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  1. fatboyjack1

    for sale : usa 2001 1800 Lund Fisherman

    I am interested. Is the Honda 130 the same year as the boat ? How many hours ? Professionally serviced ? Are the items you state "new", were they new this year, or are they just newer (seats, trolling motor and Lowrance). You state it has the NMEA system (assuming you just have the cable) ? Is it set up for a networking and just not connected ? The reason I ask the motor year is I am uncertain if it is compatible with the older motors. I recall them adding the feature in 2006 or 2008, but I am unsure. Is the cover a factory cover made by Lund ? Let me know some specifics and we can talk-
  2. No worries Chuck....we will hand out a few for you !! Ray, Too funny. Sounds like you guys all have a bit of competitive spirit !!!!
  3. Oh my goodness.....Sailor Jerry. That takes me back, and I'm not that old....but I can't remember !!! Once again Paul, thanks for the "Inside tip". This is going to be the best trip that I don't remember !!! LOL.
  4. Thanks Ken..... Wow, you guys are awesome. I have a feeling we are going to go through a lot beer with the help you guys have offered !!! However, next time you offer advise for a beer, start with a 12 pack and negotiate from there !!! You guys will see me.....I will be the guy tugging a large cooler on wheels filled with Labatt blue....making my rounds everyday !!!! (just kidding...well, maybe).
  5. Trust me Paul.....I will be staying as far away from everyone as possible. I don't want any trouble, or need any headaches/aggravation. Saturday will just be a scouting day for us, cruise around and see the lay of the land. Sunday we will be very cautious of the tourney fisherman, and will most likely stay on the insides. Monday, Tuesday, Wed and Thursday we will get a bit more adventurous, but will steer clear of the guys out doing their jobs !! I am familiar with the etiquette of "trollers" from my lake Erie experience, and am somewhat familiar with the long liners. We are in no hurry, and we are not trying to fill a limit, so it is all about family time and good laughs. My boat is pretty noticeable, so I am sure if I make someone mad they will find me (lol). If I feel we are crowding someone or are going to cross paths, I have no issue reeling up my 4 rods and moving away. I don't expect anyone to cater to me being I am just on vacation. You guys have a job to do ! I will certainly take you up on your offer, and again, I do appreciate it !
  6. Slimy Grimy is the best. When I bought my bright yellow 1974 Reinelle, you could not even tell it was yellow. I thought someone put anti-foul on the bottom....that's how filthy it was. Within 2 days I had it polished, and now you can see your reflection in it. Heed the advise from other about hot water, and how long to leave it on. It will eat the gel coat quickly. Also, it still requires elbow grease. If you want clean and shiny....you got to scrub and buff. Steam cleaning is supposed to be great as well, but I have never tried it.
  7. Bill.....I hate to tell you this, but your addiction is just beginning. These guys will have you spending money in no time !! LOL.
  8. Welcome Jason !!! You will enjoy your time here.....everyone is super helpful !!!
  9. Mark, absolutely......stop on by. We are always willing to talk BBQ and smoking !! It is one of the things me and my 2 uncles have in common. We are always grilling up something. Thanks for the last minute advise !! I look forward to spending the week on some new water, and hopefully get rewarded with a few fish. Pap - This website has been a great asset to me. I just like talking about fishing, and nice to see so many other than share the same passion. The freedom to share info without being "shamed" is awesome, and you have all been so gracious with help and advise. I am hopeful that I can learn some new things, and that I can pass along my info with everyone and begin to contribute advise rather than take advise from everyone. One way or another I will pay you all back !! Thanks guys !!
  10. This will probably be my last post of the week before I head to Point Breeze. I wanted to say "thank you" to everyone who has given me advise over the past month. I have gained much more confidence in setting up my game plan, as well as gained confidence as a fisherman in general. I can't stress enough how grateful I am guys !! We arrive at Point Breeze on Saturday and will be staying right at Clean Sweep cabin 1 (right before the bend to the launch/Black North Inn)). It will be hard to miss my "bright yellow" 1974 Reinelle sitting in their driveway. If you fancy old Mercury "Tower of power" motors, stop and have a peek at my vintage 72' 1150. If you happen to be driving by, stop in and have a beer......or if your at the right time maybe enjoy some good food ! We welcome anyone at anytime. Coolers will be filled with plenty of ice cold beer - We will definitely head down to the weigh in on Saturday and Sunday if we are not on the lake. I want to say "GOOD LUCK" to everyone involved in the tournament.......I hope the weather and fish cooperate for everyone. Tight lines !! Understandably with the upcoming tourney people will be a bit tight lipped. I can appreciate that. So....any last advise from anyone ?? (I know...LOL). Is there any areas out of Point Breeze I should avoid ? Hazards ? Once again, thank you to all the fine fisherman who have tolerated my questions, and offered sound advise !! BTW - My name is Adam.
  11. Tuffishooker/Pap, You don't have to worry about me scrimping on the terminal side of fishing. As much money as I have invested in this 5 day trip.....a few extra dollars isn't going to make a difference. Getting the right sizes might be difficult for me, but I just by 3 or 4 of everything . All the swivels and snaps I have bought are SPRO......so I hope I am on the right track. I like the idea of just running it as is out of the box. I am too much of a newbie to try anything out of the ordinary or complicated. I am beginning to overwhelm myself with details !! You guys are great - Thanks a million !!!
  12. Chris, Thanks for the info and advise. I like the concept of using what the manufacturer provided. It makes my life easier to trust what I buy ! Salmo, Thanks for the link. I did a few searches on swivels here and didn't come across that one. It is an interesting read - Sk8man, your post always have a lot of insight.....I enjoy reading what you write. You have straightforward advise which helps a guy like me. It is nice to know that questions are answered without criticism no matter how stupid I think the question is !!!!
  13. Been searching on-line and an spoon manufactures websites, but can't find a specific answer I am looking for : Some spoons I have bought have split rings on them, and some do not come with split rings. I assume you should run all spoons with split rings ??? Also, do you run "swivel snaps" on the spoon rather than just plain old "snaps" without swivels ? Last one (I promise), when running a spin doctor with a spoon, do you put a snap swivel on the end of the spin doctor, and on the spoon ? Thanks guys !!
  14. Thanks for the tip !! I am not really seeking the biggest fish that swim.......family is coming up with me this year and just want to get them a fish or two in the boat. I am there for 5 days......so I am hoping we can put at least 1 a day in the boat !! That would make for a good trip.... I will certainly try running the core clean for a while.....
  15. DJ, that is a lot of the reason I thought about just going to braid for another dispy rig. I had to cheat to get 5 color on the rod, but it usually isn't an issue with walleye fishing Lake Erie. But....I am adventurous. If something spools me I just have an excuse to hit up a tackle shop, or just spool braid on while on the boat. Or....a better reason to buy a bigger reel !!! I am torn on this one, but.....I guess I have to make the decision.
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