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  1. My grandson brought in a 12 lb. brown trout on a #5 J-Plug [ big] all flo white , black ladderback ; we were 2 weeks late for the summer St.C.G&F derby [ probably would have been #1 at $500 ] ; smaller J-Plugs in Kelly green also got fish . Lymans also worked [ if you can find an old chartreuse/black ladderback buy it !] the new ones do not work as well . On " Fintastic's" advice I removed the front treble hooks and the plug works just fine . Not a touch on body baits in the summer eg. Rapala J-13.
  2. No doubt the redtail hawk is also a major predator also but is "protected " the coyote is classified as a varmint and can be a great off season hunt !
  3. Depends on your level of mechanical skills ; IMO rebuild carbs , get a good kit and manual . I have done carbs on a 1983 70 hp. OMC and now works fine IF that is your problem : Clean up ALL electrical contacts with dielectric grease esp. the GROUND wire at the back of the power pack [ one trick that worked for me was to run the engine in the dark and check for sparks ] Check compression with a gauge that screws directly into the block ie. no hose ! Let us know how you made out .
  4. Yogi Berra " It ain't over till its over !" Thanks for pics .
  5. Good pun on the " crops " J. K. ! In our area we see predation by coyotes a major factor for any game on the ground and will continue to hunt them !
  6. Easy answer some guys killed a bird twice ! We like to do that with coyotes !
  7. Maybe not a good question but why does South Dakota have good populations of birds and we don't ? maybe predator control ?
  8. Good topic ! Follow with other baits . Spoons were not great for us : One surprise was an all white RAC spoon which caught fish on day 1 of the KOTL fall contest off Port Dalhousie in close when others caught zip !
  9. Water temp [hypothermia] is the killer ! PFD did not help kayaker on north shore of Lake Ontario last week who apparently capsized ; was pulled out alive with PFD on but died later in hospital ! Ditto ;no fish is worth dying for !
  10. Ps. my wife will not allow me to keep rabbits or chickens [ after 48 years I am not going to change !]
  11. The coyotes take most of our cotton tails in NOTL Ont. The reason we shoot every one we can but like the geese they have moved into town !
  12. Any more bad ideas ! This is primarily a FISHING site , others can go to " Faceless "!
  13. Fast track with Dan Keating's books : Ad on page:90 Great Lakes Angler Oct/Nov can call 877.783.2270 , good luck !
  14. Start with Dan Keatings' books ; not sure why you would want to START with J-Plugs : Spoons are best for newbies !
  15. Let us clear some air . The A-5 that I bought was from an estate sale and never fired [ new old stock , now there is a pun !] or I would not have bought it. I put a slug barrel on my 870 and it works just fine ! If I cannot kill a deer with one slug I should not have shot it ! I agree that a gun like an 870 is a good place to start ie. focus on every shot . The games keeper at our hunt club can tell the poor shooters with their "big buck" semi-autos : the first shot is followed by two rapid shots : The bird is either blown to bits or he killed a lot of air [ missed] Not sure what is meant by " Bennelli hype " . Rule #1 of firearms ; Its not the gun its the gunner ! Nuff said by me !
  16. Big topic but here goes : I bought a Browning A-5 years ago at a gun show [ the gun came from an estate sale and was apparently new / used ] from " friends " the mistakes will keep adding up ! Took the gun to the range would not cycle : I had paid $ 400 for a single shot ; showed the gun to the range owner who agreed I had paid too much for a single shot and to take it back ! Did so was told the gun was full of grease and we cleaned it . Went back to the range the gun cycled fine then the wooden fore-grip cracked and the gun was useless ; range owner wondered how stupid I was ! Someone makes replacement grip parts in plastic [wonder why ?] which I have ! your interest is " waterfowling " ; this gun cannot shoot steel . RIO makes bismuth amo or you can hand load . IMO forget the A-5 unless you know what you are getting ! I " waterfowl " a lot generally use a Beretta O/U[ who ever gets a good 3 rd. shot anyway ! [ The only problem with the gun , as everyone agrees is that it shoots were you point it !] # 2 piece is a Browning pump , ejects from the bottom and takes 3 1/2 shells . I shoot left-handed my 870 is right eject and that spoiled my 2nd shot. IF I was going to get a semi-auto it would be a Bennelli ; you get what you pay for !
  17. Good topic ; neat video ! I build some of my own rods so I have some expertise : general principles with any stuck " tubes" ; heat = expansion #1 , twist #2 . The danger is damage to guides by any method so be careful : Next step is prevention , when reinserting sections apply a small amount of WHITE grease to prevent the same problem .
  18. Big topic : NK 28 to start black/silver/purple, green dolphin . blue dolphin then thru to box . we boated a 12 lb . brown on a #5 J-Plug flo white black ladder back . SpinDoctor bl/purple ditto for At-TOM-IC fly ; good luck!
  19. Ditto on the boca grip T.T. Seen too many belly-up " live" releases and had to watch the torpedo type live release on other boats by so-called sportsman . Rubber on the road ; some fish caught in Port Dalhousie harbour have been carried over the "dam" and dumped into the 12 mile creek to survive to the upper creek to break up the spawning beds of native fish [ not a good idea !]
  20. Part of " Fishaholics 59 's " ? was the "hum " ; does it make a difference ? or smoke and mirrors again ! Once saw lightning sparks coming up my cable ; the storm had to be at least 5 to 10 miles away . May not have happened on a " glass" boat !
  21. My concern would be that " braid " could break ! Never thought of the question ?
  22. Only used OFF-SHORE since they come out many years ago : Simple design may be best for newbie ! Limitations : line can slip off clamp if rod is reefed down tight .
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