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  1. Ditto on the " ground " ! Check and clean all electrical connections ! sometimes it is very simple ! Let us know how it turns out ?
  2. Another great post kisutch ! I to am " grateful to have lived through " that fantastic fishery which crashed in 1994 with the arrival of the zebra mussel which changed the ecology of Lake Ontario ! Fishing the south shore from Port Dalhousie at those glory days we did not have much chance to compete in the Star derby as compared to the fish on the north shore !
  3. ps. What happened to the smelt in Lake Ontario ? The Lake Trout ate them all ! On Lake Erie I am not sure !
  4. Lot of great information " Kisutch " from Lake Michigan were our sport fishery started in the 1960s ! Ditto on the Lake Trout agenda which is alive and well in Ontario to " restore the ? native fishery " As we saw it the major collapse was in 1994 with the ? arrival of the zebra mussel along with the exit of the smelt ! The life cycle of the Lake Ontario Lake Trout has not been established , but clearly some are living a long time !
  5. Because of the COVID 19 lockout many derbies were cancelled along with not being able to get out [ ramps closed ] ! Should leave more fish this spring for 2021 ???
  6. Ps. Ontario introduced a cormorant " cull " last fall ; but there did not appear to be much " culling " [ mea culpa ! ] , What we need is a spring cull also !
  7. With many fewer derbies last year should be more fish for us to catch this year ???
  8. Some times they work and sometimes not ! The only way to find out is to run them ! As posted they can be a big salmon killer because with that single hook the fish cannot get off !
  9. Great gag ! We need a little levity with this COVID 19 ! On the other side ; if you don't know what it is don't shoot it ! [ I have been there ! ]
  10. IMO the only " really pretty coyote " is a dead coyote !
  11. #4 [ no joke ! ] Does it float ? Saw 2 sinkers for sale !
  12. #1 The engine has to START ! #2 Any service or repair records ! 3# Will you get clear TITLE !
  13. Last spring all of our Ontario boat ramps were closed with apparent police presence ! There was NO COVID 19 on Lake Ontario and no Lyme disease ! The police presence imo could have been better served monitoring compliance in supermarkets [ several cases of COVID 19 have probably been traced there } I have seen multiple violations without action on the part of the business ]
  14. J-Plugs were designed for a specific action and as a " blast from the past " they are still working at times [ have recent stories ] ! Give it a try and let us know ?
  15. Toms can be nasty Kevin ! Saw a video of a tom on his back beating away ONE coyote ! We had a resident tom who " attacked " my wife's car when he saw his image on the side door and she would not walk our dog for fear of an attack ! It may have been that the fox had learned a " lesson " with toms and felt it wise to stick to mice !
  16. Black/purple straight Bomber for us in the spring !
  17. What bullet took the coyote whaler1
  18. Ps. Read the instructions on the SpinDoctor ! Again as I have posted many times [ started on Lake Ontario in 1984 ] color rules IMO !
  19. IMO get good with SpinDoctors [ all the variables have been posted ] with Atomic flys then ADD flashers !
  20. Was it a coyote ? Maybe it was the way it was held but as I saw it the head was too big as was the body ! The real danger of these oytes if if they cross with a domestic dog = coydog ! Possible to get the worst of both !
  21. What year did you get out in the spring redfisher ? Our ramps were closed !
  22. Re " mice and rodents " ! Coyotes regularly take fawns [ have found remains of same taken by coyotes ] ! Our cotton tail bunny population has been decimated also ! In town pups and small dogs go missing on a regular basis , multiple eye ball reports ! Nesting birds eg. pheasants have all been wiped out & our goose population is way down , I have found the nests torn up !
  23. Again a good topic ! Has there ever been a good head to head comparison with mono and fluro ?
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