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Everything posted by tuffishooker

  1. tuffishooker

    What are these and what will catch them?

    IMO chinook salmon !
  2. tuffishooker

    Hit a log

    You are lucky that it was all ! have had worse ; leave it !
  3. tuffishooker

    Kevin is home.

    Thank you for closure ! Hopefully lessons are learned ! I have been out in Lake Ontario solo many times since 1984 and feel safer than on the Queen E. highway but I take NO risks !
  4. tuffishooker

    How do I close my acct

    Famous quote " don't go away mad ; just go away ! "
  5. tuffishooker

    Crack in Big Jon Rigger reel by handle

    Thks Fishstix that is probably the bottom line [ ie try and replace it ] !
  6. Can the crack be fixed ?
  7. tuffishooker

    Crack in Big Jon Rigger reel by handle

    Tks HB2 for response Not sure pic would help , crack goes through latter side of reel were handle attaches .
  8. tuffishooker

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    Ditto on " shut it down ! " Everyone who had an opinion has had their say !
  9. tuffishooker


    #5 flo/white with black ladderback J-Plug has worked also !
  10. tuffishooker


    S#5004-004-0760 Made in USA [ glad something still is ! ] Original J-Plug Fickle Pickle ..Sorry the bite can change every day !
  11. tuffishooker


    I will try with picture later ; got mine a Peter's Tackle St Catharines may be some left : Call Angela at her store .
  12. tuffishooker


    " FICKEL PICKLE " #4 with ratel took the only KS on Sept 03 !
  13. tuffishooker

    DEC Announces Record Breaking Fishing

    Ditto for us on south Canadian side not great !
  14. tuffishooker


    " FICKLE PICKLE " with rattle # 4 J-Plug put newbie #5 in the StCG&F summer derby on Aug 29 in the Laker category [ silver with a lot of chartreuse paint ! ]. The #5 flo white with black ladder back also works this year . Zilch with Lymans !
  15. Good post Frogger ! Could not agree more !
  16. Ditto : We were out that AM I would not go further than 120 FOW : With a strong offshore blow the further out the meaner the lake ! and the harder coming back ! Hopefully outhers can learn from this event !
  17. " No fish is worth dying for ! "
  18. tuffishooker

    Charter Capt Does All The Fishing?

    Great topic ! The captain wants to get as many fish in the boat as possible ie he is the expert for salmon fishing that day ! " not very satisfying" ? you cannot please everyone so do not even try !
  19. tuffishooker

    Fish finder.

    I will only buy Humminbird !
  20. tuffishooker

    Where are all the 20lb Steelhead we used to see

    Mea culpa ; just checked the board at the StCG&F summer derby : leading rainbows are only 12+ lbs ie small !
  21. tuffishooker

    Flea market finds

    ps. I did not have that colour !
  22. tuffishooker

    Flea market finds

    IMO it is a TOM MAC from the west coast from the 1980s ; never did much for me but I have that colour !
  23. tuffishooker

    Where are all the 20lb Steelhead we used to see

    Lot of interesting comment ; as I saw it the fishing changed dramatically in 1994 with the invasion ? of the zebra mussel : then came the cormorant in huge flocks . NYS must have a better fishery than us in Ontario 20 + pds ? ; my personal best was in 1991 at 15.7 running 50+ trips a year ! Last year we did not get one ! This year they are all small [ OK for the Barbie ] . The leader in the SCG&F summer derby ~ 15 lbs as I remember and some of those guys are out every day ! ps we have a two rainbow limit daily Ontario .
  24. tuffishooker

    Niagara Bar Smallies

    Go to Lake Erie !