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  1. WTB pedistel boat seats I need 2 complete front seats to fit my 18' StarCraft with pedistel mounts. Located near point breeze/ oo. 585 798-3863.
  2. Did u ever sell those boat seats? [email protected]
  3. When I was giving you my address you said you were writing it down. Did you lose that also? Wherever I go lotsa folks have cell phones with Internet access. You couldn't find access until after 4:00 pm? You live in a big town next to a city. Access is everywhere. Your response doesn't add up. I cannot accept a lame apology.
  4. Boy...that's a tough call. If it were just the $250 without the rest it would an easy decision. Just wonder why the cam issue was missed when the mechanic was all over the engine. Might he be willing to guarantee For x number of hours? Seems like you must already have paid a lot. I have a '73 120 that's good but I wonder how much longer the out drive is gonna last. Your already at the end of the season, might want a consider an off season beat up boat with a good 130/140 and newer out drive,
  5. A gentle reminder about courtesy: on your say so I wasted over half of a day in the middle of a holiday weekend. Why could you not have taken two minutes to phone me? There is never a good reason to stiff someone when you have made an appointment.
  6. You said you'd be here late morning...11:50 now and no call. What's up?
  7. Not sure if you are replacing old electrics or manuals. Anyways ...I have 2 older 4' penn electric riggers, work good. $300/pair. They have fixed, non swivel bases.
  8. Wanted

    I have an 18' aluminum starcraft, 120hp mercruiser I/o, great runner, 115 lbs psi each cyl, in last year new flotation, 1in thick solid wood plank floor, battery, rug, vinyl trim, bilge pump, wiring, safety stuff, more. $1,800 inc trailer. In Orleans co. Tried fishing alone, too hard for this Sr. Citizen. Lotsa fishing gear also.
  9. I have 2 4ft elec penn down riggers, older but good working condition $300, biggest extreme cooler new $50, an assortment of rods mostly with penn 209 & 309 reels w line $40 each, 1 on new Dipsy rod $50. Big tackle box full of spoons, plugs, dipsies, spin dr, much, much more $200. Also 2 3ft. Manual down riggers good condition $135, new lowrence fish finder $75, hand held gps $50, hand held 2 way radio $50. More stuff too. Have tried fishing alone and just doesn't work for me. Live in Orleans co. Hope I am not violating rules on where to list stuff for sale, didn't think I was ready but your post got me going
  10. Would you share your method, boards, rigger, or? And depth? Thank you. Sounds like a fun day.
  11. I'm assuming these Replies are regarding lakers. What about brown trout?
  12. What is a skippy?
  13. I once had an almost invisible crack in a plug wire, acted similar, good slow, shorted out faster.
  14. This is all great info and I thank everyone who contributed. About those turns: would you go kinda like 45 degrees or farther/less far?