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  1. Rapala J 11 , J 13 chartreuse ; with the gobi as a forage base J 11 ,J 13 black / gold : J-Plug Kelly green black ladder back : Lyman chartreuse black back [ remove the front treble hook ]. Spoons I always start with a NK 28 silver/black/purple [ Peter's and Grimsby Tackle still have some get them before they are gone !] Long leads ! Good luck !
  2. vDitto on the " Lindy Spinner Wrap Kit " Ditto ditto on quality swivels ; I use SPRO .
  3. Probably not the same ! J-Plug " clones " have not done much for us apart from Lymans [ with the front treble hook removed ] ; not an exact copy the line does not go through the plug .
  4. A #5 [big] white flo black ladderback took a 12 lb. brown 2 wks late for the summer derby [would have been 1st place at $ 500 ] ; western lake O.
  5. Great topic and some good pics ! Rule #1 If you don't know what it is don't SHOOT it ! Have stories of pets being shot ; trespassers walking dogs off lead etc.
  6. Not like any coyote I have seen in NOTL Ont ! [ have seen ~ 100 apart from colour they are all the same ! ] Maybe coydog or wild dog .
  7. Did a long push for coyotes 01 / 30 ; many coyote tracks only ONE rabbit track [ 01 / 30 ] We have another push from the " SPCA " types wanting to close OUR hunt !
  8. NK 28 silver green / chartreuse tape . #2 J-Plug #5 flo white black ladderback !
  9. It is the different opinions that make this site :Use what WORKS for you . IMO colour rules for Chinook salmon ! Cannon ball colour black rules !
  10. Define " half the turkey guns sold in NYS are now illegal " ? News to me !
  11. Thanks for post ; what about the Remington 597 17 cal. rim-fire semi- auto [ " cases may split do not fire will give $200 against the purchase of another Remington ] maybe a 700 : no thanks ! Gave mine to a dairy farmer to protect his fields from geese !
  12. Have been hunting coyotes with a passion for ~ 15 years [ ie the only good 'yote is a dead one ]in NOTL Ont. never heard an even similar story ; always the opposite ! Questions I have : #1 Could they have been coydogs ? The hybrid can have the worst traits ie. little fear of humans and can pack up to attack ! #2 We hunt coyotes with rifles and shotguns which definitely spooks them if we miss ; with the arrow being almost silent so not the fear factor ! I use a loud whistle when pushing coyotes which may be a legal form of protection . #3 This may be a changing pattern of behavior which has to be addressed with firearms !
  13. Started early AM with " ruptured " goose call [ every coyote knows geese don't have guns ! ] later followed by hand held bellows type rabbit call ; saw two shapes coming to the call not coyotes . Two prime bucks finally stopped ~ 50 yards from us deciding I was no rabbit and trotted off ! #1 grandson asked why we did not shoot them ? Only archery in our WLMU for deer ! What colour is stupid ?
  14. Ditto with much above ; from what you post pass on the cut bait [ too many variables eg. commercial packaged , bulk buying DIY brine etc. the guys do well with " meat " have it down pat you won't ] Move up to the DM. Spin Doctor and AT-TOM-IC fly .
  15. PS. the only problem I have had with my Remington 870is that it shots were I point it ! If you want better u will pay more ! The gun will not let you down as semi-autos can under severe weather conditions . Quality chokes are a major issue but the costs will ad up ! Rule # 1 with shotguns is to pattern the gun with your chokes and loads
  16. Also heard the story " Has Been " ; was a reason that a charter captain from Penn., USA did not use them when I showed my NK green /dolphin 28 that was working for us . Not sure what one had to do with the other but ditto on the " lives ruined ". IMO the " redos " do not work as well as the originals eg. the new Lymans have not worked for us ; the originals caught fish this year [ with the front hooks removed ]
  17. NKs still available retail at Peter's St. Catharines and Grimsby Tackle ; if you want them get them before they are gone !
  18. For us south shore of Lake O. Ont. ; don't leave home without black/purple running an AT-TOM-IC ditto colour fly !
  19. Thks for the suggestion TileMan but a German shorthair is not an option !
  20. #1 grandson [ 13 yoa ] has bonded to hunting [ " better to take the kid hunting than to go hunting for the kid ! " ] His mother has interest in getting him a dog ; we have a fully trained Labrador . If he sees it he gets but generally will not point . What is the general opinion on the Brittany , the few that I have seen at the hunt club have been great workers . The dog would also have to be a house pet ?
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