once a king always king but once a knight is enough ! "
  24. tuffishooker

    Food plothelp

    Rabbits have been my main " predator " of young pear and apple trees ; tree wrap works + spray bark with a strong smell insecticide such as diazinon !
  25. tuffishooker

    Food plothelp

    ? For the long term peripheral fruit eg apple and pear and forage nut trees ?