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  1. Thanks Zinger11 Did you install your self ? Does this set up eliminate the power steering pump on the mercruiser ? What kind of autopilot did you go with? Thank you
  2. Thinking of switching for cable steering to hydraulic steering. Have you done this? Thoughts, and install difficulties? Yes I'm mechanically able,just new at this. Possibly add autopilot later. The boat is a 2352 trophy Thank you for any replies!
  3. First trip up this year. We got 5 kings 6 steelhead. Everything was on spoons except 1 steel on a flasher. Both good kings were in 240-260 ft of water. One at 40' and other at 90' down. Did not mark that many fish and fish hawk was not working good.was nice to get a battle after walleye fishing all year. Pulled all fish on boga grip and released. The biggest one died so we circled back and picked it up. Met some cool helpful fellows at the marina,including Alan of Instigator sportfishing.
  4. I use trollmaster wired corntrol on my honda 20 kicker on my alumacraft ,Never a problem . I use a trollmaster remote on my 9.9 yamaha kicker on my trophy. The remote will loose memory of where it is sometimes ,so when I want to speed up I have to start at the bottom again. On the trophy I love the remote around my neck,I can fish like everyone else in the boat.i do not have to be at the wheel. Also if your boat is big enough to keep the main motor at idle in gear then the kicker has a easy job. kicker is to just bump up or down.may sound crazy to run both ,but each motor is barely running ,and I dont worry about the main engine not starting when I'm 10-12 miles out.
  5. Yes if you are interested,tell him to bring to the water and you will bring the $$$$. If you do a test run you will know what your buying,how it runs. See if the hull is dry inside,then pull the plug after on the water and check if dry again.provided no water gets splashed in or live well leaks. You may irritate him ,but if it's your hard earned money and don't want surprised with issues. Yes some TLC goes a long ways.good luck on your decision.
  6. Interested in auto pilot .I have a mid 90s 2352 trophy.anybody have any info or opinions . I Believe it has cable steering at the wheel. Thanks for any help!
  7. I want to catch some Ontario beauties. I am not a fan of eating trout.can trout and salmon be released to live after the battle from deeper water? Thanks
  8. First time ever on Ontario! Was a little slow but a newby.got one Steel, one brown.lost a couple good ones.straightened a atomic when almost spooled, wow! Learned afterwards I was trolling to slow.I be back.oh yea trolled 85-140' and 29-30 lines.
  9. Ok they look nice just don't understand how the line is set to stay at determined length?
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