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  1. Ditto on the quality terminal tackle ; I only use SAMPO swivels and snaps [ crosslock only ] : Small price to pay for not being " broke-off " Ps. Dan Keating has great books on big water fishing ; starting with " Keating on Kings " . PPs. Always check hooks for sharpness !
  2. #1 150 ft. of cable is enough IMO ; 90 ft. down is usually my max down #2 8lb. balls will work but will have " blowback " ; how heavy you want to go with manual riggers is up to you. #3 Which release to use ? will get varied opinions ; I only use OFFSHORE releases since they came out ~ 25 years ago : They clip to the ball with a short cable . Those who "reef" down the rod line complain the line slides off the clamp . I do not like the SCOTTY or the BLACK . #4 Not sure why you can only run 4 rods on a ? 19 ft. boat. Dipsy divers do get fish but require different setup with wire or braid line. The more line I run the greater chance of a tangled mess which can ruin a good day. If you want more detail send PM.
  3. Reports have not been great with many lake trout caught 70 to 100 fow on the bottom with spoons ; may be more reports on " spoonpullers" site
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